Santa Claus Versus the Zombies (2011)


Written & Directed by: George Bonilla


.... Santa Claus
.... Jennifer
.... Cass
.... Phil
.... General Dorman
.... Randy

Release Date: Direct-to-Prime-Video: 2011



A family is trapped in their home after being invaded by zombies but Santa Claus (Billy W. Blackwell) whom was hired to entertain the family comes into battle to save them as much as he can.


While watching the story unravel I knew I was in for an awful flick as I had a feeling judging by the title that this was another bad movie but was hoping for it to being a fun one and I wwas out of luck.
We have family get together for the holiday season with what looks like a dysfunctional moment on a family man being sarcastic with his son as well as other stupid comedic moments unravelling as well. Plus we have the family to get together for fun with some people that are Santa and his elves which looked even more lame to watch with their one liners and other situations unfolding. I was wondering as to when the horror will unfold here in which so far has been just unfunny comedy scene's throughout the story.
But then when Phil boots his parents out of the house we see a zombie appear out of a bush which looked obviously fake as well later other zombies start to invade the home in which you can tell they were wearing cheap make up as well as it looking phony when they try to get through the windows of the home and so fourth. It was totally amateurish to watch all of this unravel.
Meanwhile, the President Moore has a military meeting about what is going on which was a complete drag to watch and utterly pointless with all of this happening. Plus his spoiled daughter appears wanting to have a pet zombie. I kid you not as I was thinking the makers could do better than this in order to make this a comedy apart from a horror. Utterly stupid folks.
Yet a good setting with scientists in a lab having a zombie strapped to do some testing but that's nothing to brag about and the only good moment in this story.
The zombies manage to get into the home and Santa warns them about powers he will have to use against them which was laughable and in a bad way since it didn't have me convinced in the slightest.
Lots of pointless discussions by the military on what to do with the situation that they're having as well as bad guys fighting with them which looked hokey to watch as these moments were real time wasters.
Yet when people were preparing for Santa to go into battle looked mildly impressive when he was wearing a gear with weapons but I do mean mildly.
There is a near creepy moment when a door is blocked to prevent two infected people who turned into zombies calling to someone to let them out as I had to admit that this was done in a fair horror fashion.
More stupid moments when the presidents daughter is teasing the zombie that was strapped down in the lab where the scientists were doing experiments on by swinging some tinsel around him like this thing was a cat. Utterly moronic.
Then when the battle begins there's zombies that see Santa and sit on his lap asking what they want for Christmas. I kid you not. This flick couldn't decide as to whether it leans towards mainly a comedy or a horror but again I've seen Troma Team style comedy horrors and had a hard time knowing what to categorise it.
Bottom line is that if you haven't seen this awful flick you're not missing out on anything and it's barely a horror. It's not scary by the least due to the amateurish quality this flick had. Best to skip this and watch Shaun of the Dead instead.

The acting is terrible in which I had a feeling that it would be. However (Santa Claus) seemed to pull his weight a bit with his comedic timing even if the story wasn't funny and knew on how to get into action. Yet he's too silly with his charm during the beginning of his performance and almost passed as a terrible actor. He doesn't have the looks or appeal at all to portray this role which was another let down.
(Cass) seemed to act slick in her role as the preteen in her family as she did better than most of the cast in this flick. I would say she was the best out of the cast. That's not saying much but she pulled her weight more than the rest.
(Phil) was overly annoying and wooden in his role as a geeky father role in which I didn't care for his performance at all. He looked dorky for the role but his looks didn't do the trick at all.
) grabbed my attention a bit as he seemed to deliver his lines in a fair fashion and has the right looks and appeal for this role. He was almost passable as a character actor but just not quite as he needed some improvements but not as much as most of the cast in this flick.

The music composing isn't that spectacular but there's an odd cheesy bonging sound for the dark moments but nothing too special at the same time. Yet there's some interesting adventureous synthesizer music in other areas as well as annoying Christmas theme music played during the first half of the story.