Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)

Directed by: Russell Mulcahy

Produced & Written by: Paul W.S. Anderson


Milla Jovovich .... Alice
Oded Fehr .... Carlos Olivera
Ali Larter .... Claire
Iain Glen .... Dr. Isaacs
Ashanti .... Betty
Christopher Egan .... Mikey
Spencer Locke .... K-Mart
Matthew Marsden .... Slater
Linden Ashby .... Chase
Mike Epps .... L.J.

Release Dates: Theatrical: September 21, 2007

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Alice (Milla Jovovich) is hiding out in the Nevada desert with L.J. (MIke Epps) and is still controlled by the nasty Dr. Isaacs (Iain Glenn) as she tries to put a stop to him and hooks up with an army of survivors led by Carlos Olivera (Oded Fehr) and Claire (Ali Larter) in which they try to eliminate the deadly virus in which causes more of the dead to rise and take over the world.
Alice has been subjected to biogenic experimentation and becomes genetically altered, with superhuman strengths, senses and dexterity in which she uses if any of the living dead is attacking but Isaacs can seem to control her body whenver he wants to.


Good shots on the battling against the zombie's as well as Alice doing her martial arts by battling the zombie's. There's a good camera looking up on her when she has a bloody wound to her stomach and her reactions to it.
There's also a good moment when she is harrassed by a group of people with them circling her and taunting her along with her falling into a pit and a camera shooting up at them being nasty towards her.
There's many good takes on Claire, Carlos Olivera and Dr. Isaacs driving along a dusty highway in their armoured vehicles and killing any zombie coming by which looked neatly done.
A nice discussion between K-Mart introducing herself towards Alice as it looked peaceful and nicely done.
Good shot on a bunch of crows landing in the area with good shots on the people looking startled when this happens. Plus there's good struggling moments with everyone getting into their vehicles and trying to speed away with great shows on the crows attacking the vehicles and trying to break into the windshields.
Great shots on a zombie running out of a giant sized box and attacking with the troops in a sandy area climbing the ifle tower of Paris and shooting away the zombie's and performing other types of battling too which looked full of action and energy.
Some good shots on Carlos Olivera getting into a vehicle looking down on his bitten arm.
A great effective shot looking up on Alice looking expressionless and emotionless too after she is temporarily shut off.
A good moment after Dr. Isaacs is bitten while hopping on a helicopter and speaking in pain asking for the medicine as well as a nice shot on Alice pointing her gun towards the helicopter speeding away.
Some nice moments with K-Mart, Betty and Alice getting emotional and crying feeling sympathetic towards Carlos with nice touching conversations surrounding all of them.
A great shot on Carlos driving his truck showing menacing expressions as well as the truck driving through the zombie's and then falling sideways. There's a good shot on Dr. Isaacs lighting something up in his mouth with the hands of zombie's lunging towards him.
Many great dark shots on Alice having her weapons ready in a corrdor and then having a discussion with the White Queen on what's needing to be done in which showed good timing with all of this.
Many good struggling battles between Alice and Dr. Isaacs in different areas of a building with all the terror surrounding them during thier battles which was probably the best moments ever.
Bottom line is that this one was the worst of them all but it wasn't all that bad but the story was more difficult to follow. There was lots of great action fighting sequences in the deserted lands mainly covered with dirt and sand showing the broken down cities as it psychs you out wondering how this all came to be.
Some elements seemed to borrow still a bit of Romero's Dawn of the Dead as well as Day of the Dead but in good taste with lots of great stunt driving and the battles of anything in their way including crows which almost reminded me of Hitchcock's film The Birds. Of course this film was based ona popular horror video game but there's nothing wrong with borrowing stuff here and there.
There's a nice showdown with the main scumbag in this film pitted against the lead character which is enjoyable as it shows clips similar to the first film proving that this was definetely following the first one as well as Apocolypse. Extinction is a perfect name to this one cause everywhere you go the world is extinct and everywhere you go it's a desert.
Also dureing this moment there's a good surprise showing a clone in the film but won't give that moment away.

Milla Jovovich (Alice) still knew her stuff for her thirs installment in the film as she knew how to act like some sort of android when she needed to fight battles by swinging her blades as well as acting expressionless when she is shut off too. She really concentrated terrifically with all that was happening. She showed nice sympathetic emotions too during when these scene's ever happened which was another plus for her.
Oded Fehr
(Carlos Olivera) had the perfect rough looks as a person in combat and also showed a good tough attitude too with his speaking as well as showing a niceness to his part. He certainly proved himself to be a character actor with all of this.
Ari Larter
(Claire) from the first two Final Destination movies portrayed a different role in this one and showed good tough expressions as well and doing well by commanding others in which she seemed believeable as a soldier in the film. I always found that she had a natural talent.
Iain Glenn
(Dr. Isaacs) is back too in which he still knew how to play a scumbag in the film with his seriousness at what he's doing plus knew how to portray a drugged zombie towards the end showing a great monstrous presence quarter way through the film. Hats off to him.
Spencer Locke
(K-Mart) really grabbed my attention as a young teenager with the pack in the film showing off a nice friendly charm to her personality. She brought her character to life for sure and I can see her going far with her acting career.

Bloody wound to a stomach and some body parts about to fall apart.
Gruesome looking zombies with their head being shot.
Zombie dogs are being blown away.
Zombie heads have holes through their heads while being shot.
People are bitten by zombie's.
Lots of blood here and there.

There's great drum pounding which sounds like heartbeats when there's plans to be made while a battle is to be planned. There's also the techno sounds with some nice classical scoring too. Plus there's some sound effects sounding similar to the Terinator movies during the final showdown on the vehicles plunging into the zombie's. All of this was nicely put together by

Dr. Isaacs: [as the Tyrant] For so long, I thought you were the future; I was wrong, I am the future.
Alice: [laughs] No, You're just... another asshole, and we're both gonna die down here.
[laser grid turns on and slices the Tyrant into pieces]

[Dr. Issacs, in Tyrant form, has been sliced by the laser grid and a clone of Alice reacts to Issacs explaining to the real Alice that he is the future as the Alice clone deactivates the grid]
Alice: [watching as Issacs is sliced into bits and falls to the floor] Yeah, you're the future all right!