The Reeds (2010)


Directed by: Nick Cohen

Written by:
Chris Baker & Mark Anthony Galluzzo


Scarlett Alice Johnson .... Helen
Geoff Bell .... Croker
O.T. Fagbenle .... Nick
Will Mellor .... Chris
Alexander Isaiah Thomas .... Dane
Daniel Caltegirone .... Joe
Emma Catherwood .... Mel
Anna Brewster .... Laura
Scarlett Sabet .... Red Haired Girl

Release Dates: After Dark Horrorfest: January 29, 2010; Berlin Fantasy Filmfest: August 20, 2010; Grimm Up North! Horror Film Festival: October 30, 2010

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A group of young adults decide to go on a boating trip partying all night but then they are caught in the reeds as a terrifying secret starts to unravel which involves ghostly like people who look alive but change shapes as well as some supposed accidents in the boat killing some of these people which turns into a terrifying nightmare.
Some of the survivors eventually find out the deadly truth as to why this is all happening and must put a stop to it before they are the next one's to be slayed off.


During the beginning of this film the scene's looked quite dark and spooky with them going into a river with fields around them which leaves a good creepy impression that they will end up being lost if they go further with their plan and then they do but there's suddenly ghostly like encounters with strange people in the fields which gives the film a nice boost for a hauntinglike horror film. At the same time you kinda wonder where this story is going but at the end it does make sense.
There's nice painful moments and intense death scene's too used in the flick in which you wonder if they're accidents or causes by these ghosts.

There's a good moment with the main characters driving along next to some tall fields and then a good surprise run across with them pulling to a sudden halt. Then there's a good camera angle shot on a mysterious redhead turning her head slowly around towards the everyone in the vehicle with a good shot on Helen in the car just staring at her mysteriously which left a good touch to the film.
Some good shots involving the people on their boat having fun especially a good shot on Chris by goofing around as well as a shot on him skinny dipping in the lake with a good shot in the water approching his feet which makes you wonder that something awful is going to happen.
There's a good moment with him entering a field and spotting a dead dog all burned up.
Another good moment with him entering the field again with the ghosts having a feast and then the red haired girl coming up to him and slowly kissing him on the mouth.
Good fast shots on the characters falling down after the boat crashes into something as well as a nice painful shot on Chris falling into a sharp object and being stabbed by it with great screaming reactions on some others when this happens with great disturbing moments on everyone else after they spot what had happened to him.
Great close up shots on everyone trying to take the sharp object off of him as well as an excellent painful shot with him screaming intensely.
A good shot on Mel while being surrounded by fire with her screaming as well as a shot on Chris holding her hand and acting possessive towards her.
Perfect struggling scene's with everyone abandoning the boat and trying to rescue the people like Mel and Laura from the fire which looks disturbing plus there's good firing shots on Croker towards people like the red haired girl with a nice shot on her falling into the water.
A good dark discussion between Croker and Nick in a garage type area in which the setting looked untrustworthy on how Nick was behaving. Later on there's a good moment with Croker trying to escape as well as Nick appraoching behind him and whacking him in the head with his shotgun.
Many great side camera shots surrounding Croker trying to hide from Nick as well as good shots on the two of them struggling against one another.
A great ghostly approach by the red haired girl towards Helen and explaining what has happened which looked quite haunting like and good.
So it starts off as mentioned a horror mystery but then when the excitement starts the film is a bit of a disappointment when the mystery is revealed in which the stoyline isn't what it's cracked up to be at all.
Still there's some nicely done hallucinations of possessions which makes you wonder why that is all happening too as well as a backwoods redneck killer who comes across nicely as someone you can't trust at all.
Bottom line is the film is well done, dark and off to a good start but it goes a bit downhill afterwards and becoming a bit bland after the story is eventually told. Oh well at least these filmmakers tried their best since it was made on a fairly good budget.

The acting is in fair shape although too much has been happening at once but I will try to focus on who did what here.
Scarlett Alice Johnson
(Helen) brought alot of good tense attitude to what is happening with her frightened behavior but really knew how to act tough and aggressive to survive what is happening around her by bringing out some descent energy in her role.
Geoff Bell
(Croker) totally came across as someone mysterious in his role of the film and knew how to act untrustworthy too. He certainly knew how to act menacing with a shotgun along with acting overly crazy and aggressive too. He was a true character actor in the film.
O.T. Fagbenle
(Nick) came across nicely in the film with his serious attitude as well as really coming acorss very powerful with his actions too. He really puts on a sweat with the madness that's happening to him showing alot of spunk to his role.
Will Mellor
(Chris) came across as witty and charming in his part of the film as one of those types who enjoys life as it is until something terrible happens to him and really knew how to change that personality by acting intense as if he's in pain when there is a scene that he needs to act that way. He made his part quite believeable. A nice reaction with him throwing up after spotting something gruesome during a certain part of the story.
Daniel Caltegirone
(Joe) came across nicely as one of the aggressive one's with an attitude in which he performs it so well as one of those people that you don't want to piss off. Plus he has the nice rough looks too which is also a plus for his part in it.
Scarlett Sabet
(Red Haired Girl) really had the right pretty looks and knew how to act silent and ghostly in her part of the film which looked terrifically done on her behalf.

There's a brief butt shot by Will Melor while he jumps off a boat into the lake in which he's skinny dipping.

A sharp object is stabbed through a man's body in a boat
Two women are burned alive
A woman's eye is shot out

There's alot of great scraping sounds with some groans as well as the low quivering violin playing with some sounds of drum beats and of course the loud thumps too for the scary moments which was all done by Vincent Watts.