Rumpelstiltskin (1995)

Directed by: Mark Jones

Written by: Mark Jones & Joe Ruby


Jim Johnston Ulrich .... Shelley Stewart
Tommy Blaze .... Max Bergman
Max Grodenchik .... Rumpelstiltskin
Allyce Beasley .... Hildy

Special Appearance:

Vera Lockwood .... Matilda
Jay Pickett .... Russell Stewart
Sherman Augustus .... John McCabe

Release Dates: Direct-to-Video: November 24, 1995

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In the 1400's, a baby snatching indestructive troll named Rumpelstiltskin (Max Grodenchik) wants human life and plans to put his soul into the baby, but a witch named Matilda (Vera Lockwood) burns him and says his name three times which transforms him into a small jade figurine. Suddenly, it's present day and a police officer named Russell Stewart (Jay Pickett) was shot to death by a car jacker which makes his wife named Shelley Stewart (Jim Johnston Ulrich) a single mother as she is grieving his death.
She goes to an antique store with her friend Hildy (Alice Beastley) run by Matilda as they find the figurine in her store and tried to warn them that it's dangerous but buys it anyhow.
Shelley starts to think about Russell and a tear drops on the figure while she makes a wish for him to return. Suddenly Rumpelstiltskin is free and terrorises her and tries to take her baby away from her killing anyone in his path as she is on a chase from him and gets help from a controversial TV talk show host named Max Bergman (Tommy Blaze) to try and keep this troll for taking her baby away so he can have human life as planned centuries beforehand.


During the near beginning there's a nice shot on Rumpelstiltskin running away with a baby in the forest with the villagers chasing after him along with a good shot of him stopping at a ledge. We spot a good presence by Matilda saying Rumpestltskin's name 3 times showing a good wicked attitude while doing this.
We also spot a nice present day with a slow motion on an officer taking out his gun shouting and a shot on a car jacker taking out his gun and shooting him with nice slow motion shots on him falling to the ground.
We have some nice takes on both Shelley Stewart and Hildy in an antique store looking around and then spotting the stone with a nice effect shot of it glowing. We have a nice close up shot on Matilda acting aggressive to the both of them and then cooing to a baby they have and then snapping out of it acting serious. This showed some good timing.
A good close up shot on Shelley staring at her late husband's picture with a tear falling and onto the stone making a wish and then a good shot on the stone glowing.
There's also a good moment with her taking out a gun thinking she hears a prowler and then Russell Stewart approaching telling her it's really him. Then we have a nice camera shot on the two of them making out.
Some good takes on Rumpelstiltskin attacking her as well as punching holes in a door trying to come after her but however their reactions were very lacking.
There is a good camera take on Rumpelstiltskin riding on a motorbike trying to go after her.
Many annoying conversations between both Shelley and Max Bergman while a truck is crashing into them in a vehicle. However, during these scene's we do spot some good suspenseful shots between both vehicles with the stunt work too.
A good chase with the truck and Max in his go kart type of vehicle speeding away as well as his vehicle stalling and the truck about to crash into him which looked suspenseful too.
There's a nice funny close up shot on a female deputy acting cute with the baby breaking out her serious work at the county jail. Next, we have some good shots on her shooting her gun and freaking out with Rumpelstiltskin about to attack her.
The best moment of all was at a cemetary with Rumpelstiltskin placing the baby down and doing a chant with a thunderstorm and mist in the air. There's also a nice struggling moment with both Max and Shelley running through the cemetary and a zombie comes out and attacks which packs the film a good punch.
There's a nice shot on Max driving a tractor with some flames lit on the front shovel charging towards Rumpelstiltskin.
Bottom line is that the makers of Leprechaun tried to invent a new type of cheesy monster flick but they failed big time with this one and tried to add a touch of Child's Play and a bit of the comedy Beetlejuice. This was just a plain ripoff.
The story was going around in circles basically focusing on a one big chase scene with an innocent widowed mother and her baby against the grasps of an evil troll and going on a journey through strangers to help her and the odd time getting in trouble with the law.
I was going to bomb this clunker but what made me rate it a bat was close to the end of the film with Rumplestiltskin's solo ceremony at a cemetary which looked powerfully done and good effects too but that's about it.
At the end there was a door opening for a sequel but it never arose in which we should be thankful since the Leprechaun sequels were starting to be a major bore after part 2.

The acting is quite bad as lead actress Jim Johnston Ulrich (Shelley Stewart) really can't prove herself to be a worthy character actress and is supposed to play someone who's as tough as nails in the film but yet she tries way too hard and she's just plain lacking. In a scene she tried to act tough with a knife and other deadly objects trying to kill the Rumpelstitlskin character and it wasn't convincing enough. She couldn't even pull off on acting emotional when she needed to either.
Tommy Blaze
(Max Bergman) annoyed the hell out of me playing the heroic type of character who portrays a controversial TV star on a talk show. He's way too melodramatic and overly hyperactive in a bad way. I bomb his talents big time.
Max Grodenchik
(Rumpelstiltskin) tried way too hard to be funny in an evil way and just doesn't do the trick. He did present himself as a menacing little troll but that was about it. He does well freaking out and running away from a tractor chasing after him.
Allyce Beasley
(Hildy) must've been hurting big time after he fame in Moonlighting but she was the only actress who stood out. She has a great nasal voice who can bring out some descent character acting and great expressions too. A shame she was killed off in the middle of the flick.
We spot another supporting actress named Vera Lockwood (Matilda) playing an immortal witch in the flick as I had to give her credit too bringing a good sense of humor sometimes acting goofy and then darn right serious. She does this both well even if her role wasn't very big in it. She also does well to two onscreen actors about talking them out of buying a stone.
I think the reason why alot of the acting was bad cause most of these cast members are famous for starring in daytime soap opera's which shows alot of lacking actors.

Jim Johnston Ulrich exposes her butt after getting out of bed after a sex scene.

An eyeball is pulled out
An arm is ripped off
A head torn off
Rumpelstiltskin tears his head off

There's the odd chiming music and alot of Z-grade synthesizer type of low sounding music too throughout most of the story. At the same time it can sound very interesting. There's some neat electric guitar riffs too. Of course this was composed by Charles Bernstein who did music for many TV movies and on my favourite slasher film A Nightmare On Elm Street in which he was much more better on that one.