Saw IV (2007)

Directed by: Darren Lynn Bousman

Written by: Patrick Melton & Marcus Dunstan


Tobin Bell .... Jigsaw / John
Costas Mandylor .... Hoffman
Scott Patterson .... Agent Strahm
Betsy Russell .... Jill
Lyriq Bent .... Rigg
Athena Karkanis .... Agent Perez
Justin Louis .... Art
Simon Reynolds .... Lamanna
Angus Macfadyen .... Jeff

Special Appearances:

Donnie Wahlberg .... Eric Matthews
Dina Meyer .... Kerry
James Van Patten .... Dr. Heffner

Release Date: Theatrical: October 26, 2007

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Detective Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) finds Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) and his apprentise Amanda dead as coroners gather up their corpses but however things seem to get worst as a tape recorder that was found in Jigsaw's stomach in which Hoffman plays the tape and Jigsaw's recorded voice tells him that he has to complete the game since their lives are at risk as they have to solve the puzzle.
Also a troubled SWAT commander named Commander Rigg (Lyriq Bent) is forced to play the game as well by trying to overcome a series of demented traps and save an old friend or face the deadly consequences.
Meanwhile, Jigsaw's former wife Jill (Betsy Russell) is questioned at a police station by Agent Strahm (Scott Patterson) about his history on her husbands madness and the loss of their unborn baby.


I enjoyed the last three but this one didn't quite cut it I found. The storyline was very confusing in which everything was happening all at once. Yet the story seemes to be clever as Jigsaw is dead but yet people are still trapped in his game with his tape recorders on what to do to survive. You think to yourself how can he be in control when he's dead but when you watch this film you'll see what I mean since he is the most clever person on these deadly schemes whether he's alive or dead.
There's a good beginning with Jigsaw as mentioned lying dead lifeless with good graphic close up shots on a pathologist and coroner cutting him open and explaining towards Hoffman on who this person which looked realistic on someone dissecting another corpse. There's a nice reaction and close up shot on him after hearing a tape on Jigsaw's message to him.
There's the odd jumping moment too which works well along with a corpse being dissected which looks so real that it may gross people out who have strong stomachs who can't handle this. I myself thought it looked neat showing what's underneath your body and how coroner's do this to corpses to get any kind of evidence that's inside someone's body.
There's a good shot on Rigg trying to look for clues with a nice surprise attack from behind being wrapped with plastic and then a good close up shot on him suddenly waking up in a bathtub and anxiously trying to get out as well as him trying to find a way of escaping rooms he's trapped in.
A good scene between him and supporting character Brenda in a chair with her scalp almost being torn off and screaming for help as well as many great anxious moments on him trying to find a way to rescue her. There's a great attack scene with her trying to attack him with a knife after he rescues her along with good shots on her being vicious and aggressive towards him.
Good artsy gruesome shots on some corpses battered hanging with a couple of people having a discussion on what's going on which looked good and serious.
A good discussion with Agent Strahm towards Jill at a police headquarters station with good shots on her looking gloomy and acting negative as well as good moments on him getting aggressive and demanding with her and throwing her against a wall forcing some information out of her which looked strongly performed.
There's a good moment with Rigg getting demanding and forceful towards burly supporting character Ivan Landsness to chain himself to a tortureous looking bed along with him pleading and crying not to get hurt while there's a videotape on him molesting women which showed some good timing. There's great fast camera shots on him being torn apart by the devices on the bed.
Good shots on supporting characters Rex and Morgan with sharp spikes stabbed between them back to back and their painful reactions to this along with a nice circling camera shot between them.
A good flashback moment with Jill pregnant and a surprise attack by an addict leaping to her and forcing her to do something for him. There's also a good shot on him slamming a door open on her and crushing her pregnant stomach with a good close up shot on her crying in pain and some blood dropping from her.
A great dark moment with Jigsaw speaking evilly and nasty towards this addict while setting some sort of a device around him with blades as well as a great circling motion on the camera while this event is happening.
There's a nice shot on both Hoffman and Agent Perez finding a room with the Jigsaw puppet there as well as playing the tape and then a great surprise moment with the Jigsaw puppet firing some deadly objects towards Perez which is a good jumping moment.
There's a great shot on both Rigg lying on the ground bloodied screaming intensely towards Art who's also on the ground struggling against him for an arrest. This looked very powerfully done with alot of energy between both of them.
Bottom line is that it's kinda like a prequel too showing many flashback sequence's on Jigsaw's life before he turned into this person getting revenge on anyone who is dysfunctional or nasty. We also spot his wife too who was very pregnant and something terrible happens to her that she loses her unborn child which is hard to watch too. Of course that's what a psychological horror is all about which isn't for everyone.
Plus it had many cast members involved whom were has been's from a long time ago with a supporting role or a cameo in the film. Of course Rob Zombie has done this too with his films as it's nice to see them working in something well known again.
Just when you don't think the story doesn't pick up after the last one we see what happens to the survivors towards the end of the film in which they saved the best for last awaiting another sequel to follow.
This film was a confusing story and hard to follow but yet was well done and a brilliant idea of what happens when Jigsaw id dead making matters only worst for people who have once encountered him in a bad way. Yet the story is overly long and you think to youself at times "Get on with it!"

The acting is still very good in which Tobin Bell (Jigsaw / John) knew how to portray someone who acts like a normal human being during flashback sequences with his silent voice turning into a madman. He knew how to act aggressive along with his cold speaking during some vengeful moments in certain areas of the film. Does well by getting obnoxious by smashing things up which looked believeably reckless.
Scott Patterson
(Agent Strahm) really knew how to have an obnoxious attitude bringing out alot of energy and intense aggressions when he demands something and pulls off alot of characteristics with his role in the film along with his big guy looks which was a plus for his part.
It's nice to see cult icon Betsy Russell (Jill) who gained a reputation in cheesy b-film's like Avenging Angel, Tomboy, Out of Control and Private School for Girls get work in a big time mainstream film like this one. She totally portrayed a different role alltogether with this one instead of always portraying a sex object as Jigsaw's wife. She know how to act like a basket case having a negative and closed minded attitude along with her parts in flashback sequences acting mellow and calm as well as her upsetting emotions too.
A good reaction with her towards her onscreen husband asking him what he's becoming. She just had a small part in the previous sequel but her role in this one was the main co-starring part. Her appearance even looks different that you wouldn't even know it's her.
Lyriq Bent
(Rigg) certainly came across greatly with his masculine structure and attitude as a troubled cop named Rigg who knew how to act emotionally aggressive as well as showing terrific intensity when the suspense packs up on him as well as getting tough and demanding. He was probably the best supporting actor in the film and leaves a great impression as someone who is unhappy with his lifestyle.
Athena Karkanis
(Agent Perez) certainly had some nice tough female cop looks for her role and knew how to come across very seriously on her mission with what has happened. She stood out very well with her supporting role and deserved good credit like the rest of the actors mentioned.
Even though this actor had a small supporting role in the film he deserved to be mentioned which was Billy Otis (Cecil) who played a drug addict who made his part incredibly believeable with his demanding and aggressive attitude and came across quite intimidating. He was very dynamic by pulling this character off in which you wonder if he studied addicts out on the streets and the trobule they get into when they want something.

Tobin Bell is lying lifeless without any clothes on during the beginning of the film.

Jigsaw's body is cut open with his gut taken out as well as his head being sliced off and his brain taken out.
There's slaughtered corpses hung from a roof.
A body is torn up.
A guys face gets sliced by some blades and later on falls into a pit of barbwire.
Sharp objects are stabbed through two people tied back to back.
A sharp object gets stabbed in someone's head.
Two blocks of ice smashes a guy's head.

Charlie Clouser is back at it again with his composing in which he still has alot of feel to the picture with his classical scoring along with the heavy drumbeats which can make you jump at times as well as the violin composing too.