Return of the Living Dead III (1993)

Directed by: Brian Yuzna

Written & Associate Produced by: John Penney


Mindy Clarke ... Julie Walker
J. Trevor Edmond ... Curt Reynolds
Kent McCord ... Col. John Reynolds
Basil Wallace ... Riverman
Sarah Douglas ... Lt. Col. Sinclair
Mike Moroff ... Santos
Sal Lopez ... Felipe
Fabio Urena ... Mogo
Pia Reyes ... Alicia

Release Date: Limited Theatrical: October 29, 1993

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A group of government scientists led by Colonel Reynolds (Kent McCord) tries to re-animate the dead for military use. Reynolds son Curt (J. Trevor Edmund) sneaks in to check out his fathers work along with his girlfriend Julie (Mindy Clarke). They see a violent reaction with a corpse coming to life as it eats a persons brain as that person turns into a zombie himself.
Afterwards Curt tries to run away after his father tells him that they have to renovate in which he doesn't like it meaning that he has to leave Julie behind.
The two of them take off on his motorbike but he gets into an accident and kills Julie. He brings Julie to the lab in order to revive her. After being revived, Julie is suddenly hungry and realises that she doesn't want any regular food as she's hungry for human brains and is feeling alot of pain and torture without it wishing that she just died.
They both run away and hide into a hermit's place underneath a bridge but are terrorised by a Spanish gang lead by the nasty Santos (Mike Moroff) that they encountered beforehand in a corner store but of course, this means more food for Julie.


There's a nice opening with a corpse in a blanket on a stroller with people like Lt. Col. Sinclair and Col. John Reynolds as well as a good shot on a cadaver being tied up and acting nasty. There's also a good shot on him biting off a finger with a riot going on with the people turning into zombies and attacking in the room.
A good lustful shot on both Julie Walker and Curt Reynolds in bed as well as them having a concerned discussion on what they saw with the zombie's attacking.
There's a good stern conversation between Curt and
Col. John Reynolds as son and father having a heated argument about transferring to another area as it looks good with the rebellion on how this was being done. There's also a nice shot on John grabbing Curt's wrist when he tries to get away from him.
A great shot on Curt driving his bike in the dark with Julie on the back and good close up shots on her touching and feeling him. Then there's a good shot on a truck driving around a curb with him wiping out and a perfect shot on her smacking into a telephone pole which looked quite brutal. Next, there's a great close up shot on him holding her head and screaming in tears.
There's a nice shot on the two riding on a motorbike after Julie herself is resurrected with her getting aggressive and demanding him to go somewhere to get food telling him she's hungry.
There's a nice shot on punks
at a corner store playing a video game and cracking jokes. There's another good moment with Julie grabbing a bunch of junkfood and eating it as well as going insane with everything. A nice camera shot looking up on one of the punks Santos at the store asking a sarcastic question as well as him getting aggressive towards Curt as it looks intimidating and real that he will hurt him.
A good moment with a store owner pointing his gun at Santos and Mogo and at that store in different angles telling them to leave acting nervous which makes you cringe wondering if one of them will jump at him when he tries to concentrate on both of these people.
A great close up shot on Julie biting one of the other punks on the arm while leaving with him hollering in pain.
There's a good moment with her stabbing herself with a pin and licking her own blood as well as acting anxious.
A nice moment with the store owner charging out of the back of a truck as a zombie and attacking which looked hyped up.
A good moment with her acting weak and suffering as well as getting anxious towards Curt near a sewage system which looked really good on someone suffering living as a zombie. There's also a good shot on her standing on a hedge ready to jump with him trying to convince her that things will be fine which looked energetic and intense.
Good shots on him screaming out for her while walking along a sewage area with a bum on his tail talking to him which looked quite twisted.
There's a good moment with Curt by trying to cheer Julie up about their futures with her acting all tensed up and a nice shot on the two of them which looked romantic.
Nice close up shots on her stabbing through her skin and putting objects on her.
A good struggle between Curt pitted against Santos and Felipe with a nice entrance by Julie opening a door and hissing towards everyone with the sharp stuff stabbed through her skin as the shots on all of this looked genuinely spooky. There's a nice moment with Santos approaching close to her and talking sleazy towards her.
Great shots on Julie getting vicious towards Felipe and Alice ready to attack.
There's a good moment with her going crazy and ready to attack Curt with a nice shot on him swinging an object at her head and then a nice shot looking down on her crying and acting hungry.
Many great suspenseful shots on Curt and Julie by trying to escape the military base from the zombie's with lots of suspenseful shots on all of this.
Bottom line is that this one was an improvement and a totally different story altogether. It's not at all hokey. The story is alot more serious and more adventurous too. Plus it's a touching story on two rebellious teens trying to run away and one of them has to be resurrected into a zombie but she's realising that it's hell for her to live through it without human brains so that is still there but yet the victims turn into zombie's too after being bitten so it does give a tribute to the Romero types of zombie flicks. Plus we do see a zombie rising from a can which is almost like a Tarman type of character. But other than that, it really stands on it's own unlike most of these kinds of zombie flicks. Sometimes good and sometimes not as good.
It's a romantic but sad story on this couple surviving all of this as well as trying to flee a Mexican gang too which gives the film a bit of a punch too.
It does get tiresome though as when it looks adventureous it doesn't really go anywhere either. The film was a very simple plot too and not adding enough spunk like it should've been.
It's no doubt a teenage zombie horror flick and geared for anyone who like a party type horror flick on Halloween or anyone who is in the mood to get together and just have fun watching a movie who enjoys the romance in it and what someone would do to help the other person too.

The acting is very good as we have alot of unique actors in this film like Mindy Clarke (Julie Walker) who gets revived and turns into a zombie but she really knows how to bring out the emotions in her character as you truly feel sorry for her on how she's suffering from all she's going through. A great reaction on her after being resurrected just choking out her words. Does well by showing nice monstrous expressions towards two of the cast members and ready to attack them.
J. Trevor Edmund
(Curt Reynolds) had the perfect young rebellious appeal to him and can really bring out his aggressions too as well as his sympathy throughout the storyline. A great raging aggression during a heated argument. Looked believeably emotional when screaming in tears after a tragic moment. He was a true character actor and can easily be cast in other types of these flicks during this time period that he came across nicely with all of this. He was incredibly charming with was another nice pointer to his work.
Kent McCord
(Col. John Reynolds) played a great strict as nails colonel in the film and knew how to come across as very serious and stern. He also showed great serious expressions too. He knew his role quite well and deserved good credit like the rest of the cast involved.
Basil Wallace
(Riverman) really came across nicely with his eccentric behavior as a homeless one living near the sewage system. He showed a nice form of energy into his part of the film.
Sarah Douglas
(Lt. Col. Sinclair) had one of the best supporting roles in the film as a member of the military with her strong words and serious attitude. She also knew how to behave very strongly with what she did in the film and making her role come to life. Of course I loved her work as the evil Ursa in the first two Superman movies and proves herself to be a versatile character actress.
Mike Moroff
lived to play a Spanish gang leader in the mean streets of Los Angeles. He was hulking and showed perfect violent aggressions too. He really makes you think of those gang hoodlums in that type of rough area.

Mindy Clarke's breasts are exposed after having sex with her boyfriend.
Her breasts are also exposed in the lab a quarter to the end of the film.

Body pieces are being cremated.
Fingers are bitten off by a zombie and then the side of his head is bitten off.
The top of a store owner head is also bitten off and it looks extremely gruesome (YUCK!)
A head is almost torn off a Spanish gang leader.
A person is eaten alive and lots of gruesome looking zombies.
A guy's arm is bitten open

There's a nice chanting music during the opening credits which sounds like you'd hear in a fantasy flick plus throughout the film there's cheesy low and high pitched synthesizer music too. To top it off we hear the odd rusty scraping sounds which was necessary all done by Barry Goldberg.

Curt Reynolds: I liked you when you were...the way you were before.

Curt Reynolds: Julie, are you eating him? You should stop it.

Curt Reynolds: How could that man?