Return to House on Haunted Hill (2007)

Directed by: Víctor García

Written by: William Massa


Amanda Righetti .... Ariel Wolfe
Tom Riley .... Paul
Jeffrey Combs .... Dr. Vannacutt
Erik Palladino .... Desmond
Cerina Vincent .... Michelle
Andrew Lee Potts .... Kyle

Release Dates: Direct-to-DVD: October 3, 2007 (Australia); Sitges - Catalonian International Film Festival: October 9, 2007; ScreamFest Horror Film Festival: October 15, 2007




Eight years ago a group of people went to a tall tower which claims to be haunted near a ledge at an ocean but only two survived and one of them apparently committed suicide and her sister who is an editor named Ariel Wolfe (Amanda Righetti) goes to her apartment with her editor friend Paul (Tom Riley) as they spot her ghost briefly as well as newspaper clippings on her wall. She meets Professor Richard (Jeffrey Combs), who is seeking Sara's journal to find a lead to the statue of the evil god Baphomet for a museum.
Later both Ariel and Paul are kidnapped by the gang of the treasure hunter Desmond (Erik Palladino), who intends to find and sell the statue to a private collector for five million dollars.
Suddenly Richard enters the tower and disputes start from different teams but their nightmare really starts as this tower locks themselves in and the ghosts there starts to slaughter them one by one like they did with the last one's who entered that house in many gruesome fashions. Everyone is forced to become allies in order to find a way to escape the haunted gorezone.


There's a moment with both Ariel Wolfe and Paul by having their conversations together which looks not too bad as well as shots on them discovering a dark room with newspaper clips on the wall and then a shot on a woman with her hair in front of her face leaving it a nice creepiness to the shot on her as well as trying to warn both of them.
There's also a good dispute with the two of them against Dr. Vannacutt on what was going on with all of them which looked quite good.
A great moment with Desmond and his people breaking into a house and kidnapping Ariel and Paul as there's the odd good struggling moment on them when they try to find some way of getting out of the mess.
Good takes between Desmond with his group of people and Dr. Vannacutt with his group inside the haunted house and an argument going on which seemed impressive and a good start to the story.
There's a great shot on a supporting character Warren by walking in water and going near a wall with hands grabbing at his stomach which is a real attention getter as well with his intense painful reactions.
A nice moment with another supporting character Harue acting aggressive towards a beautiful woman ghost and another beautiful woman ghost by pointing a gun at them and then a nice soothing reaction with them getting lustful towards her which there's nice shots on all of this.
A good shot on an inmate ghost blocking Harue and swinging his dissecting knife in front of her face which looked good and creepy.
There's a nice discussion between Kyle towards his friend Samuel with him acting excited about his business as a wrestler and then mocking him as well as a distant shot on Kyle walking away flipping him the bird.
Nice shots on white covers unfolding on a some furniture and then tying up Samuel with shots on him screaming in terror and then a good shot on Kyle screaming. But however it didn't look as intense like it was supposed to have been.
There's a good shot on supporting character Norris in a dark hallway with lights flickering around him and then a nurse ghost suddenly appearing and appraching him which the shots looked great and spooky as well as a shot on him tied up in a wheelchair being hauled away by her. Next, a great shot on him strapped in an operating room table and a lead inmate ghost cutting open his head with a perfect gruesome close up shot on it all.
A good camera setting with Ariel, Dr. Vannacutt and some of the other people making a plan of action on how to survive which looked well paced.
A good moment with Michelle acting stuck up and attitudish towards Desmond along with him suddenly acting vicious towards her and about to shoot her with his gun.
There's a good shot on Michelle in a room with furniture and a fride floating in the air and a nice camera shot looking up on her lying on the ground with a fridge floating above her and then a perfect camera shot looking up on the lead inmate ghost looking down and expressing an evil grin with a great shot on the fridge slamming down.
There's a great struggle with Dr. Vannacutt trying to strangle Ariel as well as acting insane which looked nicely planned out.
Bottom line is that I had no idea there was a sequel to the nicely done remake which explains why this one remained obscure as it was totally boring with the odd scares and nice directions which gets credit for not bombing.
There seems to be the odd elements of Hostel borrowed in the film adding lots of gore effects and tons of horror violence too. The area of the tower you can tell was computer animation which goes to show that the makers didn't put alot of money into this film like the first one so it seemed to be made for no good reason but yet it ends nicely so let's hope another sequel won't happen since there's no reason for one.
Just more people trapped in the mansion with the ghosts doing them away but this time in a more gruesome fashion which kinda looked creepy even if some of the gore effects you could tell was computer animated.
It was interesting to see the ghost of one of the original surviving characters. But it doesn't explain on how she got off from being stranded by standing on top of the mansion tower.

The acting was not too bad in which we get a reprising role by Jeffrey Combs (Dr. Vannacutt) as he still shows a nice greedy and slimeball type of attitude and deceiving too by acting calm and charming. He brought it all together nicely making himself the perfect key member to the film unlike the story itself.
Amanda Righetti (Ariel Wolfe) was average in her role although she tried her best to do what she had to do with her energetic emotions and struggling moments in the film. I just didn't find her to be an all around versatile character actress though. Yet she shows off a nice crying reaction when she's outside near her car and then storming back to the house having a tough attitude when she realises she needs to accomplish something which looked nicely done.
Erik Palladino
(Desmond) played a nice scumbag in the film showing a great sleazy attitude in his role along with his viciousness in it too. He can portray a perfect gangster with his looks in the film along with all the characteristics he did throughout his performance.
Cerina Vincent
(Michelle) was perfect as a loose stuck up type in the film in which she does well acting annoying and whiney like with a good bitchiness too. She also looked great for this role too as she stood out very well and probably the best actress in the film. Shows off great freaked out reactions on her trying to get away when someone is about to shoot her.
Andrew Lee Pots
(Kyle) knew how to act dweeby with his looks and high pitched speaking and hyperness. Yet I found him a little too annoying and over the top. Still he did what he had to do.

There's a woman taking off her top during a show
Plus there are two bit part actresses as beautiful woman ghosts performed by Oksana Borbat and Xeniya Fesenko who do a strip tease taking off every bit of clothing while doing a lesbian make out scene expsoing their breats and butts.

A ghost has the side of her head blown off.
A guys insides are torn out by some ghosts hands coming through a wall.
A womans face is dissected off by a nurse ghost.
A man is tied up from arms to legs by the ghosts there and is torn apart.
A persons head is cut off and is brain is torn out.
A woman's head is bashed by a fridge falling on her head.
Guts and galore are near a metal doorway.
Plenty of smeared blood.

There's sounds of high ehoey icy piano type synthesizer music in some of the spots when the scene's are supposed to be calom and almost silent plus there's good strong deep violin music too. Along with all of this we hear high pitched screeching sounds and the typical loud thumping noises too all done by Frederik Wiedman.

During the closing credits there's a great techno metal track by the group Mushroomhead with "Simple Survival" in which we hear the sound effect vocalising along with nice sharp heavy guitar playing.