Satanic Panic (2009)

Directed by: Marc Selz

Written by: Marc Selz & Karl Sunstrom


Cyn Dulay .... Karen
Tom Lodewyck .... Greg
Kymberly Harris .... Kym Richards
Tim Krueger .... Tim Richards
Melissa Chirello-Wood .... Lisa Lazro
Andy Schatner .... Neil
Karl Sundstrom .... Norville

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: October 13, 2009



In 1980, two twin sibling children were kidnapped by satanic killers and using dead animals for their blood and one of them manages to escape but is badly scarred on what happened through the years.
Twenty five years have passed and a group of of six friends try to rekindle their friendship by taking a canoe ride and camp out near a wooded area of Thornwood and find out that the locals are a little strange.
Then when night comes around the satanic cult seems to reside there and then they repeat their killings in many grizzly ways with no escape and becoming victims of their sacrifice's.


I didn't know what to expect from this movie as at first it seemed like a documentarty on different types of events first off showing someone talking about the church of Satan and other types of stuff which looked a bit kookie as well as someone having their face look blank not revealing themsevles crying and discussing on what happened to them which seemed disturbing with the topics making you think that all of this is real. Of course this wasn't based on a true story nor was it a reality show but based on real life events.
There's some great disturbing moments with a child tied up for a sacrifice with dead animals hung around trees which can shock any viewer but yet when the cult members perform this ritual it seems quite cheesy nonetheless but still with all that's happening the writing on this can still make you cringe by watching making any animal lover not.
There's great spooky moments with one of the survivors now fully grown hearing a voice calling her which looked impressive.
There's also many good moments like horny campers being used for a sacrifice which looked quite crafty and cheesily intense like with the cult members hooded which was a nice feel to one of the plotlines.
There's other moments with one of the main characters smoking weed which looked pretty convincing and adding some humor to the storyline too after all the intense sacrifices used in the film.
There's also a moment with a backwoods person who almost seems like a metally retarded fellow and an untrustworthy type too. This was another great pointer for the horror story wondering if he knows about these satanic killers.
Then the friends getting together trying to find food for camping out looked impressive too as this doesn't seem like your everyday locals which is another unsolved mystery to the story which was very impressive too. There's very little supplies of groceries and one of them complaining about it and the cashier getting aggressive with them looks a bit psychological since there's times you run into these types who don't like their jobs as well as being closed minded weaving an impression that maybe they're behind the horror of this plot as well as some bumbling locals at the store which seems like a Texas Chainsaw Massacre feel to all of this too. The surroundings make you cringe big time as you want to keep watching for more of this and the strange neighbors with this wooded area too.
Then there's a lesbian scene in which these two women were supposed to have been straight and having their soulmates as you think to yourself "What the hell????" I mean that didn't make sense at all but it looked good nonetheless. Then suddenly out of nowhere one of them is slaughtered and then the cult killers kills the next one. You just wonder how this killer came out of nowhere but again that looked very crafty and psyching you out a great deal. The results looked like a grizzly piece of art too.
Then there's the final confrontation at the satanic church which seemed exciting but at times the performances needed improvemen. But the cult members are revealing themselves which seems shocking and making anyone scared on who to trust these days. Plus it left a door open for a sequel in which I hope there will be one.
Bottom line is the story seems confusing at first but it's a great one to watch even if sometimes the performances are a bit cheesy and a must to anyone who likes disturbing and shocking horror movies from the 70's and 80's seeming like a tribute to those types that involves with santanic rituals which seems so real.

The acting seemed a bit too average for the most part but these cast members try their best to pull it off. Cyn Dulay (Karen) seemed to try her best by freaking out and screaming in which she seemed slightly amateruish while doing all of this but yet she does well by trying to not act disturbed by certain things happening with all the events.
Tom Lodewyck
(Greg) has the good masculine nice guy looks as the boyfriend and he can pull off a character fairly well with all he has to do in the film showing great energy to his role as well as showing nice aggressions and intensity when necessary for a certain scene too. He is just passable portraying a character actor.
Kymberly Harris
(Kym Richards) was another fine character actress with the nice clean look to her appeal and innocent attitude too. She knew on how to act disturbed by her past life and shows a great emotional attitude too. She made her part very believeable.
Melissa Chirello-Wood
(Lisa Lazro) really brought a god demanding attitude to her role as well as coming across nicely to her lustful side with a lesbian attitude in which she drew a strong performance by playing that sort of part into it which really makes you wonder about her behavior.
Andy Schatner
(Neil) played a good pothead in his role as he knew how to speak gruffly and act like a total goofball. He really made his part come to life with everything. He also does well tripping out after he drinks some blood like he was totally intoxicated as well as a great grossed out reaction on him.
Karl Sundstrom
(Norville) played a great key role as a backwoods redneck in the film with his creepy behavior making you wonder if he's behind this whole mess with the cult ceremony. It makes you wonder if he has some learning disabilities. He certainly put alot of energy and effor into all of this and portrayed a nice horror type of character.

Holly Ilne Sari is barebreasted while fornicating with her on screen boyfriend along with being tied up for a sacrifice.
Cyn Dulay
has her top taken off breasts revealed.

Lots of slaughtered animals are hung from a tree during different segments of this movie.
Various bloodied corpses.
Various bloody stabbing with a metal dagger.
A metal object is stabbed through a persons head.
A decapitated head is hung on a string.
A hand is chopped off.

There's alot of deep synthesizer music along with the odd screeching sounds. There's many dark type music played in the film which really blends in with the story making every moment sound incredibly effective and cringing.