Rogue (2007)

Produced, Written & Directed by: Greg Mclean


Radha Mitchell .... Kate Ryan
Michael Vartan .... Pete McKell
Sam Worthington .... Neil Kelly
Caroline Brazier .... Mary Ellen
Stephen Curry .... Simon
Celia Ireland .... Gwen
John Jarratt .... Russell
Heather Mitchell .... Elizabeth
Geoff Morrell .... Allen
Damien Richardson .... Collin

Release Dates: Sitges International Festival of Fantastic and Horror Cinema: October 6, 2007; Málaga International Week of Fantastic Cinema: November 9, 2007; Gérardmer Film Festival: January 27, 2008; Limited Theatrical: April 25, 2008 (USA)

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An American journalist named Pete McKell (Michael Vartan) travels to Australia and goes on a river cruise where he clashes with the tour captain named Kate Ryan (Radha Mitchell) thinking he's just a typical city slicker.
On their tour they spot some boats that are damaged and sinking in the water along with some rednecks causing trouble by the names of Neil Kelly (Sam Worthington) and Simon (Stephen Curry) as they are speeding along the water but a giant crocodile attacks their boat as well as the tour boat leaving them stranded and one by one this reptile starts eating them one by one.
Neil becomes allies with the tourists and tries to find a way to try and survive the nightmare and to get to the other side of the river to make their way away from this beast but he ends up being it's next meal and Pete goes out of his way to try and rescue Kelly as well as the tourists by trying to trap this crocodile before everyone is devoured by it.


A good beginning with a crocodile attacking an animal which looks like a nature show at it's worst nightmare.
There's great distant shots on a tour boat in the river with a distant shot on the deserted areas.
We have a good shot on
Kate Ryan driving the tour boat and discussing the locations making the setting looking like a real tour host.
Some good argumentive discussions between Kate and Pete McKell in the tour boat with good close up shots on one another.
We have a good scene with Neil Kelly acting like a smart ass standing on the tour boat from his boat as a typical redneck troublemaker and a good shot on him falling in the water when the boat speeds away.
There's good shots on the tour boat going through the lake with some boats nearly sinking giving the shots a nice horror feel to it.
A good shot with the boat bumping and sinking with everyone panicking and freaking out which leaves a nice impression that these people might be the croc's next lunch.
We have a good shot on both Neil and Simon goofing around in their boat towards them with a great suspenseful shot on their boat flipping over and Neil struggling to swim to shore which was nicely done too.
A nice shot on Mary Ellen calling out to her husband who never came to shore.
A good shot on all of them on land near a bonfire discussing how to make it to the other side with good aggressions by Neil on what to do as we see good shots on him making a rope to the next end with him climbing it to the other side with good shots under the water with him swimming.
There's a nice moment with Mary
stuggling on the rope and nearly falling with her acting scared stiff which makes you cringe wondering if the croc will attack.
A good shot with Neil on shore with a jumping scene on the croc leaping at him.
We have a nice struggling moment with the people in the water struggling to swim to shore while
Pete tries to trick the croc with some bait.
A cringing moment with Pete calling to Kate while she is struggling to shore and a good jumping scene with the croc grabbing her underwater.
A good shot on him falling into a lagoon with great shots surrounding it and him looking around and spotting some of the corpses there which looked great for the story and the secrets of this reptile.
We have a good shot on a light from a cave getting dim with Pete trying to hide which gave it that creepy feel on the croc coming into his place. We do spot nice cheesy shots on the croc going in to rest with good shots on him carrying Kate and trying to be as quiet as possible and then a good moment with him looking shocked realising that the croc isn't at it's sleeping place and jumps out which was terrifically scary.
A good shot on a small space with Kate lying there and the croc trying to bite her which kinda makes you laugh.
Bottom line is that this is a very well done low budgeter with lots of scares and jumps even if the CGI was a bit cheesy at times plus the scenery looked very dark which adds the perfect touch along with the crocodile's hideout spot which I thought was very neat indeed.
For fans who have enjoyed Lake Placid and Tobe Hooper's flick Crocodile will also get a kick out of this film too keeping up with the scary reptile films. It's good to see all the tourists reactions when this beast attacks as well as struggling to survive and find a way to escape too of all of them being allies.

The acting is not too bad as we have an okay performance by Radha Mitchell (Kate Ryan) in which she does well as a tour host along with some good energy trying to lead the survivors to safety in which we spot good energy from her with all of this.
Michael Vartan
(Pete McKell) playing the heroic male lead in the film was nothing too special but delivered his lines fine enough and is a passable actor. He does well trying to shout to someone whom is struggling to shore and also does well calling for her and then showing good sad emotions when there's no reply. He does good battling moments and trying to survive.
Sam Worthington
(Neil Kelly) played a great troublemaking redneck and trying to be the hero when he is stranded with the rest showing excellent energy too with great expressions and powerful words too with his lines. I consider him the best actor.
Caroline Brazier
(Mary Ellen) really does well with her emotional attitude and fears in which she stands out quite well with what she had to do and can be remembered too.

There's some corpses with bloody teeth marks on them
A guy's fingers is nearly bitten off
This film wasn't terribly bloody surprisingly after looking at the dvd cover of it and the plotline too.

There's some good fast paced violin playing during a scene when the cast tries to swim to the other side using some bait to grab the corcodile's attention which sounded really good. We have nice breezy violin playing throughout alot of the story especially the sad playing when a tragedy happens along with some thumping sounds too.

[after tour is disrupted by Neil]
Everett Kennedy: We'd like to get on with our tour.
Neil: Fuck me, it's John fucking Wayne! This is the tour, John.