Safe Inside (2017)


Produced, Written & Directed by: Jason Paul Collum


.... JJ Tyler
Brinke Stevens
.... Betsy Kane
.... Alex Tyler
.... Crystal Lake

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: August 29, 2017




After the suicide of his mother's death, her son JJ (Christopher D. Harder) spends the night at her home but thinks that something else is residing there. Is it his imagination or is he in danger?!


The beginning looked a bit confusing as we see a couple lying in bed with a brief discussion in which I couldn't understand as to what is unravelling here.
Afterwards we see a bunch of friends at a pub having a good time but this all looked a little too planned out instead of it looking natural as this needed to be whipped in shape.
What also looked rough is when the married couple JJ and Alex are in their home watching TV and she tries to talk to him about situations which looked rough to watch and very wooden to watch. It just doesn't look believeable at all yet his house looked impressive on horror posters as well as a huge DVD collection.
There's an intersting flashback sequence with JJ talking to her mother Crystal Lake with her paranoia of the black man watching her and thinking on what she's imagining is going to get her.
JJ's next door neighbor discusses to him about looking at her through his window while he denies by doing so which leaves a clue that someone else is in his home which definetely adds well into the story leaving this moment a chilling and mysterious feel to the story.
Then the mild suspense starts to occur as JJ sees a door opening or other sounds in the
house making this bone chilling as well as making you wonder if he's hallucinating or not.
Then a coffin near him opens with his mother talking to him as due to a lack of a budget doesn't seem creepy enough but keep watching as it will surprise you that this moment looked very well done for a no budgeter.
His friend Betsy Kane comes over to try and help him which was impressive as their discussions really worked in well by having someone whom is patient and understanding on his fear as well as nicely focused moments on him showing her around the house and so fourth as well as her reassurance that she'll stay at his place to make sure he's safe. Makes you really want someone like that in your life. These moments were well done.
Then late at night Betsy is in the house and the power goes out which is a nice creepy touch to everything when she turns on her cell phone light looking around and finds a way to turn on the power as you get an impression that something will happen to her as this moment nearly takes you by surprise. Well done moment.
When JJ wakes up he realises something isn't right as this gives you the chills that something's under his bed in which this leaves an impression on what he will see but the situation looked more corny than scary.
The situations later on were a bit of a disappointment later on when things are revealed which didn't make it to three bats due to this. Oh well.
Bottom line is that this was on a shoestring budget but it doesn't have to be a bad movie if it has a strong story and it almost had that but just not quite later on while watching this. The makers tried their best though so I will give them credit for that.

The acting is not that great as I must admit in which (JJ Tyler) really couldn't be convincing as someone whom is paranoid or freaking out as he was wooden and too over the top by what he was doing. I don't find him to be a worthy character actor by any means as I wonder how he got cast in this piece. Acting isn't for him but maybe some lessons he can improve a little bit.
Brinke Stevens (Betsy Kane
) seemed to do well with her caring attitude but when she acts flirtatious at times she's a bit off. However comes across nicely as someone whom is non judgmental and just someone easy to talk to as well as being believeably helpful in situations with her mellow attitude. I liked what she did here.
(Alex Tyler) was stiff in her role especially when she gets frusterated during the near beginning of her performance. Later on though seemed to do well with her cold and wicked behavior but I mean just okay. She wasn't much of a character actress.
(Crystal Lake
) was probably the best in the cast playing a basket case as she does a nice job with her fearful and weak attitude. Comes off as someone whom isn't right in the head and draws a nice mysterious feel to her role altogether. Proves she can wear other hats on a character than just in Night of the Living Dead.

Insides are torn out of a woman
A bloody stabbing

Kagan Breitenbach I must admit was only half good with his score in the film as there's many echoey piano playing that doesn't impress me as it's too common in flicks these days. However there's good low synthesizer music for the creepy moments that occurs as well as low rumbling noises which is on the ball so there's some good efforts coming from this fellow.