Return of the Fly (1959)

Written & Directed by: Edward Bernds


Vincent Price ... Francois Delambre
Brett Halsey ... Philippe Delambre
John Sutton ... Inspector Beecham
David Frankham ... Ronald Holmes
Dan Seymour ... Max Berthold
Danielle DeMetz ... Cecile Bonnard

Release Date: Theatrical: July, 1959



Fifteen years have passed after Andre Delambre's experiment with his transmission in which he was turned into a half fly and was killed. His son Philippe (Brett Halsey) wants to learn his father's work and to make his own transmission although his Uncle Francois (Vincent Price) almost forbids him to do so but he talks him into helping him.
The transmitter still has terrible results and a greedy man named Ronald Holmes (David Franham) knocks Philippe unconcious during a brawl after he discovers on what this transmission does in which Ronald is getting a big wage by a man named Max Berthold (Dan Seymour) to show him this device. Ronald puts Phillipe into the transmitter with a fly inside as he becomes half human and half fly which causes some dangerous effects as this creature will seek revenge by killing the one's who tuirned him into this thing.


A good beginning of the film with a camera shot looking down on a funeral ceremony.
There's also a good conversation between
Francois and Philippe in the science lab where the horrible incident has happened as there's a good discussion between Francois trying to convince him not to recreate the transporter and Philippe insisting that he does which looked quite good and the negative energy especially from Francois fearing for his own nephew.
A good conversation seqeunce between Ronald Holmes acting tempting as well as insulting towards Max Berthold while he's eating a lobster in which this scene looked like a mobster type of setting between the two of them with good shots on them having a discussion.
A nice close up shot on Philippe nervous staring at a fly zooming around as well as Ronald catching it and showing it to him.
There's a brawling scene between the two of them rolling around and struggling with one another which there's good angle shots around the scenery.
A nice close up shot on Philippe in the transporter device with a fly on his face.

There's a nice moment with Max looking around silently in his house after hearing a sound which looked spooky and then Philippe coming up towards him ready to attack as well as a good camera shot closing in on Max screaming in terror.
There's some good discussions between Francois in a hospital bed acting weak and then getting anxious with certain situations with Inspector Beecham about encountering a fly. There's also great shots on the two of them talking.
Many good shots on Philippe's feet limping showing one of his legs as a fly leg.
A nice scene with him entering a room and bending over Cecile Bonnard sleeping in her bed and then bending low with a nice close up shot on him holding her hand. There's also a nice effective shot on her waking up and then looking shocked along with a perfect scream.
Bottom line is that some people may think I'm crazy for having a better review on this one but in my opinion there's a bit more terror to this one and the story explains itself more in this one. Plus it was done in black and white in which it looks entertaining watching an oldie horror.
There's some good criminals in this one as well as many revenge scene's too. Still the story was a bit slow not bringing a whole lot to the set. But in it's time this movie was terrifying like the first one. To me the movie is quite dated although I do enjoy dated one's I'm not a fan of the Fly movies. It's not for everyone. It was cool the story took place years later with the little boy full grown and wanted to know about his father's creation which started the whole nightmare. I give credit for that as well as some certain silent moments and then the terror happens too.

The acting is still very good as Vincent Price (Francois Delambre) really showed his frights and concerns in this one and also does well when he's weak in pain during some spots of the story and acting anxious too. He proves that he never goes worng while he portrays a character keeping up the great energy with what he does.
Brett Halsey
(Philippe Delambre) plays the older character of Philippe in this sequel since it's supposed to take place many years later when this one was made a year after the previous one. He shows nice disturbed reactions and brings out his anxiety with his aggressions perfectly. He also knew how to act eager too with his late father's creation on the transporter. A perfect freaked out reaction on him during a certain part of the story and then getting aggressive with him which really looked energetically well performed. Shows a nice scared expression on his face in another part too. Then there's a good tumbling reaction on him after he is transformed in the other device slowly walking away.
David Frankham
(Ronald Holmes) brings on a perfect wicked and evil charm with his temptations on the big screen showing terrific characteristics in the film and had the right sneering looks for it too. He stood out the most in the film and one of the best actors too.
Dan Seymour
(Max Berthold) had the perfect looks and a great greedy attitude as a scumbag coroner at his funeral home. He just knew on how to act blunt and bringing his lines very straight forward as if he was a Mafia type of some sort.

There's more weepy violin playing with lots of strong trombone music for the terror on the half human half fly scene plus we hear some drum booming sounds too in certain spots which was all done by once again Paul Sawtell with some help by Bert Shefter which shows there were more of the sound effects on this one than in the previous.