Resident Evil (2002)

Produced, Written & Directed by: Paul W.S. Anderson


Milla Jovovich .... Alice
Michelle Rodriguez .... Rain Ocampo
Eric Mabius .... Matt Addison
James Purefoy .... Spence Parks
Martin Crewes .... Chad Kaplan
Pasquale Aleardi .... J.D. Salinas
Colin Salmon .... One

Release Dates: Theatrical: March 15, 2002

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A woman named Alice (Milla Jovovich) awakens in an empty mansion with amnesia and then encounters a man named Matt Addison (Eric Mabius) who tells her that he is a police officer while the two of them are taken away by a group of commandos lead by a man named One (Colin Salmon) who tries to take them to an underground train station and apprach a tower called the Hive where people were wiped out by a virus.
When they get there they apot an evil supercomputer called the Red Queen telling them that they will not get out alive plus encounter flesh eating people who have come back from the dead after they were infected by the virus along with flesh eating dogs too.
Some of the crew enters a room and end up being trapped with a laser cutting them apart to top it all off.
But they have more to worry about as the virus seems to be this gigantic creature that was created by a labratory accident who will prey on any living thing that trespasses in the laboratory.


There's a nice moment with Alice lying on the ground in a showered area and then getting up as well as walking through some corridors trying to find out what is going on as well as good shots on secret agents in masks crashing through windows and doorways to get to Alice and questioning her.
A great moment with One instructing everyone while they plan to go to an area that's infected and try to do a search which looked very strong.
There's a nice distant shots on the people walking through the areas trying to look for clues with good camera angle shots on them walking as well as a shot on a corpse dead in a window full of water as well as a nice jumping moment when the people walks past and this corpse awakens.
Many great shots by the living corpses trying to attack with the people like
Rain Ocampo trying to struggle from them by shooting them all.
Great shots on the others like One walking along a corridor with it lighting up and then a laser light trying to cut them and the others by trying to dodge it which looked suspenseful wondering if they will survive it as well as nice still shots on them standing still after the light passes them and falling apart.
A good approach by a woman slowly walking up to Matt Addison in the dark and then attacking him which showed perfect timing.
Matt and Alice
both looked very well with a calm conversations towards one another explaining on what's going on with the people that are infected.
There's many good takes on Alice entering some corridors and then spotting an infected dog with good shots looking back and fourth with her and the dog as well as a great close up shot on the dog gritting it's teeth. A nice shot on her running away and then closing a door behind her with a good surprise shot on an infected security guard approaching behind her and attacking with looked horrifying on how the camera shots were done on all of this.
Great fighting choreography with Alice and some of the others by blowing away some infected dogs as well as showing some martial arts type of kicking against them too.
Terrific scene with the people walking near a catwalk with the infected ones trying to grab at them and then the catwalk falls with them trying to struggle to break free along with a nice shot on Chad Kaplan falling in and trying to break free.
Nice hold up by Spence Parks holding his gun to the others and speaking very coldly towards them which looks very impressive.
A good peer pressure with Alice holding an axe and
Rain demanding her to kill her with a good shot on her bending down which would make you cringe wondering if she will be forced to do so along with a nice shot on Alice
gritting her teeth and holding up her axe ready to swing.
We spot some good angle camera shots with the surviving cast in a train and a monster clawing to try and get in which looked terrifying.
There's a nice shot on Alice pointing her gun towards
Rain looking dead as if she will wake up as an infected one then a nice surprise awake on her taking the gun away showing a nice timing during that moment.
Bottom line is that this film was very clever on how it was done with the effects as well as showing futuristic elements throughout the story in it. It's hard to tell if the film does take place in the future but at the same time a story you can use your imagination too.
It seemed like a cross between Aliens and a George A. Romero zombie flick like Day of the Dead (I find this one alot better though) with an impressive beginning showing computerised effects. The story is a little too fast so it was sometimes hard to follow but again that's what can make this film seem interesting wondering what's going to pop up or go down. Kinda like a video game in which many games were created due to this flick.
I loved some of the jumping moments like the zombielike type of infected zombie's jumping out of nowhere and ready to attack or when the soldiers were taking a sort of train subway which looked alot of fun to watch too.
There's nice cringing moments with the towers computer talking to them that becomes evil telling them they can't escape which really leaves a chill down your spine and alot of good gun fighting too. You also spot these sort of zombie's biting some of the soldiers which makes you wonder if they will turn into one of them.
The ending scene looked great but I won't give it away leaving you wanting for more of this.

The acting was greatly done. At first Milla Jovovich (Alice) looked nothing special but then when the susepnse got going she really proved her talents with her fighting and showing great fears and aggressions with what she had to do in order to stay alive as well as having nice menacing aggressions. I loved her work in Dazed & Confused and she's got nothing on that movie proving that she can play other parts.
ichelle Rodriguez (Rain Ocampo) portrayed a perfect tomboy type of tough soldier in the film showing a great blunt attitude as well as really bringing it out with her battling and terrific energy too. She stood out the best of the cast and deserves great credit on what she had to do in the film. She was also great with her sarcasm towards the infected one's bringing some dark humor to her character.
Eric Mabius
(Matt Addison) had the clean cut guy next door type of look and can speak his lines fine but at the same time his characteristics were a little too average. He wasn't terrible but he needed a bit of improvement. His part won't be too well remembered in my books.
James Purefoy
(Spence Parks) really had the nice drawing card as one of the scumbags in the film with his cold words and intense behavior. He made his part very neccessary throughout the story.
Colin Salmon
(One) played a terrific head lieutenant in the film with his firm and serious behavior as well as looking masculine and tough too. He was quite powerful with whatever he had to do throughout his scene's and it was unfortunate that he was killed off early in the story.

Numerous body parts are sliced off due to a sharp ray in a room.
A person's fingers are bitten off
Lots of bites from infected people
Infected people's bodies and heads are blown away by shotguns
Infected dogs have stripped off skin as well as getting blown away by shotguns

There's a terrific music score composed by Marco Beltrami and shock rocker Marilyn Manson by having alot of booming sounds and thumping noises too for the suspenseful moments as well as great electronic guitar music for when the human creatures come to attack which sounded incredibly clever. These two know their craft incredibly well for the storyline of this flick. There's also terrific electronic metal tunes in the film too giving it a real millenium balls to the wall feel to it.

Spence: What happened here?
[Alice and Matt both look towards "One" rather anxiously for an answer as well]
James "One" Shade: Five hours ago Red Queen went homicidal, sealed the Hive and killed everyone down here.
Spence: Jesus!
James "One" Shade: When we realized what was happening, my team was dispatched to shut her down.
Alice: Why did she do it?
James "One" Shade: That we don't know, but outside interference is a possibility.

Red Queen: You're all going to die down here.

Red Queen: I've been a bad, bad girl.

Kaplan: [the team runs towards Rain after hearing gunshots] What was all the shooting?
Rain: We found a survivor.
Kaplan: And you shot him?
Rain: She was crazed. She bit me.

Rain: She bit me, man. She took a chunk clean outta me.

Spence: [J.D. enters a code to open a secured door] You got it?
J.D.: See how easy that was?
Kaplan: [the door opens only to find a room extremely full of the undead flesh-eating zombies] Shit!
Rain: [yells] J.D., no! Grab my hand and hold it real tight!
J.D.: Don't let me go!
J.D.: [the zombies pulls J.D. back; Rain lets him go] RAIN! FUCK! NO!
[zombies chomping and devouring; J.D. screaming]

[letting blood from her wounded hand drip down onto the zombies below them]
Rain: Yeah, you like how I taste, don't you?

Kaplan: You're going to have to work for your meal.

Alice: There's a cure!
[to Rain]
Alice: You're gonna be alright!
Rain: I was beginning to worry.

Rain: I'm not dead yet.
[Rain takes the gun from Alice]
Rain: I think I'll take this back.
Alice: I could kiss you, you bitch!