Rest Stop (2008)

Written & Directed by: John Shiban


Jaimie Alexander .... Nicole Carrow
Joseph (Joey) Lawrence .... Officer Michael Deacon
Joey Mendicino .... Jess Hilts

Special Appearances:

Deanna Russo .... Tracy Kress
Diane Salinger .... The Mother
Curtis Taylor .... The Ranger

Release Date: Made-for-Cable: October 7, 2006






A couple named Nicole Carrow (Jamie Alexander) and Jess Hilts (Joey Mendicino) are leaving Texas to travel to Los Angeles so Nicole can follow her dreams in order to be an aspiring actress and suddenly nearly crash into a yellow old truck driving towards them in which Jess loses his cool and nearly tries to start a fight with the driver but the truck speeds away.
Then suddenly they take a shortcut and stop at a rest stop as Nicole needs to do her thing and the inside of it looks gross and beat up. When she returns to her vehicle both Jess and the vehicle is gone and she is stranded. But then she spots the truck who tries to kill her and so she hides away in the rest stop hoping that someone will come looking for her as well as finding Jess in which she fears that he might be dead.
There's also mysterious moments at the rest stop which involves a strange woman named Tracy Kress (Deanna Russo) whom is throwing up blood and has been trapped there. Plus, right when she thinks that she is protected when an Officer in a motorbike named Michael Deacon (Joey Lawrence) arrives the vehicle runs over his legs and the two of them are both trapped in the rest stop with the killer trying to trap them in as well as showing Nicole a camcorder camera on what he did to Jess whom was abducted by him.


There's a good scene with both Nicole Carrow and Jess Hilts driving along the road and having a conversation with a good surprise shot on a truck charging towards them along with many great suspenseful shots on both vehicles swerving and getting out of the way.
Many great close up shots with the two of them stripping it off and making out with one another.
There's good takes on a beat up old washroom with gross shots on some toilets.
More good takes on Nicole trying to look for her boyfriend outside realising it's deserted which looked very well done and creepy like.
A good shot on her trying to start up her car with a shot of the truck zooming in and smashing it which looked incredibly intense and suspenseful.
A nice moment with her talking on a walkie talkie in an office of some sort as she does well crying and asking for help as well as uplifting emotions when there's an answer in which she does well by acting anxious about it all.
There's also a good shot on her running away from the truck and then stopping and cussing to the driver with a good dark shot on the killer in the truck watching her which looked powerfully done and then there's a good change with her actions after hear a recording from the truck hearing what she was saying on the walkie talkie and crying.
A good discussion between Nicole in a trailer mobile talking to the Mother who is just not there at all and acting strange as well as a shot on the one driving the vehicle acting creepy and preaching along with using obscenities which the moments looked very twisted and giving it a creepy feel that she hitched in the wrong vehicle. There's a great anxious moment with Nicole after she spots something in the back of the mobile and panicking to see what it is along with a shot on her looking shocked and then a close up shot on a deformed child staring at her. We also spot a great close up shot on the Mother spitting out her words aggressively yelling whore towards Nicole character which looked very spooky.
A good scene with Nicole in the rest stop talking to Tracy Kress. There's a real perfect camera shot on her trapped in a room as well as her throwing up blood which believeably looked gross on how it was done.
A great panicked reaction with Nicole Carrow towards Officer Michael Deacon in which the chemistry looked great with someone paranoid on what's happening and someone trying to stay calm.
There's a great shot on Michael about to talk and a nice fast shot on the vehicle running him over and then a good shot on him lying on the ground with him weakly calling to her as well as a good close up shot on the vehicle running over his legs which looked believeably painful.
Many good conversations between the two of them together in the rest stop with him lying down speaking weakly in pain to her and her sobbing when he tries to convince her to kill him.
There's also a nice shot on her trying to reach her hand out of a hole in the door of the rest stop and then a good shot on the killers hand grabbing her hand with her screaming to let him go along with a good shot on his mouth tasting her hand and then biting into it.
There's a great demand with Michael towards Nicole to kill him and her holding onto his gun aiming it towards him and weakly sobbing with him screaming insults to her to kill him which looked believeably intense.
Many great scene's with him running outside trying to dodge the truck as well as her revenge plan by getting a bottle of alcohol and planning to light it. Plus there's a great shot on her standing in the middle of the road with the truck charging towards her while she tries to light the thing which keeps your eyes glued to the set wondering if she will be successful.
Bottom line is that this is a very strange film which borrow alot from other millenium types of horror films like Joyride and the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre along with a touch of Saw with the evil characters surrounding this rest stop. It doesn't explain itself but yet the film is incredibly mysterious which amkes you wanting sequels so then the story eventually stretches out on who these people are and they are not exactly alive to top it all off.
There's great gross locations on the rest stop which doesn't make you want to do your thing no matter how bad you need to go.
Plus the film is a bit psychological about you stopping in the middle of nowhere to go to the washroom and then there's others watching and next thing you know your vehicle is destroyed and you have nowhere to run or anyone rescuing you for that matter with a killer truck always harrassing you to near death if you step out of the washroom.
It definetely is a good look at a moment of survival and strange ghostly encounters too on people who were missing since like 1971 too which boggles you as to why they're atill around the rest stop freaking out and acting like a basket case.
If you like unsolved horror mysteries then you for sure would want to check this out as it was very well done and made in a terrifically creepy fashion too/

The acting is perfectly well done as it mainly focuses one one actress throughout the story for the most part which is Jaimie Alexander (Nicole Carrow) and took the challenge to what she had to do very well as she really knew how to act emotional as well as sobbing and getting creeped out too. She was great with her screaming rages too acting tough when she needed to be. I mean she had it all for this film and deserves alot of great credit. Nice grossed out expressions on her face while going into a grungy washroom. She does well by acting anxious when trying to call for help on a walkie talkie after what goes on around her. Does well screaming in pain after her hand is bitten.
Then we have a supporting role by former TV Blossom teen idol Joey Lawrence (Officer Michael Deacon) as I never found him to be a very good actor but watching him in this film really made me change my mind. Hey he was very young when he started out his acting career. I think he was only 5 years old so he had alot of practise to portray other types of roles as he played a great police officer by having a great calm attitude and really focusing at what he had to do. He also does great when he speaks weakly in pain after what happens to him along with a great aggressive attitude close to the end of his performance. He proved himself a worthy character actor after all the years I've seen him in other shows.
There's a nice speacial appearance by Deanna Russo (Tracy Kress) as a ghostly one in a room at a rest stop who knew how to act incredibly tense fist speaking softly and then going into a screaming rage when she gets terrified. She really knew how to change her actions incredibly well. She has a good cold reaction in a certain scene along with her acting freaked out after hearing the roar of the truck.
There's another special appearance by Diane Salinger (The Mother) as an evil eccentric one riding in a trailer mobile who does well with how she speaks showing that she is not all there and incredibly strange too. Even if her performance was about 5 minutes long she really drew your attention.
Also, there's another appearance by Michael Childers (The Father) driving the mobile in which he shows a great nasty and obnoxious attitude in which he was another perfect horror character in the film. He came across clearly that he's not a safe person to be around.

There's a good close up shot on Jaime Alexander's breast during a make out scene outside in the middle of nowhere.
There's a butt shot in a distance by Joey Mendicino while about to take a whiz outside.

Holes are drilled into people's bodies
A blade is cutting a person caught on camera
A persons fingers are bit off
A persons head is blown off with blood and bits of brains flowing out
Someone throws up gobs of blood
A guys head is bloodily bashed
Lots of blood

There's many sounds like a guitar string trying to get wound up with the right toning sounds for the creepy moments mainly surrounding the truck. There's also metal scraping sounding with the loud bangs too for the jumping moments. To top it off there's some peaceful flute music during certain dialogues in the movie all composed by Bear McCreary. Tio top it all off he has some fine violin music for the closing credits.