Sand Serpents (2009)


Directed by: Jeff Renfroe

Written by: Raul Inglis


Jason Gedrick .... Richard Stanley
Tamara Hope .... Jan Henle
Elias Toufexis .... Private Andrews
Imran Khan .... Amal Jazeer
Andreea Coscai .... Isla
Sebastian Knapp .... Oscar Kaminsky
Michelle Astante .... Susan Eno
Chris Jarman .... Sgt. Wilson

Release Dates:
Made-for-Cable: July 11, 2009

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A head marine named Richard Stanley (Jason Gedrick) and his crew are stranded in an Afghan desert as well as being terrorised by their enemies of Taliban soldiers in which they are killed off by giant wormlike creatures from underground and then aim at the marine's in which they try to find a way of escaping this madness until help comes.
One of the locals named Amal Jazeer (Imran Khan) and his little girl Isla (Andreea Coscai) try to help them out but even they are stuck in situations where they go to an underground station to get weapons and explosives which is surrounded by many deadly booby traps. To top it all off the creatures are on their trail too.


Alright, when I first watched this flick we spot soldiers walking into the deserted sand and rocky areas which looked like this would be a knock off to the Transformers flick and thought to myself will this be a horror film? I gave it a chance and yes it is a horror film but not overly scary at all.
Nice close up shots on a Taliban leader hitting the people like Oscar Kaminsky and others while trying to hold them hostage.
There's a nice moment with Sgt. Wilson getting aggressive and demanding towards him when he is sulking about stuff which looked strongly done with a camera shot looking up on Wilson and a camera shot looking down on Oscar.

There's the nasty Taliban army terrorising this army group with cheesy moments holding them for hostage but then they spot what seems to be like an earthquake as they go out to find out what's causing this and suddenly things are way too quiet which makes the film impressuive that something deadly is happening.
There's a great moment with the people walking along the deserted land spotting a helicopter and a good shot on the ground moving with an anxious moment on Private Andrews getting anxious telling the rest what he spotted. There's also nice shaking moments with all their reactions when this is happening as well as trying to run back after the serpeant tries to charge after them which also looked very suspensefully done.
A good moment with the people in a vehicle driving along trying to get away from the serpeant as well as a good shot on Amal Jazeer jumping in front of the vehicle along with a great suspenseful shot on the vehicle swerving and spinning around.
A nice shot on Susan Eno crushed by the vehicle and hollering in pain which looked well paced as well as the rest trying to pull the vehicle off of her and then tells them to go while she tries to attract the serpeant in an aggressive tone and making noice which looked very energetic.
A good discussion between Amal and Oscar with some good emotional moments between the two of them talking near a window and good shots on the two of them having this conversation.
A good moment with Oscar howling in pain while being bandaged and then trying to struggle to run away from the serpeant chasing after them as well as good shots on everyone falling down and trying to run away again.
Many great dark camera takes on the people wandering through an underground area with flashlights and torches. There's also a good shot on Amal stepping on a trap with a nice shot on his feet pressing onto the trap and then him getting scared and emotional telling the rest to take care of his daughter as well as a great shot on an explosion.
Terrific camera shot on them running away while dirt and other stuff starts to shake as well as a great special effects shot on the serpeant closing in on Private Andrews
which looked exciting to watch.
There's of course the spotting of a sand serpeant attacking a helicopter which looked quite excting which was one of the good elements saved from bombing this flick as well as them trying to survive this madness as well as terrific close up camera shots on the expressions and reactions of Richard Stanley, Jan Henle and Isla noticing a serpeant trying to attack them inside a helicopter.
Yet most of this is just that about everyone trying to run away and hide from these sand serpeants with nothing but a deserted area and the odd abandoned buildings which isn't anything too special.
I do love how these sand serpeants attack people by shooting up in the air and face down on their meal. I mean it looks like a drive in classic on a cheesy monster flick. There's also fun moments with the serpeants attacking the enemies which I got a kick out of but then the same boring moments.
Yet quarter way through, the surviviors go into an underground area collecting weapons as well as running into the odd deadly booby traps which finally changes a setting for once as well as a sand serpeant slithering in and trying to attack one of the survivors too which looked creepy.
Then there's a real classic ending of the film that I won't give away as just when you think you're on your way of escaping from this madness one of the creatures won't allow it and someone must risk their lives with an explosion. That was another good pointer in the film and that's the end of the movie.
Bottom line is this is a ripoff to Tremors except it doesn't take place near a ranch with hillbilly's it takes place in a desert with soldiers plus these things are enormous but not necessarily more scary. I can also see why there's alot of remakes since there's garbage like this and not having enough ideas for a strong plot since the writer seemed to have run out of an idea from the beginning to the end.

The acting is fairly well done in which lead actor Jason Gedrick (Richard Stanley) really knew how to portray a real tough as nails attitude as the leader of the army by getting incredibly aggressive and demanding with the other cast members involved. He proved to show alot of powerful energy in his role and had the right rough looks too. He's make a great superhero.
Imran Khan
(Amal Jazeer) had a great striong accent as an east indian local trying to help everyone in which he really brought out alot of characterisitcs in his role and nice emotions too. He could get more work in better shows due to his great performance in this one.
Andreea Coscai
(Isla) seemed to bring on a nice little girl charm to her role as his daughter in which I really admired and she seemed to really get into her role by trying to be brave about everything. She could get work as well in other shows too for a child actress.
Sebastian Knapp
(Oscar Kaminsky) really drew attnetion to the picture as one of those wimpy types in which he comes across as someone with a very low courage level and not taking anything too well. He really gets into the mode with all of this.
There's two actors who stood out the most in the film even if they were the first two who got killed off but they were worth mentioning:
Michelle Astante
(Susan Eno) really had a nice black tough girl look to her role and also knew on how to act strong with her battles and discussions too by acting very serious and reliable. She seems like one of those likeable types and not someone who is arrogant and does her tasks without letting anyone down. She was a true character actress.
Chris Jarman
(Sgt. Wilson) lived to portray this part with his muscular build and rough looks. He also knew on how to act incredibly aggressive and demanding on everything that he does. He just comes across very powerful with his speaking. A shame he was the first one to get killed off since I found him to be the best actor in the film.

There's alot of strong drum poundings suitable for the moments with the soldiers trying to fight these serpeants as well as other soliders. We hear the odd metal clanging sounds too. Also alot of violin orchestra music too in which had a great touch to the film all done by Pierpaolo Tiano