Santa Claws (1996)

Produced, Written & Directed by: John A. Russo


Debbie Rochon .... Raven Quinn
Grant Cramer .... Wayne
John Mowod .... Eric Quinn
Amanda Madison .... Laura Britton
Lisa Delien .... Mary Jane Austin
Dawn Michelucci .... Angela Quinn
Savannah Calhoun .... Savannah Quinn

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: October 22, 1996



An actress and model Raven Quinn (Debbie Rochon) is rising to the top of fame in low budget horror films and becoming a scream queen. The downsides are that her husband Eric (John Mowod) is cheating on her while having sex with his models he takes photographs of which questions their marriage. Plus, her inlaws don't approve of her.
There's also a neighbor of hers Wayne (Grant Cramer) who seems to be the friendly type and babysits her kids when she's off on a shoot but yet he's overly obsessed with her displaying pictures and other objects about her near a table with candles.
Wayne one time murdered his mother and boyfriend as a child and then dresses up in a Santa suit to kill off models and actresses with a garden tool claw in order to have Raven to himself and make her happy that she's not competing with anyone else as he drugs her children to fall asleep while he goes on a killing spree when he is supposed to be at babysitting them.


In a prologue scene we spot cheesy camera shots with a kid walking up some stairs. Plus the moments was terribly low with scene's between him pointing a gun towards both his parents in bed trying to convince him not to shoot them as it was supposed to look disturbing but amateurish wasn't the word for how that scene was done.
There's a scene with Raven Quinn between her in-laws showing attitude towards them and her getting defensive which looked fairly okay but the pace could've been picked up a bit.
Some good shots with Wayne next to a table with pictures of who he idolises with candles around.
There's a good discussion between Wayne and Raven in a living room scene and then she gets short with him for being unspoken which looked quite natural. There's also a nice shot looking up on her during a hallucination sequence acting lustful towards him.
A nice scene between Eric Quinn taking photographs with Laura Britton stripping down and then a good shot on the two of them making out as well as nice shots in bed together and having a lustful scene with one another.
We spot a scene with Wayne in a hooded costume trying to attack a horror film director with many shots on the chasing moments but it wasn't the least bit convincing at all. It looked extremely trashy and terribly done.
There's a scene with Wayne entering a house strangling Mary Jane Austin which looked terribly fake and it looked so pretend like.
There's many cheesy shots during a struggling moment between Wayne and Eric which was very trashy looking on them rolling around and trying to brawl it out without one or the other getting killed.
Bottom line: Man oh man what a terrible flick even if people who enjoy trashy horror flicks have given this film publicity which I can't understand why as the storyline is very amateurish from the writer of Night of the Living Dead (There's even movie postewrs exposed in the film). He really went downhill with this film as it was trying to be a slasher film but the slashings looked so terrible it wasn't even funny. It was extremely lacking trust me.
We've had the Santa Claus killings before in Christmas Evil and Silent Night Deadly Night but this film has got nothing on neither of these two. It's just someone's excuse to make a film no matter how much little cash they had and did just that.
This was a film was basically a tribute to scream queen Brinke Stevens with the character Raven Quinn but of course she never did a film that was talked about proving that this flick was a piece of garbage and very forgettable.
If you're in the mood for a Christmas horror film don't watch this one by any means as it's not what it's cracked up to be as the title speaks better than the story itself.

Let's review the acting. We have scream queen Debbie Rochon (Raven Quinn) playing the lead in the film as a mother and actress. She spoke lustful in a nice way and sometimes showed a good attitude too when getting aggressive but when she tried to act emotional or crying on set she was very off but again sometimes it can be really tough too. This film was not her best performance by any means although this was one of her remembered films that made her a scream queen.
Grant Cramer
(Wayne) seriously needed acting lessons as he was darn right terrible as the Santa killer and tried too hard to act disturbing with his speaking as well as getting crazy which looked way too comedic and he wasn't supposed to be. He was a major bomb in the whole cast.
John Mowod
(Eric Quinn) however, tried to do the best he could in this film as he really knew his craft portraying a photographer and seemed believeable on portraying this part as well as acting anxious too. He's probably the best actor in this film. But that's not saying alot.
There's a nice panicked reaction with him towards two of his onscreen family members after he finds out that his kids are drugged and tracking down who did all of this.
The rest of the cast is easily forgettable.

There's many take if off performances which was the film's main drawing card.
There's a full big breast shot by bit part actress Terri Lewandowski in bed during the prologue story.
Both Amanda Madison and Lisa Delien strip down top to bottom whether it was a model shoot or a sex scene. Plus there's shots on them coming out of a shower as well.
Debbie Rochon does a sexy strip scene while being photographed showing her full breasts.

Mild gore effects with people being stabbed by a sharp garden object.

We hear some low keyboard cheesy piano pounding and other trashy music too. However, there's the odd good light emotional keyboard playing for the touching moments in the film. We also hear a moment of Christmas type bonging sounds when the character Eric tries to find out what's going on after his kids are drugged. Then there's neat hard rocking guitar playing and drumbeats during a struggle against the Santa killer and Eric. There's some interesting orchestral keyboard classical music during the closing credit of the film which sounded descent which was all done by Paul McCollough.