Resident Evil: Apocolypse (2004)

Directed by: Alexander Witt

Produced & Written by: Paul W.S. Anderson


Milla Jovovich .... Alice
Sienna Gillory .... Jill Valentine
Oded Fehr .... Carlos Olivera
Thomas Kretschmann .... Major Cain
Sophie Vavasseur .... Angie Ashford
Razaaq Adoti .... Peyton Wells
Jared Harris .... Dr. Ashford
Mike Epps .... L.J.
Sandrine Holt .... Terri Morales

Release Date: Theatrical: September 24, 2004

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The city is sealed off leaving the military unit STARS behind. They're only hope of freedom is to find and rescue a millionaire's daughter.
Alice (Milla Jovovich) returns from the original genetically altered and teams with them. Umbrella also unleases the Nemesis project.
While trying to fight for survival from zombies they also realise that they are also crawling out of the grave as well as dealing with an evil leader named Major Cain (Thomas Kretschmann) by forcing Alice to fight to the death with the evil Nemesis along with trying to flee their city before it self destructs.


Some good close up shots on Jill Valentine turning onto a station and hearing what's going on as well as showing her loading a gun and preparing to go for battle.
Then we have some good moments with her going in to shoot anyone who's infected and speaking bluntly towards other who want to survive.
There's a nice shot on Alice in a white area room waking up and screaming with her pulling off tubes attached to her.
Good camera shots looking up on zombie's running and trying to attack.
There's a good shot on a motorcycle smashing through a glass of the cathedral with Alice coming out and using her weapons as well as her martial arts on the zombie's with great fast action camera shots with her doing this.
There's many good shots on L.J. driving his vehcile and running over the zombie's acting nutty which brings on some good humor.
Good anxious moment with Alice suddenly pointing her gun at Peyton Wells after she finds out he's infected with other people pointing guns at her which looked well paced.
There's many great shots on zombie's rising up from the grave with the others shooting them and running away and the zombie's running after them and jumping on some of them too. This was one of the creepiest moments in the film.
A good moment with a bunch of zombie's dragging down Terri Morales which looked well done and intense.
A good stunt shot on Alice sliding down a building and then getting into action with her fighting against people in suits battling her as well as good close up shots on them using blades with her grabbing them and using them.
There's also a good moment with Major Cain acting evil and trying to force Alice to battle his beast while he's holding his gun towards any of the people that are helpless in which the way this scenerio was done looked a bit disturbing.
Plenty of great quick action shots on Alice with her battling against the Nemesis creature with great close up shots too.
Many terrific scene's in a helicopter getting shattered up with the main people inside it while it's ready to crash which looked exciting.
There's a good moment with supporting character Dr. Isaacs trying to communicate Alice after resurrecting her.
Bottom line is that this sequel wasn't as good as the first one but we spot many great special effects and more martial arts fighting against the zombie's and the enemies too. There's also some terrific creepy moment with zombies rising from the graveyard and attacking which looked more exciting than watching Return of the Living Dead cause they spring right to life after they crawl out which was more terrifying.
There's many good stuntwork used in the film battling around the city area and some mobster scene's too which is a bit disturbing in which there's a moment of peer pressure on surviving too.
Plus there's close to the ending there seems like a resurrecting moment which boggles your mind thinking "What the hell?" but it was done in great taste wanting more and looking forward the to second sequel too.
However most of the plotline just surrounds a group of people battling for their lives around a small area of a city with zombie's attacking. Yet it can be fun and exciting to watch. Just not alot of plotlines on this one that's all.

The acting still looked good in which Milla Jovovich (Alice) shows terrific energy and aggression by reprising her role and really knew how to tough it out with her battles and came across terrifically as a warrior. She shows great anger and aggressions to what she did. In a quarter part of her performance does well trying to force out her words and then when she speaks she does well springing into action and attacking anyone in her way.
Sienna Gillory (Jill Valentine) shows a great expressionless attitude and also portrays nicely in battle. She came across like those androids from Terminator. A nice brief discussion with her introducing herself to her fellow actress and complimenting her skills against the zombie's which looked quite natural. I found her to be one of my favourite characters in the film thanks to her performance in it.
Thomas Kretschmann
(Major Cain) really brought his evil charm to the screen just right. He really made it believeable having his forceful manipulative attitude as if he was a leader of a Mafia of some sort. His voice sounded very sleazy like too.
Sophie Vavasseur
(Angie Ashford) really came across impressively as the little girl in the flick and focused incredibly well at what she did making herself out to be a caring type as well as having a clver attitude too. I can really see her going places due to her performance in this one giving her acting career the perfect boost.
Jared Harris
(Dr. Ashford) was another noticeable actor in a wheelchair showing a perfect seriousness to his role. He made what he did convincing enough to prove himself to be a good actor. He also had the right serious looks too which was a bonus to his character.
Mike Epps
(L.J.) was quite a ham with his performance in the film as a hyped up one while trying to kill off the zombies which was necessary since we need to have some humorous character for a flick like this and he pulled it off perfectly. Well done.
Zack Ward
(Nicholai Ginovaef) didn't have a huge part in the film but I found he stood out nicely with what he had to do showing a good anxious attitude and insecurity too. He also knew how to act stubborn and aggressive as well. Good blocking on him in a cathedral pointing his gun at some other

There's some bare breasted zombie women wobbling along a rough street area.
Milla Jovovich
has her full nude body in a tank of water with tubes in her.

Many bodies are being bitten by zombies
Some chewed up body parts are revealed
Gruesome looking zombie dogs
Lots of bloody stabbings and gunshots

There's lots more good composing this time done by Jeff Danna with some computerised gloomy sounds for the zombie scene's. Plus there's good drum poundings too. Plus there's nice techno sounding classical music too with the suspenseful violin playing.

[first lines]
Alice: My name is Alice. I worked for the Umbrella Corporation, the largest and most powerful commercial entity in the world. I was head of security at a secret high-tech facility, The Hive, a giant underground laboratory developing experimental viral weaponry. But there was an incident. The virus escaped and everybody died. Trouble was... they didn't stay dead.

[during a zombie outbreak in the Police Station]
Jill Valentine: I'm leaving town, and I suggest you all do the same.

L.J.: [a Zombie walks in front of his car] GTA, Motherfucker!
[he runs over the Zombie, which flips over his car]
L.J.: Yeah! Ten points!

Jill Valentine: Those were some pretty slick moves back there. I'm good, but I'm not that good.

Nicholai Sokolov: [wrestling with a dog infected with the T-Virus] I've got this bitch!
[sees another dog coming to assist its friend]
Nicholai Sokolov: Oh, shit.

[Alice and Carlos have their guns pointed at each other, L.J. comes in from behind]
L.J.: Don't shoot, don't shoot. He's cool. He made a deal with Dr. Doom, same as you.

Alice: How long ago have you been bitten?
Carlos Olivera: Three hours.
L.J.: What?
Alice: Today's your lucky day.
L.J.: [to Carlos] You should have told me you were bit, motherfucker, I'm hanging with you and shit!

L.J.: [hands raised] Respect!
[drops guns]
Nemesis: Aaaurghhhh...
[analyzes L.J. and walks away] : [after shooting Zombie dog] Stay.

Alice: [after hiding out from zombies in the cemetery!] There's too many of them. Let's get out of here...

Jill Valentine: Angela Ashford, huh? That's a pretty grown-up name for a little girl.
Angie Ashford: I'm not a little girl. Besides... all my friends call me Angie.
Jill Valentine: Angie, huh? I like that.

[to Terri, on how to kill a zombie with a gun]
Jill Valentine: Try to shoot 'em in the head.

Major Cain: [as Alice prepares to throw him out of the helicopter] Wait! Killing me won't make things right.
Alice: No, but it's a start!

Alice: My name is Alice and I remember everything.