Saw V (2008)

Directed by: David Hackl

Written by: Patrick Melton & Marcus Dunstan


Tobin Bell .... Jigsaw / John Kramer
Costas Mandylor .... Mark Hoffman
Scott Patterson .... Agent Peter Strahm
Betsy Russell .... Jill
Julie Benz .... Brit
Meagan Good .... Luba
Mark Rolston .... Dan Erickson
Carlo Rolta .... Charles
Greg Bryk .... Mallick

Release Date: Theatrical: October 24, 2008

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Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) returns from Jigsaw's home but yet has some dark secrets in which he has worked for him while one of his men named Agent Peter Strahm (Scott Patterson) had to cut his throat while a device was on his head from one of Jigsaw's game devices in order to stay alive who has hard feelings against Mark and is tested and follows all the leads he can get until it boils down to a gruesome and bone-crushing finale.
Meanwhile, a new group of people have to play Jigsaw's new game which one by one are being killed with devices once the time is up and also kill one another in order to survive the game.


The flick was very exciting to watch and really going in a good way showing a nice terrifying beginning with someone chained up and a blade swinging back and fourth in which he tries to be careful on how to find a way to unlock himself else he will get slayed which really grabs your attention big time. The story showed off terrific angle and front up camera shots on someone chained up with a blade swinging back and fourth with great anxious expressions when he tries to play the game without getting slayed as well as good shots on the blade cutting him and nice reactions with him screaming in pain.
There's also another great torture scene with someone's head locked in a container and water pouring not knowing what to do in order to survvie but having to do a pinful way by surviving it which I own't give that one away but it looked well done and well remembered to the fans who saw this moment. Great shots on Agent Peter Strahm with a glass container locked to his head and water pouring inand trying to find a way to breathe along with a good close up shot of him stabbing himself in the throat.
A good shot on Mark Hoffman with a blanket wrapped around him escorted out of a house and almost acting in shock telling the police investigators that there are no surviviors which seems quite impressive.
A good moment with Jill crying and getting emotional with a TV screen of John Kramer talking to her telling her she is his life which looked strongly done.
A nice aggressive discussion with Peter telling Mark off by what happened which was well focused on these two.
There's of course a new game starting with new character's which brings on the terror again as well as two survivors having to do something to injure themselves or else the doors they're locked in will be sealed forever which really scares you thinking that you will stay in that room with no food or anything and slowly dying in there which isn't a pleasant thought at all.

There's also many good scene's with Jigsaw in which you think to yourself "Didn't he die???" But it introduces a prologue to the story involving one of the character's as to how he worked for this person so alot of the scene's used in this film was a prequel. It showed secret doors which you had no idea about as well as many flashback sequences in which it explains itself more so than the past couple beforehand as well as explaining some of the character's that were trapped in the game from the first film and how they got there in the first place too.
Great panicking reactions with all of the new victims while they are chained up in a room with the Jigsaw character talking to them on a TV screen as to what to do to survive the game.
A good moment with Mallick just getting aggressive and going for a key when others tell him not to and charging at full steam. This was suspenseful looking and terrifically done.
A good scene with Mark entering an elevator with Jigsaw standing behind him and speaking softly towards him. Then there's a great leaping reaction on this maniac by stabbing him in the neck with a needle and him trying to struggle against him which looked powerfully done.
There's a great powerful discussion with Mark getting aggressive towards Jigsaw in his domain and speaking coldly towards him as well as getting loud and aggressive later on to him.
A good powerful moment with a stocky person struggling against both Jigsaw and Mark wearing a suit with pig masks when they try to sedate him and he gets physically violent in which you wonder if he will escape or not.
There's a great aggression with Luba demanding towards Mallick to get into a tub full of blood in order to do the game and then a nice camera shot on Brit coming up to her and stabbing her in the neck with her freaking out at her to what she did.
A good fair distant camera shot on Luba lifeless in a tub while both Mallick and Brit plan on how to continue on with the quest.
There's good upsetting reactions between Brit and Mallick after they discover an object with the voice of Jigsaw telling them what they have to do in order to get out which looked very psychologically done imagining if you were forced to do something you don't want to do. There's nice shots on Mallick putting his hands into an object with a saw cutting his hands along with good shots on his painful expressions hollering in pain.
A good powerful moment with Peter forcing Mark into a glass object as well as good camera shots on the walls closing in and the roof closing down on him which looked suspensefully done.
Bottom line is this is a real improvement compared to the last one in which it shows some of the same elements of survival and new devices of being tortured which seems almost as original as in the first film. If you're a Saw fan then you will find this one entertaining.

The acting is still very well done in which Tobin Bell (Jigsaw / John Kramer) does well with his cold speaking as usual in the flashback sequences as Jigsaw plus he shows a great rage and violent behavior too. He always shows something new with his character in each film which is a nice surprise.
Costas Mandylor
(Mark Hoffman) reprises his role as well as the hard headed Mark Hoffman showing a great arrogant and obnoxious behavior bringing out alot into his role in which he really brings it off strongly in this one. I'd say that this was one of his best performances out of all the sequels.
Scott Patterson
(Agent Peter Strahm) seems to be quite believeable with his gruff speaking after he stabbed himself in the throat sounding as if he has a terrible sore throat and certainly studied playing this part well even if he reprises his role in the previous sequels. He reacts to incredibly well by trying to find a way to breathe when his head is trapped in a glass container.
Betsy Russell
(Jill) returns as well in which she shows a great calmness to her personality in this one as well as showing good upsetting emoitons about her dead husbands last words to her making it really convincing that she knew exactly what to do in this sequel. She proves to be worthy character actress as mentioned before in the last sequel even if her role wasn't as big as in the previous one.
So even though the main cast has reprised their roles they showed something new with their performances. Now for a couple of the supporting roles.
Carlo Rolta (Charles) really came across as someone almost intimidating due to his size and really knew how to act aggressive and forceful with all that's happening around him. A good moment with him whacking someone with a painful object as well as him going in a rage which looked energetically paced throughout his performance in this scene.
Greg Bryk
(Mallick) really had a good hyperactive behavior with his fears surrounding him when he is forced to play Jigsaw's game and brought out terrific anxiety too. He brought a great ounce of energy in his performance and really showed it in a great way.

A person's stomach is cut open from a blade
A woman's head is chopped off
A person stabs himself in the throat
Guts and other body parts are sprayed all along a floor
A persons hand is sliced in half from a saw inside a device
A person's wrist is snapped off while trying to struggle from a closing wall

Charlie Clouser is at it again but using the same type of formula like in the previous films by having the adventureous violin composing as well as rusty sounds and metal clanging sound effects too. Nothing new here but it still sounds pretty good all the same.

Brit: No it's not Jigsaw, he's dead. Haven't you watched TV lately?

Mark Hoffman: What floor are you going to?
[starts to draw his gun from his jacket]
Jigsaw: [pushes Hoffman into the corner of the elevator and injects a syringe into his neck] I think we're both going to the same place.

Mallick: You're a monster!
Brit: So are you.
Mallick: We both deserve to be here.