Resident Demon (2004)

Produced, Written & Directed by: Billy Parish


Billy Parish .... Chas
Georgia Cobb .... Alison
Samantha Klein .... Maggie
Steve Siegel .... Bill
Monica Huntington .... Ginny
Corinne Dekker .... Susan
Hilliard Guess .... John
Brian Thomas Barnhart .... Gerry

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: April 19, 2004





A woman named Tabetha (Tammy Filor) committed a string of slayings and then killed herself while bathing in a tub of blood of her victims.
Her sister Maggie (Samantha Klein) pleaded with the authorities that the devil took over her sister's body due to the slayings but is pleaded guilty and sent to an insane asylum.
Three years have passed and a new group of people own the house and releases the undead spirit of Tabetha and possesses the bodies of the residents there acting lusfully towards the person she plans to kill and then drinking their blood.
Maggie manages to escape from the asylum to go to the house and warn the residents there about her sister's spirit and tries to help them survive along with the aid of her friend Bill (Steve Siegal).
However, Tabetha keeps going into the bodies and one by one get put away as a husband named Chas (Billy Parrish) is pitted against his wife Alison (Georgia Cobb) who ends up being possessed too and may have to make a decision whether to kill her or be killed himself.


The beginning seemed a bit off with which involved a nurse in a psych ward talking to the patients with their disturbed emotions in the hallways as it looked a bit goofy. But that was about as worst as it got. It picked up afterwards.
Good shots between both supporting actress witha man on a cross and a supporting character Tabetha caressing one another as well as him kissing him and then picking up a kitchen knife and stabbing him.
A good conversation between Maggie and Bill by discussing about what she has to do to save the other people residing at the house that's possessed. It looked fairly natural and well done.
Many close up shots on Alison turning on a bath tub as well as taking off her clothes and going into the tub.
Good close up shots between Ginny making out she's wanting to seduce Gerry with good shots on her stabbing him while making out with him.
There's a good moment with Chas answering a door and Maggie outside choking her words out and insisting to come in which looked quite tense.
A nice shot on a cat approaching with Ginny looking up at the cat licking blood from her lips leaving a nice creepy impression to the film.
A great moment with Maggie running in the house as well as spotting Ginny by looking shocked after she discovered on who she killed. There's also a great moment with her pointing a gun at everyone and telling them what is happening in the house and insisting on tying Ginny up.
We spot a perfect moment with Susan washing up in a bathroom with the cat staring at her and then having her break down near the sink and then slowly rising her head up.
A good approach with Susan by acting slick towards John in a kitchen wrapping her arms around him and acting sleazy towards him as well as a good shot on her trying to reach for a kitchen knife. There's a perfect shot on her turning her head to speak coldly towards him. Plus a nice gothic touch on her taking blood from a wine glass and drinking it.
A nice evil action with Susan by telling Ginny to give her friends a message and then throwing the knife into her knee which looked terrifically well done giving the scene a great dark feel to it.
One of the best moments ever was when Bill comes to the house explaining a book in his hands and what happened to the person who is possessing the house and about the rituals which includes a nice shot with a red background which involved Maggie and Tabetha.
Many great takes on Maggie, Chas and Bill looking around a parking lot in an apartment suite to try and find Tabatha's evil spirit as well as Maggie trying to call out to her while there's nice indoor shots on Alison reading the book with good serious expressions while there's good close up shots on Ginny staring at her evilly and then screaming at her to run which looked powerful. There's a nice shot with the two of them chasing after one another.
We spot a perfect close up shot on Chas looking shocked and walking towards Ginny on a table with a knife in her stomach.
A terrific struggling moment with two police officers answering the door and a struggling moment with them along with Alison, Maggie and Chas shooting one another and shots on their reactions while getting shot.
A perfect scene with Alison possessed talking to Maggie sobbing and trying to reason with her which is another best part of the story.
Bottom line is that this is a film that was barely made on a budget as some filmmakers can't get a good plot out of no budgeters so they cover it up with nudity but this one had a very good plot as well as the performances looking nicely done along with the rest of it. It just proves that if you have a good script then the film will be good regardless no matter how terrible the budget it.
There's many cute scene's like a cat watching people as well as it looking possessed too. There's great mysterious moments on why one after another gets possessed and someone explains why so later on.
Towards the ending looked very dark and creepy which makes you wonder if there will be a happy ending after all with the posessions and killings. There's also nice twisted flashback sequences which looked very dark and horror like too.
I advise any filmmaker that if they're going to make a film but don't have alot of cash like these folks did then make their script look good and not focus on crap like nudity and killings as the films drawing card as these filmmakers definetely didn't mainly focus on all of that. There was no nudity at all even if there was certain adult situations here and there.
This film was also titled Lich for some stpuid reason as it's not a cather at all.

The acting is fairly good for the most part due to a lack on the budget of this film. Lead actor Billy Parrish (Chas) plays the boy next door type in this film showing a nice serious attitude to his part as well as showing a nice calmness to his role. He does well acting tough too when he needed to be.
Georgia Cobb
(Alison) plays the beautiful wife and at first you may think that she's only picked for her looks but she does show alot of great character to her part too. She speaks softly showing a niceness to her part and when she's possessed knew how to speak slickly and evil like too but there's a certain scene in the film where she needed improvement. She proved to be versatile on her role in this film.
Samantha Klein
(Maggie) showed a nice tense attitude on set of filming this horror film showing nice intensity to her part and does great when she's cringing for the horror moments that involved herself. She brings alot of descent energy to her part in it.
Steve Siegal
(Bill) I loved the most in this film portraying an eccentric type who is almost like a hero in the film really delivering his lines strongly and knowing what he's doing in each scene of the story.
Monica Huntington
(Ginny) certainly brought alot on set with her scared reactions as well as really bringing it out when she's possessed showing nice evil expressions to her face and speaking very coldly too.
However, with her panting in pain sounds like she's having an orgy after she gets stabbed in a scene.
The best one to be possessed was Corrinne Deker (Susan) as she does greatly with her stuck up behavior and was terrific with her blocking too. She was as slick as a cat on what she did when she turns evil. She can really go far in the acting industry.
Hilliard Guess
(John) really knew how to act insecure as well as acting anxious too bringing out alot of emotions in his part of the film. He was one of the key supporting actors and proving that he can be well remembered for his performance.

Lots of bloodsheds
Bloody stabbings
Slit throat
A small part of an inside is pulled out of a persons stomach
A woman bathes in blood

We hear some cheesy high and low keyboard playing sounding very cold like which almost borrows a bit from the composing of Night of the Demons but it sounds nicely done nevertheless. There's also some good army style drum pounding during the odd suspenseful moments with the fighting sequences in the flick all composed by Chris Kimbler.