Rottweiler (2004)

Produced & Directed by: Brian Yuzna

Written by: Miguel Tejada-Flores

Story by: Alberto Vazquez Figueroa


William Miller .... Dante
Irene Montala .... Ula
Paul Naschy .... Kufard

Release Date: Festival Internacional de Cinema de Catalunya: December, 2004 (Spain)



A group of people that are on a vacation cruise in a bad area of Spain are killed or taken hostage at a prison with evil people owned by a man named Kufard (Paul Naschy) who owns a vicious rottweiler who he trains to kill people who try to escape.
He rapes a woman named Ula (Irene Montala) and then sets his dog to kill her. Her boyfriend named Dante (William Miller) beats the dog half to death causing the dog serious injuries including having all his teeth knocked out that the dog is turned into a half robot. Dante escapes from the prison and the dog is set to track him down and to kill him for revenge.


There's a good start with Dante looking injured as a prisoner and being kicked around by a guard which looked quite intense.
We spot many good takes on both Dante and supporting character Dongoro through a forestry area in the mountains as well as a gruesome shot on Dongoro himself being chewed up by the rottweiler with Dante trying to find any way on getting out of the madness that's happening.
There's many great camera takes on him running through the mountains and gasping for breath as well as him looking paranoid spotting hallucinations with a shot on a robotic dog.
A good shot on him resting and then suddenly the dog biting his hand which almost makes you jump with a shot looking up on the guard pointing a gun at him and speaking nastily towards him.
A good shot on a rabbit hopping nearby while Dante tries to tempt the dog to get it while there's a good shot on him chained up which looked strongly done and then there's many great camera takes on him grabbing a rifle and shooting the dog as well as good shots on the guard being shot half to death with good reactions on him in extreme pain.
We spot a nice flashback sequence with Dante on a boat and having a nice romantic discussion with Ula which looked very nice and peaceful. The shots on the two of them looked well done.
We spot a great shot on the two of them diving in the water after another ship invades theirs with good shots on them jumping in and swimming for their lives.
We have a great misty shot on the dog and it's teeth moving rising up with a nice shot on Dongoro weakly telling the dog to go and find his prisoner which looked like a nice horror moment with all the settings taking place during all of this.
We have a good shot on Dante bathing in a river and then the dog watching him with as well as interesting shots on him running nude up some hills. There's a nice moment when he is back in the river with the dog jumping at him and shots on them rolling in the water which looked more funny than scary on how it was done.
There's another good flashback moment with a discussion between Kufard getting cold and demanding with both Dante and Ula why they're there as the scene looked a little intimidating. We spot a nice moment witha woman in white trying to make a move on Dante and acting sleazy.
A good shot looking up from an outdoor cellar with supporting character Alyah and her daughter Esperanza about to go into the cellar with nice fears on Esperanza thinking there's a monster down there with Alyah trying to assure her there's nothing down there which looked good as a mother and child act.
We have a great moment with Alyah pointing a shotgun at Dante and being forceful to him as well as her coming on strong to him in a bedroom and then funny shots on her fornicating with him.
There's a great shot on the dog trying to smash through a door of a house with Dante trying to lead the mother and daughter to safety.
We spot a good shot on a closed cellar door with Alyah being dragged and chewed up which looked disturbing.
A good discussion with a nice shot on Esperanza holding a flower and sobbing with Dante peacefully talking to her while sitting in a backseat of a truck as it looked very touching.
There's a good flashback with Ula looking disturbed after being molested in which this scene made it very clear and Dante getting fresh with her having an attitude towards her after what had happened.
Perfect shots with Dante and Guard Borg in a cemetary with mist around them making the moment seem very ghostly.
We spot many good quick shots on Dante battling with Kufard in a helicopter with the dog attacking as well.
A great flashback disturbing shot on the dog attacking Ula and chewing her up almost making it hard to watch. Plus we have many shots on him acting menacing by trying to kill the dog showing a terrific raging attitude.
We spot many good shots on the dog running or leaping in to attack through most of the scene's of the movie but sometimes the moments on this is a little too quick.
Bottom line is that this is a confusing, evil and pointless story shot in Spain. The story doesn't make sense at all but it's still fun to watch and entertaining too for an average flick. There's some interesting cheesy effects and the action sequences but otherwise the story is a bore. It's also very disturbing too. It's every persons nightmare to go travelling and then get caught with the wrong people and causing you your life. It also looks like they borrowed heavily from the Terminator flicks too using a robotic dog with how it's eyes glow red. People easily misinterpret rottweilers as vicious dogs but it's really the owners who are vicious as most rotties I encounter are very tolerent with people that have good owners.

The acting is in good shape even if there was only 3 main characters in the film. For lead actor William Miller (Dante), he does well and is totally energised with everything he had to do while trying to run away from the vicious robotic dog. He had a beefcake type of image to his part in the film but he looks didn't do all the talking since he knew on how to get into character for all of this showing great aggressions as well as knowing how to act intense on certain situations especially during the beginning of his performance. A great panicked reaction on him after he spots the dog while bathing outdoors.
Irene Montala
(Ula) does well with her upsetting emotions and her sensitive attitude too coming across as a nice innocent one in the film. She knew how to scream too. She really brought her character to life on the set of filming the movie.
Paul Naschy
(Kufard) lived to play an evil and cold blooded owenr of his rottweiler and seemed to really know how to portray a MAFIA type of character but he made his part alot nastier and sleazy than those types that you won't want in your life at all. He deserves great credit for his wok in this film.
We also have a small supporting role by Lluis Homar (Guard Borg) as a nasty guard showing a good firm attitude and nasty expressions too having a silent type of voice that it comes across very intimidating. He had the prefect rough looks to play this type of role.
There's another small supporting role by Barbara Elorieeta (Woman in White) as a hooker who really knew how to come across flirtatiously and sleazy with a nice insane attitude too.

There is a male nude scene of Miller's character after skinny dipping is being chased by the killer rottie with a full body shot during many scenes.
A woman played by Paulina Galvez fornicates with him breasts fully shown.

This rottie is quite a killing machine. A guys arm is chewed off and his head is kept in a sack by the owner.
More people are being chewn up especially with a guys neck bitten open.
There are slaughtered dogs and a rooster near a farmland
More flesh by people being torn out.

There's a good low down western type guitar playing for the gritty parts as well as light Spanish classical accoustic guitar chords too which also sounded greatly done. Also we spot some synthesizer low violin sounds which was low budget sounding but in a good way composed by Mark Thomas.