The Ring Two (2005)

Directed by: Hideo Nakata

Written by: Ehren Krueger
Kji Suzuki (Novel)


Naomi Watts .... Rachel Keller
David Dorfman .... Aidan Keller
Simon Baker .... Noah Clay

Special Appearances:

Elizabeth Perkins .... Dr. Emma Temple
Sissy Spacek .... Evelyn
Gary Cole .... Martin Savide

Release Dates: Theatrical: March 18, 2005

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Rachel Keller (Naomi Watts) and her son Aidan (David Dorfman) move away six months after the horrible incident on a video tape that effected both of them with an evil child spirit named Samara thinking that they are away from that terrifying real life nightmare but Rachel discovers a young college student who died while watching a video tape which are similar to her past victims and her son is tormented in his nightmares about Samara coming to get him.
Suddenly it appears to be true as Aidan's behavior has changed plus everyone around him seem to be killing themselves or are behaving very strangely and it's up to Rachel once more to save her son's life and try to put an end to Samara's evil deeds even if it means risking her own life to do so.


There's a nice beginning with two teenagers Jake and Emily entering a living room and putting in a vhs tape. There's many good takes on Jake in a kitchen room looking around nervously as well as a shot looking down near a doorway with water oozing in near him. There's another good shot on Emily placing her hands on her head with him trying to check to see if she's okay which leaves a bit of a chill with the work on it.
A nice moment with
Rachel Keller in a vehicle and unzipping a bag to a corpse with a perfect close up shot on a ghostly corpse face as well as a great jumping scene with the ghost of Samara rising up.
A good discussion scene between Rachel and Noah Clay when they first encounter one another at a festival event.
A nice shot on Aidan Keller watching the tv screen and then Samara approaching from out of the TV screen trying to drag him in with a nice struggling reaction on his behalf screaming and trying to escape as well as a good close up shot on him in bed screaming and Rachel trying to wake him up and then trying to talk to him about his dream with him being blunt to her which looked effective with the moments too.
There's a good shot on her trying to put him in a bathtub with him being reluctant as well as a good shot on the water running in the tub as well as a good close up shot on him anxiously staring at it.
Nice effects shot with Rachel entering the bathroom doorway and spotting water up on the roof and other bizarre things along with the water crashing down on her while trying to get Aidan out and then a good shot on Samara rising out of the tub.
A nice shot on Rachel in a hospital room looking at Aidan sleeping and then a nice jumping moment with his hand grabbing her arm.
There's a nice discussion between Aidan in the hospital with Dr. Emma Temple trying to talk to him. The scene looked dark and effective with him telling her he wants to go home as well as good close up shots on his face and mouth and then a good shot on her getting a needle ready and slowly poking it in her neck with a perfect close up shot on the needle which looked truly painful to watch.
A perfect suspenseful moment with both Rachel and Samara driving in a wooded area and a deer approaching with her trying to slam on the brakes which looked incredibly suspenseful along with Samara screaming at her not to stop and then a bunch of deers attacking the vehicle with lots of suspenseful shots on all of the attacks on the vehicle.
A good shot with Rachel entering a room and Evelyn standing near a corner looking down with their discussions together and then Evelyn herself acting anxious towards her telling her what to do about her son and why she tried to drown her baby.
A good scene between Noah in a living room when he tries to talk to Aidan as well as trying to take a picture with him and Aidan himself being blunt to him and showing attitude which looked great.
There's a good scene with Rachel entering a vehicle and spotting her dead boyfriend with a perfect shot of her screaming in terror.
There's a nice discussion between Rachel and Aidan in the living room with her trying to convince him to sleep and he coldly tells her he doesn't sleep.
A nice moment with Rachel carrying Aidan and placing him in a bathtub with water as well as a good shot on inside the water when she puts his body in and him pleading to her along with her sobbing. There's a nice effects shot when his head is placed in the water and then a rise on Samara.
A good moment with Rachel entering the living room with Aidan and demanding at the TV set not to take her son and him screaming at her not to give in along with great shots on Samara in the TV screen dragging her in.
Many perfect shots on Rachel climbing up a well in the other world with Samara trying to climb up after her.
There's also nice misty shots on Rachel in the woods as well as her walking to a cliff near an ocean.
Bottom line is that the story was a bit slow at time especially during the start of the film as you wonder when it will pick up as all we spot is the spirit of Samara trying to kill people in a slow fashion with the video tape and Rachel Keller trying to spot clues to rescue her son from a possession but yet it does pick up in the middle like the surroundings around the child Aidan with people doing deadly deeds to themselves or wild animals in a forestry acting vicious too. It was almost done in an Omen type of style.
We also get the odd jumps too as well as keys to the plot with a mental patient and Rachel risking her life to free her son and go into the other world to put an end to the evil deeds that is happening which looked very adventureous.
It's not the greatest movie by any means but still effective in alot of ways surrounding the child and as good as the first one too.

The acting was very well done like in the first one as Naomi Watts (Rachel Keller) still pulls it off as the protective mother in the film showing nice calm reactions along with other moments when she freaks out by screaming during the scary moments of the film. She does greatly getting emotional and crying for the choices she has to do to save her son. a great freaked out reaction on her after what she spots during a certain part of the story. She brings all of this together and acting realistic about it all.
David Dorfman (Aidan Keller) brings great characteristics reprising his role as well. He shows nice expressionless reactions once possessed as well as having a blunt attitude and speaks well with his cold words too. He was almost like a Damien type of character from the Omen. He brought alot fo great excitement and energy for the picture here.
For the cameos in this film let's see who's worthy here:
It was a shocker to spot Sissy Spacek (Evelyn) doing a cameo as at least she could've had a supporting role in it. She was wonderful in her role as a mental patient in the film suddenly speaking calmly and then getting anxious. She brought alot of excitement in her role and can be well remembered for her role in this one. It's nice seeing her do another horror film like she did in Carrie and a not too retro flick An American Haunting.
Gary Cole
(Martin Savide) is also seen briefly in the film as an open house agent as he shows some good spunk in his part of the film bringing some humor to his part by acting bubbly like.

There's many great violin music especially some sad weeping sounds from it along with some nice smooth soundingd too. There's also good rumbling sound effects which really went well for the story too composed by both Henning Lohner and Martin Tillman.

Rachel Keller: Honey, tell me, what happened in your dream?
Aidan Keller: I don't remember.

Aidan Keller: Let's watch some TV together.
Rachel Keller: It's kind of late, Honey. Don't you think you should sleep?
Aidan Keller: I never sleep.
Rachel Keller: Then let Mommy make you something.

Aidan Keller: Mommy I love you!
Rachel Keller: I love you too honey, but you're not my son.

Rachel Keller: [to Samara] You can't have my son!

Evil Samara: Mommy!
Rachel Keller: I'm not your fucking mommy!
[Rachel pushes the lid of the well shut, trapping Samara]