Return of the Aliens: The Deadly Spawn (1983)

Directed by: Douglas McKeown

Written by:
Ted A. Bohus & Douglas McKeown


Charles George Hildebrandt .... Charles
Tom DeFranco .... Pete
Richard Lee Porter .... Frankie
Jean Tafler .... Ellen
Karen Tighe .... Kathy
Ethal Michelson .... Aunt Millie
John Schmerling .... Uncle Herb

Release Dates: Theatrical: April 22, 1983





A meteorite lands on Earth near a site with two people camping out and a deadly parasite creature happened to be on board in which it eats these people and then later on heads into town and resides in a basement of a house on a rainy day eating two of the main residents named Sam (James Brewster) and Barb (Elissa Neal) but then some relatives visit the house including a young boy named Pete (Tom Deranco) whom is obsessed on monster movies as well as being fascinated in the house basement and is in for a shock to what he finds down there which is this parasite eating the remains of these people along with breeding other baby parasites that crawl around the house and going to another house next door.
Pete and his brother Charles (Charles George Hildebrandt) along with his teenage friends who came over to do their homework and try to find some way to stop this monster before it reproduces more of these parasites in which their plan is to destroy all humanity in which they paid a visit to their Aunt Millie (Ethal Michaelson) and her friends at a next door luncheon get together as these parasites were planning a feast on them.


There's some good shots on two campers discovering the comet that landed in their camping are as well as good shadowy shots on the creature trying to attack them and them trying to get away which looked suspenseful.
Good shots on a resident walking down some stairs to a basement with good shots on him walking in some water on the floor as well as a good shadowy shot on a creature and a good shocked reaction with him being pulled in which looked quite spooky.
There's a good moment with the residents wife going down in the basement with the shadowy shot on the beast approaching her and then a good shot on the monster closing in on her as well as this thing biting the side of her face with her screaming which almost makes the scene hard to watch for anyone who has a strong stomach with the good close up camera shots on all of this.
A good spooky camera shot looking up from the stairs of the basement with Aunt Millie seeing if there's anything down there in the basement and then closing the door.
Some interesting moments with Pete watching some monster movies on his little tv set while having a monster magazine and Aunt Millie calling him for breakfast. There's some good conversations with her having a discussion with the family as well as a cat wandering around and looking at the door of the basement being curious as of what is down there.
There's a good scene between Uncle Herb having a discussion with
Pete about his fascination on monster movies which looked quite well done and good camera shots on each of these people.
A nice camera shot on Pete putting on a mask and trying to look creepy while at the doorway to the basement which looked quite impressive. Then there's great shots on him going downstairs into the basement looking around which truly looked intimidating as well as a shot on a baby spawn creature swimming around some water on the floor with good shots on Pete's face wondering what it is plus there's a great horror shot on the big creature growling with a shot on him staring at it in shock. There's also funny but creepy shots on other baby spawns eating stuff around the basement as well as a good shot on someone snapping his fingers and the creatre showing some attention to it and then throwing his flashlight over to a corner which looked pretty impressive on him trying to find someway to save himself.
A nice camera shot looking up on Charles, Frankie and Ellen looking into a sink spotting a dead baby spawn and trying to guess what it is as well as good graphic close up shots on dissecting it.
Good shots on a carpet moving as well as a baby creature up near a staircase with Charles looking stunned by what he's seen.
Good conversations with Aunt Millie and her mother preparing salads for their friends with a good shot on a baby creature crawling into a bowl which made me chuckle a bit as well as a shot on the bowl being grinded.
There's good close up shots on the company sitting in the living room eating the salad and dressing with good shocked expressions on their faces after realising what they have tasted.
Good gruesome shots on them screaming and freaking out with the baby creatures attacking their faces and feet with Aunt Millie trying to struggle by getting these things off of them and rushing them to their car in which all of this looked truly intense and disturbing as well as gross and painful to watch all of this happening.
Great shots on the giant spawn's mouth trying to attack it's victims.
There's great struggling moments with the surviving guests trying to escape from this giant monster by locking themselves in a room which looked highly energised.
A great shot on the monster closing in on Kathy with the others trying to get her in the room which looked tightly shot and suspenseful wondering if they will save her on time.
There's a good shot on
Pete opening the door and pointing a mask out with a stick to attract this creature as well as a shot on him trying to pull a plug into a socket. There's a great moment when he gets aggressive to get the creature to eat it as well as him stabbing the creature with the stick along with a good close up shot on him having a terrifying screaming expression.Bottom line is that I saw clips of this gory flick on the Terror on Tape which I was keen on checking it out even if I was aware that it was a bad movie but it seemedllike it was one of those so bad it's good type of flicks.
It's certainly very dark, terrifying and spooky due to it's low budget and even the monsters looked cheesy but yet deadly too which is another good pointer.
Of course the story starts off with a meteorite falling which almost seemed like a tribute to The Blob and then it's every child's worst fear of the basement and watching this would scare the shit out of them by having every right to.
The film was quite mysterious and terrorising with every moment on people staying at the house wondering what's up with the door to the basement. You do see a cat wandering around and I was thinking to myself "God please don't show a cat being eaten" and thankfully the cat was safe.
Of course there's your typical preteen kid who's obsessed with monster movies which seems to bring a nice touch to the film when he goes down in the basement dressed up and spotting a monster eating the remains of his relatives which can psych anyone out who's scared of monster movies.
Of course we spot some women having a get together and eating a salad with a creature that was grinded up accidentally for a dressing of a salad which I thought to myself "Perfect!" and then the terror starts with baby monsters attacking them from all over the areas of the house which brings on the nice entertainment in a shocking monster flick.
However, most of the scene's took place in one house which can seem quite bland and not enough action elsewhere.
It's a trashy alien monster flick that doesn't explain how this alien came to be from the comet that crashed on Earth and almost seems to borrow a bit from Alien but taking place in a basement house instead of a spacehip. However, but looks like a great type of drive-in flick nonetheless with a nice ending leaving a door open for a sequel like most low budgeter's try to do to see if there's enough intwerest from the viewers.

The acting is a bit off but not overly terrible. Of course it's due to the low budget values with the storylines. Of course these actors remained virtual unknowns. Charles George Hildebrandt (Charles) seemed to show off a bit of good energy in his role as a teenager hanging out with his friends and doing some projects at home. He also shows great anxieties when the terror starts to happen and does well by getting anxious on telling the others. His energy was very much up there.
Tom DeFranco
(Pete) had an interesting personality of a kid who's obsessed with monster movies making himself a great key role to the film. Yet he sometimes lacks due to his facial expressions and really needed some improvement by doing this since he was the prime target in the story.
thal Michelson (Aunt Millie) brought some spunk into her character as the Aunt Millie in which she seemed to really study hard to this role and bringing it to life. She seemed quite outgoing with what she had to do in it as well.
John Schmerling
(Uncle Herb) however as the Uncle Herb seemed to be just a line reader and not putting much effort into what he had to do in it. He stood out well but that was about it. Of course he's the first supporting chracter actor to be killed off which seemed necessary.

There's see through nightgown on Elissa Neal which exposes her breats big time

A guy's front is torn off and the monster eats him alive
A woman's face is torn off and bitten off fingers exposed
A half of corpse from a creature is revealed with it eating the flesh off the skin
There's baby creatures tearing off the flesh on a man in a chair inside out
The baby creatures are chewing at some woman at a get together
Plenty of fake looking blood splashed everywhere
Gorehounds will love every bit of this film

There's excellent low gloomy bonging sounds which really makes the scene's look quite dark and creepy. There's terrific flute playing and drum beats during the closing credits which is very influential for a low budgeter like this. There's also some cheesy synthesizer music and windy music effects too which also seems to work. Plus during the opening credits we hear some spooky type haunting music which sounds terrific. There were three different composers for this film in which they all knew how to combine all their different creepy sounds in alltogether named Paul Cornell, Michael Perilstein and Kenneth Walker.

Aunt Millie: [the black cat in the house crossed her path] Where did he come from?
Pete: That cat is crazy!
Aunt Millie: [closes the basement door] What is with the basement this morning?

[after being attacked by an enormous alien mouth]
Kathy: What... the FUCK was THAT?

Aunt Millie: [looking at Bunny's ceramic animals] I've never seen this giraffe before.
Bunny: He's new!
Aunt Millie: He's big!
Bunny: Don't you just love him?
Aunt Millie: To pieces.
Bunny: Do you know what I've always wanted?
Aunt Millie: What?
Bunny: A really handsome gorilla.
Aunt Millie: A WHAT?
Bunny: A gorilla! But, they don't seem to make fine ceramics of the great apes, for some reason. They are our nearest relations, you know, the great apes. But they never left the proverbial Garden of Eden like we did. Did you know he's a vegetarian?
Aunt Millie: Who is?
Bunny: The gorilla! No eating the flesh for him, no sir. He's peace-loving, and adorable!
Aunt Millie: Good Lord. Mother, you're crazy.