Run! Bitch Run! (2009)


Directed by: Joseph Guzman

Produced & Written by:
Joseph Guzman & Robert James Hayes II


Cheryl Lyone .... Catherine
Christina DeRosa .... Rebecca
Peter Tahoe .... Lobo
Johnny Winscher .... Clint
Ivet Corvea .... Marla

Release Dates: Backseat Film Festival: March 15, 2009; Arizona Underground Film Festival: November 5, 2009




Two innocent Bible thumpers named Catherine (Cheryl Lyone) and Rebecca (Christina DeRosa) goes on spreading the gospel to each house the encounter with unfriendly residents but then goes to a hotel where they witness a killing and then are held in the hotel with the people responsible for the murder lead by a guy named Lobo (Peter Tahoe) as him and a bisexual tramp named Marla (Ivet Corvea) decides to have fun with them by raping them and tries to bring one of their mentally challenged partner Clint (Johnny Winscher) to join them.
Re becca is killed and then they take Catherine to the woods and rape her as well as leaving her for dead out there.
After she is rescued and put in a hospital she dresses up as a nurse and goes on a killing spree to anyone who fornicates leading her to the one's who left her for dead in the beginning.


There's cheesy discussions by both Rebecca and Catherine in their hotel room preparing to go bible thumping.
A great scene with the two of them going outside of a hotel and experiencing a gun shot with them screaming which looked intense as well as having Lobo grabbing them into the hotel room.
There's lots of disturbing shots on the two of them being tormented as well as having Marla trying to seduce them with a good shot on Catherine with her fearful expressions with all of this happening. There's a good close up shot on Marla taking bullets out of a gun and keeping one in and playing a game with the gun on them.
A good shot on Lobo raping Catherine doggy style and her crying and acting upset which makes it look hard to watch as you want to help this poor girl.
Good close up shots on Clint acting hesitant on raping Catherine but then getting into it as well as stripping off her clothes.
We spot many shots on her stumbling in the woods just acting confused which looked quite good.
There's a nice shot on her getting out of her hospital bed and putting on a nurses uniform as well as many great shots on her driving a vehicle and looking vengeful. There's also many good takes on her holding a gun or any other weapon acting menacing and ready to attack.
A good take on both Marla and supporting character lover in a room doing cocaine as well as them getting on with one another. Then we spot some good timing on them having a clash which looked believeably nasty.
A good scene between Catherine attacking Marla with her shotgun and then a nice catfighting sequence along with a nice close up shot on Catherine once again attacking her this time with a machette.
A great moment with Marla looking nasty holding her machette towards Lobo with him trying to talk her out of killing him as the moment looked good on having the tables turned. How she does it makes it hard to watch but I won't spoil that if you dare watch this lame film.
Bottom line is that we've seen flick like this before as the first half totally clones Last House on the Left but yet with the good direction and performances on all of it the film looked just as disturbing which saves this clunker from bombing and alot of moments are very hard to watch too. However, I wasn't sure if this was a horror film or not since it was starting off as a thriller and not enough of the horror violence yet.
Then the second half cloned I Spit on Your Grave with the raping scene's in the woods but yet the performances are up to date with all the intensity and I felt like crying as I wanted to help that poor innocent Bible thumper.
But then the horror starts like in the two film mentioned as this Bible thumper is hungry for revenge and blood. Some of the killings were done nicely but it had an awful ending. Any of you who like the films mentioned you can try this one at your own risk but don't expect it to be better in any ways. Of course I never like I Spit on Your Grave anyhow.
The story starts off as very cheesy to top it all off. But it is disturbing seeing an innocent one turning into a vengeful killer.

The acting is not too bad and fairly well energised as we have a good performance by Cheryl Lyone (Catherine) who has a great look as someone so innocent and having a great attitude being a Bible thumper along with a good calmness to her. She also does well acting emotionally upset and freaked out after all that is happening to her really bringing it onto the screen. Plus knew on how to act versatile by seeking revenge.
Peter Tahoe
(Lobo) really had a great gruff voice to his role and knew how to act like a total nasty one in the flick. He shows perfect aggressions and portrayed a great killer and rapist in the film. Plus had the nice built look to him to top it all off.
Johnny Winscher
(Clint) however didn't impress me as he portrayed someone with a disability and stuttering alot as he seemed to try way too hard and not acting natural with his role in the film what so ever. Some people have it and some don't. He's one of them.
Ivet Corvea
(Marla) was one of the best actresses in this film as a bisexual maniac rapist as she brings a ton of energy and nasty personality to the set of the film. She truly knew her character inside out. You just feel like killing her for her actions that she does in this film.

Lots of skin in this film as we see many sex scene's with women exposing their boobs as well as a butt shot on bit part actor Mike Tursi while he's in a hotel fornicating
Christina DeRosa
is nude top to bottom in her hotel room while getting dressed. Then there's a scene where her top is unbuttoned while getting raped
Cheryl Leone
getting stripped to the bone out in the woods
A couple are fornicating in a room before getting shot
Ivet Corvea
and Chenoa Mason are exposing their breasts and other parts of their bodies while getting it on with one another
There's full nudity between Peter Tahoe and a woman he is fooling around with who exposes her breasts

Many bloody gunshots
Some bloody stabbings
A head stabbed and bloodied
A head chopped off is rolled into a room
Someone gets killed in a perverted way

There's alot of heavy guitar riffs and lots of funky sounds too along with at certain times accoustic playing in which the composer tried to make the music sound different than other films trying to use non classical sounds. It doesn't work at all.