Revenge of La Llorona (2006)

Produced, Written, Edited, Cinematography & Directed by: Terrence Williams


Mary Sanchez .... Hana La Llorona
Jim Andrews .... Royce Stenton
Tina Truong .... Alice
Thomas Curitore .... Jay
Carlos Castillo .... Jacob
Mitch Ryan .... Doug
Terrence Williams .... Thug

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: 2006





Twenty years after the terrible incident of the evil spirit LaLorona, a group of news people tries to do some research on this legend led by a washed up sleazy news reporter named Royce (Jim Andrews) who makes things difficult for the crew.
Suddenly Lalorona attacks an estranged girl named Hana (Mary Sanchez) nearby and she is knocked unconscious which is juicy stuff for the news people as she is on the search to find her biological mother.
However they all go to the house where the massacre's started as the place looks familiar to Hana Royce asks them to do some filming around the house while he hires a thug (Terrence Williams) to try and kill them to make his news show worthy.
People end up being slaughtered one by one. Is it the criminal or is it LaLorona who haunts the house.


We spot a cheesy beginning with someone having an affair behind his wife's back as their conversations lacked but at the same time catches your attention regardless. Meanwhile this happens there's a jiggly and hissing camera shot zooming towards the home hinting that a paronormal event is going to attack them which seemed amateurishly entertaining.
While this happens we spot the evil spirit LaLorona in ghoulish make up appearing and attacking as this can please fans on a no budget horror but at the same time doesn't save this flick from bombing as it grows dull afterwards while we are watching. Plus it shows this evil spirit beforehand doing oral to the male which looked nearly porographic and sick as well as a gross out shocking moment on what she does later on to him.
Then we spot wannabe filmmakers videotaping Roy Andrews which looked utterly trashy as well it gets worst when he bawls his crew out and being obnoxious with them as none of the interations or the surroundings as to what is going on looked believeable as well as incredibly annoying to watch. I was in agony watching this.
Then we have a moment with one of the crew members Doug talking about what happened at the house which was nicely written in for a sequel but uninspired by how it was told.
A lame moment when he tries to find a washroom but can't find it so he urinates in a corner as we have an amusing cheesy ghostly effects shot on the evil Lalorona breezing by him looking nearly invisible but the effects you could tell were computerised tdue to a lack of a budget.
Also we have him entering a room with a blanket moving as well as some blood as this was supposed to look spooky but misses by a mile. It looked midly fun to watch though.
Then we get the mean Royce talking to his thug on making his show worthwhile by killing others as this was well written into the story but like the rest of the scene's it looked bland and very stale.
We see Doug all cut up and suffocating to death slwoly approaching towards others as this was supposed to have looked intense but this was very amateurishly done but there's a nice camera focus on Hana losing focus and spotting a flashback moment with wavy camera shots as this looked entertaining to watch.
W espot a scene with the thug raping Alice but this looked amateurish at it's worst and very uninspired. I was rolling my eyes since this should've been reshot and done in much better style and taste.
We spot a moment with Hana asleep and dreaming of a couple fornicating which of course looked lame to watch but then some excitment comes along when LaLorona comes in and starts to play these two away with a decent camera shot on the attacking.
The thug comes back again to molest Hana and boy it's get worst and worst everytime I see these moments happening especially the fact Hana didn't have much of her clothes off to make this look like they're getting it on. Totally lame!!!!
We spot a struggling scene between both Royce and Jay over some money they found as this looked incredibly sloppy with off camera shots too as well as seeing the scene's look a little jiggly which was terribly done.
However there's a nice drawn in conversation between Hana telling Jay about her family history and what became of them as this was one of the only scene's that was done in a fair fashion.
The near ending to the scene was one of the only moments worth watching as to what happens to Jay due to Royce's vicious deeds as well as spotting on what happens to Hana looking monstrous and getting what Royce deserves in the end.
Bottom line is that there's alot of clear camera shots as the lighting was decent but the story as well as anything else really stunk. This film was almost like a take on Witchouse 2 in a way. A ripoff of it though. Interesting images of ghosts the odd time but that's nothing to brag about. Unfortunately we have to sit through yet another sequel as I hope that one will be the last of it all.

The acting is incredibly bad in which we have Mary Sanchez (Hana La Llorona) returning in this one but now playing a family member in which her accent is still to strong in this one and can't seem to pull off her character. I just can't see her being a character actress whatsoever. She plays another role as the nasty ghost in which she's okay attacking others but when she speaks growly she is a bit off. Shows nice evil and vicious expressions though.
Jim Andrews (Royce Stenton) seriously needed acting lessons big time as the key member to the story. He doesn't pull his wieght off too well as a washed up news host. When he's obnoxious and demanding towards others he forces his words a little too much. He was incredibly wooden within whatever he did here. He will always be a virtual unknown in my books.
Tina Truong (Alice) was alot worst as someone with a bit of an attitude. There's times when she shows her aggression or anxious attitude on what is happening but she is overly annoying and just saying her lines without showing off any true emotions. She is yet another one who needs to look at something else than to be an entertainer as she didn't entertain me one bit.
Thomas Curitore
(Jay) seemed to look convincing as someone whom is passive as well as desperate to take on any project showing a good mellow type of behavior. Yet he isn't anything to brag about either as when he tries to show energy with the action surrounding him he is slightly off.
Carlos Castillo (Jacob) was the best out of the cast in which he at least tried to pull his weight off with a crew member who has attitude but yet showing a good hearted type of behavior. He seemed to do well with his speaking by not taking any crap. He needed some improvements nonetheless but not like the rest mentioned here.
Mitch Ryan (Doug) seemed to try his best doing his peroformance but was awfully stiff on his lines especially when he discusses on what happened in the home they're in. Also he is a little over the top with his reactions especially when he is suffocating to death after being slaughtered.
Filmmaker Terrence Williams (Thug) plays a supporting role in this film and proves himself to play a worthy one which he does well surprisingly. He shows off a good bad ass type of attitude as well as doing well with his sarcasm. But his blocking is a bit off especially when he tries to attack a woman by raping them in which he doesn't make it look intense enough.

Mary Sanchez is fully naked top to bottom in a bloody bathtub during the beginning of this film.

A penis is bitten off. Gross
Some slit throats and a bit of blood here and there
An inside of a man is torn out

We have more funky music scores with QDC with some interesting piano playing and some sharp sounds too. There's also airy and wavy type music which sounds catchy but there's also some lame music combined in other scenes as well as annoying techno sounds too. Alot of this sounded amateurish for the most part. Yet during the opening and closing credits we do hear a nice funky beat which seemed to do well.

Royce: What the fuck's gotten into you assclown?

Royce: You cunt's are only good for two things. Sucking and fucking!!!

Dary: Wholy shit.... Royce you didn't tell us this is was the Amityville house! This place looks crazier as it does on video
Royce: It's a haunted houase Dary, what did you expect? Hugh Heffner's place?