Satan's Storybook (1989)


Directed by: Michael Rider

Written by: Steven K. Arthur & Michael Rider


.... Christeeth
.... Queen Elonite
Ray Robert .... Satan
.... The Jester
Gary Brandner .... Charlie
.... Jezebell Jones
Jane August .... Beverly
Ron McCoy .... Richard
Hal Shafer .... Fat Man
Jason Logan .... The Priest
.... Zeek Heller
Francis Paul .... Klem
Irwin Waterman .... Mac
Michael Ryder .... Mickey La Mort

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: 1989





A mysterious warrior Christeeth (Ginger Lynn Allen) kidnaps Queen Elonite () whom belongs to Satan (Ray Robert) whom is upset by all of this by his Jester

The first tale is about a serial killer named Charlie (Gary Brandner) whom gets a death penalty after being caught while murdering two parents of a gothic young witch named Jezebell Jones (Leesa Roland) she becomes determined to call his spirit back from hell to make him pay even further, despite the ghost of her dear old Granny telling her it's a REALLY bad idea.

The second story is about a drunken clown at a carnival named Zeek Heller (Steven K. Arthur) whom loses his job and takes his own life by hanging himself and meets a clown on "the other side" in which his life is going to be not so pretty.

Christeeth enters the gates of hell to put a final battle with Satan and his drogs while trying to put an end to his evil doings.


While we spot the opening credits of this film it seems to lag quite a bit and needed to be cut down more so as while you continue to watch this blank screen you think to yourself "C'mon get on with it!".
However when the story starts to roll it looks like good cheesy type of fun revealing a coloured light in the mist of a wooded area while we spot some warriors battling. Yet the fight sequences looked a bit sloppy to watch. Then we have some cheesy but fairly strong discussions between Christeeth and Queen Elonite held as prisoner with good shots on them having this powerful discussion which looked entertaining.
We then spot a moment with Satan as the wordrobe tried so hard to make him look like a demon but yet the outfit looked rather cheesy as well as cheesy demonic voice over for this character to sound as horror with his voice as this seemed too cheesy but once again fun to watch along with an interesting setting of his throne as well as the Jester trying to entertain him by discussing a tale as this was an impressive start to a story.
Also during other segments we do spot more fun adventureous moments with Christeeth getting ready to battle a monstrous looking demon with a good close up shot on this figure as the monstrous uniform looked not too bad for a low budgeter such as this one. Also more nice close up shots on the surroundings of the drog creature's as the make up effects looked greatly done.

Then when we go into the first chapter of this film you can tell the budget of the camera takes are less clear and cheaper made than the wraparound. There's some pointless moments with the lead character Charlie griping in his wrecked down home which seems to lag once again but then the action starts to work well later on.
We spot some cheesy arguments with two parents whom are named Beverly and Richard as they gripe about their daughter's lifestyle which happens to be Jezebell as the surroundings looked very cool and gothic like. Something you'd picture in an Elvira show as well as a nice shot on a poster of one of the Howling sequels taped on her door. Alot of this looked highly entertaining to watch on what goes on here.
There's a suggested suspenseful scene with Charlie barging in and ready to kill the two parents which was supposed to look disturbing while watching all of this but that falls flat since alot of this looked terribly uninspired and once again the cheesy performances that goes on here.
Yet an interesting shot on the police breaking in and starting to shoot this maniac which looked incredibly effective to watch.
However there's more sloppy discussions with Charlie in a room with a good cop bad cop conversation as these character's don't look like officers at all but some sort of hillbilly's. Ho hum.
Yet the excitement starts up again when Charlie is about to get his death sentence with a redneck fat man getting nasty towards him which looked effective to watch and can please horror fans who enjoy cheesy flicks like this one.
While this happens there's a nice close up shot on Jezebell in a room with candles conjuring up the dead as we spot nice cheesy special effects with her grandma as a ghost as well as a surprising shot on Charlie zooming up in his death sentence chair with a demonic speaking voice which was cheesy sounding but yet this looked cool to watch. Plus we spot some cheesy but powerful moments with Charlie towards Jezebell during the final moments.

The second chapter in this story wasn't as entertaining but there's many shots on rides at the carnival along with a bland moment on the boss Klem chastising his employee Zeek about his job there as well as firing him which seemed to look dull to watch all of what's going on. It looks like everyone involved with this scene didn't seem inspired to do a good job with all of this. Plus there seems to be a time waster with Zeek feeling sorry for himself and drinking to his head.
Yet there are interesting close up shots on him preparing a rope to hang himself yet when he taskes his life it doesn't look too intense like you'd think it would during this devastating situation.
We do spot some effective but yet annoying discussions with the ghostly clown Mickey La Mort taunting him and what he's done as well as telling him his faults. It seems to work well in the story but needed a bit more inspiration. However there's a nice shot on him turning around as well as good close up shots on him looking monstrous with sharp teeth which works in well for a horror story.

Bottom line is that this would've been a perfect party horror anthology for the show USA Up All Night as it fits in for the cheesiness as well as the made for video budget too. It can be fun at times but sometimes it's a real drag too. Worth watching with a group of friends on a Halloween night though.

The acting is terrible and full of virtual unknowns. Lead actress Ginger Lynn Allen (Christeeth) seemed to be one of the best out of the whole cast since she has had acting experience in other cheesy low budget films as well as her career in adult films which really says nothing of course. Yet she seems to struggle a bit with whatever she does while having a strong commandment which could've looked more powerful than it did. Seemed to do okay within her blocking while battling her foes though so she wasn't all that bad. Stood out quite well too which was another nice pointer for her.
(Queen Elonite) was someone who tried her best to be someone whom is powerful and fairly evil but yet tries way too hard and doesn't cut the cake too well. She is a little much with her aggressions. Yet she has the right looks for this part and comes across nicely onto the camera so there's a couple good pointers with that on her.
(The Jester) however seemed the be the best I must say as he offered some dark wit to his personality and showing off a terrific hyped up energy really springing into action. He was for sure a great attention grabber for what he had to do here. He was the most effective out of the whole cast by introducing a story to his master and really seemed necessary by what he did throughout all of this.
Gary Brandner
(Charlie) was a born amateur as he needs to stick to his writing more as I could see why he didn't pursue an acting career after doing this one. He had the right looks to play a bad ass killer but his aggressions and obnoxious attitude looked plain amateurish and way too over the top as well. He was supposed to come across as intimidating and he doesn't do the trick at all while we continue to watch all of this.
(Jezebell Jones) has the right looks to play one of those overgrown spoiled type gothic chick types but yet when she tries to have an attitude it doesn't look convincing at all. Yet seemed to show an okay anxious attitude when the terror starts to happen with her onscreen parents. Also shows a nice focus while trying to conjur up spirits as she is on the ball with all of this. So she was okay in some spots but not in all of it.
Jane August
(Beverly) really lacks big time as the role of the mother in which she doesn't do well at all freaking out and crying when the terror starts to happen in which she was supposed to be intensely upset and wasn't believeable at all within this. Also she was low on energy while doing this.
Ron McCoy
(Richard) was pretty rough as well playing the family man in which he has a scene scolding and acting stern but the energy was low on this and unconvincing. Also while he struggles while being attacked and murdered can't seem to relate to this at all and was very sloppy with his work throughout all of this too.
Hal Shafer
(Fat Man) pulled off his role quite well playing a redneck at the death asylum in which he certainly was believeable with his obnoxious behavior and aggressive attitude. He was a ball of negative energy within all of this which shows off nicely onto the camera. However when he acts physical with his aggressions it is a bit off which was my only criticism. Has the right looks for all of this and naother actor whom was one of the best performers in this story.
(Zeek Heller) was mediocre as a drunken clown as he doesn't pull his weight much into his role. However he seemed to know on how to act fairly hammered and out of it but while he does this is just tires you out watching his performance here. He does act a bit alerted at times after his death and what is to become of him.
Michael Ryder
(Mickey La Mort) was terribly annoying as a ghostly clown in which he was too corny in his part of the film. He did have a good hyped up energy with what he did in the story though. Also showednice insane expressions too as he comes off nicely into the story nevertheless with his presence.

Mild bloody stabbings but that's about it.

The music is often very trashy sounding with a synthesizer sounding quite annoying in the wraparound story as well as hear some drum boomings which didn't seem to make up for the music at all. However during the first chapter the music seemed to fit in nicely due to the cheesy appeal to everything with some bonging and hissing sounds which brought in a nice touch to the storyline. Some of it sounded genuinely dark and twisted as well as hearing the odd cheesy chanting sounds too. For the second chapter there's cheesy synthesizer music having a joyous sound of a carnival which sounded quite out of tune. Yet there's some nice windy sounds and sliding noises as well as rusty types of effects too which almost sounds similar to the effects used in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. All of this was put together by Christopher Saint Booth