The Rockville Slayer (2005)

Executive Produced, Written & Directed by: Marc Seltz


.... Charlie Fisher

.... Detective Amy Rogers
Joe Estevez .... Sheriff Duncan
Michael Kessler .... Steve Henderson
Bob Farster .... Bill Fisher
Amy Brown .... Jessica

Special Appearances:

Linnea Quigley .... Mary Burns
Robert Z'Dar .... The Man

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: November 1, 2005




A bunch of teens but one has been slayed in the small town of Rockville at their make out spot as Detective Amy Rogers (Nicole Buehrer) tries to find out the missing pieces of this mysterious killer along with the aid of Sheriff Duncan (Joe Estevez) who seems to be a suspect as well as his deputy Charlie Fisher (i) in which they discovered that a mental patient named Jessica (Amy Brown) has escaped as well as the surviving teen Steve Henderson (Michael Kessler) has some troubled problems confessing he was responsible for some of them.
Yet Charlie's father Bill Fisher (Bob Farster) has some dark secrets that was revealed to his son on whom his estranged mother really is which leads to more deadly clues.


We spot an interesting moment with a teenage couple named Steve and Robin lusting for one another in their vehicle as well as hearing some screaming sounds from their other friends although this seemed phony to watch the moment looked perfectly still and the scenery perfectly dark to watch too so this makes up for some of this as well as keeping you in suspense and having a feeling the killer will come in any second with Steve looking around to find out on what is going on outside of his vehicle.
A nice strong conversation between the characters Sheriff Duncan and Bill Fisher as well as hearing some bad news on a murder case along with Duncan trying to prevent Bill from seeing the murders knowing that it muight be a family member of his which was strongly done and well written in too.
A perfect focused moment on Detective Amy Rogers carefully looking over the dead bodies in the vehicle and touching one of them which makes you jump and finding out that one of them is still alive which looked good and shocking while we see this.
Great powerful moments when both Detective Michael Brophy and Amy try hunting for the escaped mental patient Jessica out in the woods which looked good, deep and dark to spot but yet when she attacks it was supposed to make you jump but this moment fails a bit. However there's good intense caerma shots focusing on this disturbed young lady.
A perfect moment with Duncan pointing a gun towards Jessica with her about to use her gun as well as this leaves a clue almost wondering if this guy is a suspect to the murders by how this was all portrayed. Things looked intense and pwoerful too. Nicely done here by what we see during this moment.
Perfect flashback moments with a blue screen on Charlie as a child walking by some mental patients with great close up shots on them and their crazy and intense reactions towards him as this looked good and powerful as well as moments involving Jessica in some of them which unfolds some deep dark secrets too in the story as this all looked well done.
A perfect nightmare sequence involving Charlie when he spots a zombie version of Steve crawling up on his bed hovering over him. Although it isn't too terrifying to watch it certainly looks out of the ordinary at the same time and well remembered to anyone who saw this movie.
A perfect serious moment between Amy towards Charlie discussing a situation near a tombstone trying to stress out a situation by what is going on as this looked nicely focused.
A perfect dark situation when Charlie and Amy are going up to a vehicle where it looks like Steve is in the drivers seat and preventing his parents from seeing on the outcome of this which draws your attention keeping you in suspense wondering if he isdead or not by when these two get closer to the vehicle and ready to open the car door. Boy does it look shocking too.
We spot a perfect situation when Charlie goes home and Bill telling him a secret on whom his mother really is which looked well focused as well as some good flashback sequences on a prostitute named Mary Burns fornicating with Bill which looked nicely focused as well as a good close up shot on her in a straight jacket acting insane. A nice drawing card to the story indeed.
Nice serious moment with Charlie drinking at a bar and having a discussion with the bartender while other situations are going on involving Bill answering a phone and then no answer which gives you the chills that the killer will do him in next.
Also have some interesting moments while Charlie checks himself into a hotel while other moments are happening with Bill looking around otuside to someone making a prank by knocking at his door which also grabs your attention by what's going to happen next.
Also a good moment with Duncan looking around the home and we spot what might be Mary running away and him chasing after her as well as him opening up a cellar door and slowly walking down the staircase which looked spooky to watch knowing what's going to happen to him too which also looked creepy to watch.
Another perfect nightmare sequence with Charlie walking into a bathroom and blood printed on the mirror revealing his name with mary turning her head towards him as this looked incredibly dark by how this was put together too.
A perfect showdown between The Man and Mary with him acting obnoxious and abusive towards her which was the most powerful scene yet. There's great camera shots between the two of them as well as his violent actions towards her which looked not too shabbily done.
We also have a real powerful moment with Amy pointing a gun towards the Man with him getting sarcastic which looked strongly done and dark as well along with some powerful moments on her shooting her gun at him.
There's also a real sad moment involving Mary towards CVharlie sobbing at him which looked nice to watch when the story is nearing it's end.
Bottom line is that this story was very well done as it seemed like just a psychological crime-thriller but for sure is a horror too with the madness and the murders taking place. It was well shot and a decent budget for an indie flick. However the audio is quite off as you need to adjust the volume on your TV screen quite often. The story was nice and mysterious regardless and worth checking out.

The acting is well performed for the most part as lead actor (Charlie Fisher) seemed to portray well as a deputy. He had the geeky looks but the right motive and serious attitude for his part and really focused well on the suspense and the crimes that were happening. Does nice with his upsetting reactions when he finds out a dark secret about him. Also knew his stuff when he gets blunt in a bar scene as well as being hammered too. Acts natural when he is in pain after being attacked with his groaning. Yes he seemed to study his role pretty well in this film.
(Detective Amy Rogers) was another fine cast members in which she had a perfect sharpness to her role and was right on target for the action that's ahppening around her. Shows off a perfect aggression as she was a great tough as nails detective. Does a splendid job acting stern whenever she needed to get a point across or looking for answers. Also really got into pointing her gun at someone when she gets demanding towards them too. Was good in her blocking whenever she needed to be physical too.
Joe Estevez
(Sheriff Duncan) was one of the best cast members in this flick as he was great by coming across as a suspect with his mysterious attitude. Also does well while trying to talk to someone drawing a nice concentration when doing this and being perfectly serious too. Was great with his aggression while pointing a gun at someone and demanding them to stop at what they're doing as he really made this scene totally convincing and believeable. Yes sir. I found this to be one of his best performances and can do as good as his brother.
Michael Kessler (Steve Henderson) however was very rough in his performance which really shows big time especially when he gets anxious or aggressive acting a little too over the top. He just doesn't seem to get into character and is trying too hard to be that way in general. He seriously needs some lessons with his disturbed attitude especially when he acts emotionally upset.
Bob Farster
(Bill Fisher) was another example whom is a bit rough in his role as he doesn't cut it when he shows his upsetting or crying emotions which looks way too wooden and unbelieveable whenever he did this or acted disturbed about something. However he does an okay job when getting into a deep and dark conversation while revealing a secret to someone as he focused on this pretty well. At times he's okay when getting aggressive while looking for someone who was knocking at his door showiong an okay frusterated attitude.
Amy Brown
(Jessica) seemed to show off an okay insanity and does a nice job by speaking crazily and getting all wired up. However she too can be over the top at times and was a bit off her blocking whenever she acted violent or forceful in which she needed to make this look a bit more intense than what it was. She does well with her insane and upsetting expressions.
Linnea Quigley (Mary Burns) certainly was a nice drawing card to the story even if her role was about 5 minutes or so in total as she does well with her intensity and insane emotional attitude. Does a good job by choking our her words along with doing a good job by sobbing as well. She defientely made you feel sorry for her while being upset about stuff and making her role a convincingly unhappy prostitute.
Robert Z'Dar (The Man) lived to portray this role as an evil bad ass killer and criminal in which he let it all out with his nasty vulgar speaking towards others as well as knowing on how to have a perfect violent and dominating attitude too. He also does well with his cold speaking and sarcasm too. Definetely knows on how to be an in charge type of personality. Plus shows off his menacing expressions as well. He often plays these types of roles since he has the perfect motive for all of this.

Supporting actress as a teenage cheerleader making out with her boyfriend in her vehicle shows off her breasts while removing her pom poms from them to do a tease towards him.
Linnea Quigley's breasts and butt are briefly revealed while perfoming a sex scene during a flashback moment.

Bloodied bodies are revealed.
A throat is slit.
Side of a teens head is blown off.
A person's insides are revealed.

The music sounded perfectly smooth as well as good low sounds along with the odd scrapings and hissings too. We hear some light piano playing and some airy sounds along with some flowing type of effects too. Plus the banging sounds for the jumping moments which does the trick all the time. Also we hear smooth classical violin sounds as it seems to sound fairly unique too. Plus we have some sad sounding moments for the dark secrets that's told which really blended in perfectly. All of this was nicely put together by Randy Benzie and Karl Sundstrom