Saw VI (2008)

Directed by: David Hackl

Written by: Patrick Melton & Marcus Dunstan


Tobin Bell .... Jigsaw / John Kramer
Costas Mandylor .... Mark Hoffman
Mark Rolston .... Dan Erickson
Betsy Russell .... Jill
Shawnee Smith .... Amanda Young
Peter Outerbridge .... William Easton
Athena Karkanis .... Agent Lindsay Perez
George Newbern .... Harold Abbott
Shauna MacDonald .... Tara
Devon Bostick .... Brent

Special Appearances:

Melanie Scrofano .... Gena
Karen Cliche .... Shelby
James Van Patten .... Dr. Heffner / Coroner

Release Date: Theatrical: October 23, 2009

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Special Agent Strahm is dead and Detective Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) has emerged as the unchallenged successor to Jigsaw's legacy in which he helps out with the game along with his widowed wife Jill (Betsy Russell) to anyone who is looking for bad karma which is targeted against a man named William Easton (Peter Outerbridge) whom is in the middle of Jigsaw's game and has to save some of the people involved whom have had bad encounters with him.
The FBI draws closer to Hoffman which is the reason as to why he is forced to set a game into motion and Jigsaw's scheme is finally understood.


Normally I don't like sequels better than the original film but I liked this one better as it was the most original out of any of them. It had no twists and survival moments which was way more adventureous.
Of course there's a great opening with two people chained up and one of them had to gut themselves and put it into a slot and another one having to cut off her arm in which both of this looked like they were committing suicide and torturing themselves isn't even the word for all that they were doing in which you wonder to yourself if these people will live after what Jigsaw was telling them what to do while this screw in a unit they're wearing is cutting through their heads being forced to do this.
There's great fast camera shots circling around them with these devices on them and torturing themselves in order to survive which looked brutally intense as well as one of them raising up a meatcleaver and slamming it down on her arm with great intense expressions making this moment hard to watch that it was strongly done.
There's a good moment with one of them getting emotional in a hospital towards Mark Hoffman getting into an angry rage towards him about what to do with her arm which totally looked intense.
There's also another good torturing moment with two men wearing an oxygen tank while they have to hold their breaths for a long time to play the game controlled by Jigsaw else something deadly will happen to them which was fun watching imagining how long you can hold your breath in order to survive the game. Good shots between them in a room together with objects stuck on them and a Jigsaw figure stading there and talking to them while there's close up shots on their oxygen tanks and forcing one another not to breathe else something hazardous could happen to one of them which looked tortureous. Alot of this was cleverly written too.
There's a good moment with someone handing Jill some documents and then leaving with a great jumping moment on a figure wearing a pigs mask jumping from behind and syringing her with a needle.
One of my favourite scene was with one of the main supporting character's in a boiler room object doing battles and trying to rescue a woman and telling her what to do in order to help her and then she tries to kill him to get a key to free herself which makes you wonder on why she's doing this too. Some of the elements in this film reminds me of the A Nightmare On Elm Street flicks but this is a psychological flick and not a slasher. Yet this scene can give a good idea for a new filmmaker to blend in both of these together.
There's great shots and energetic discussions between these two in the boiler room on him calling to her in order to help her out with some strange events happening there and great shots on the two struggling as well as her trying to attack and kill him with an deadly object and him dodging her which looked cleverly done.
But there's the best scene yet with people tied to a merry go round type of object and some of them are forced to be killed by the fellow who tries to rescue them which really psych's you out in which this scene was the most powerful storyline of them all.
There's also other devices imagining the most painful ways to be attakced or yet even killed like needles from a wall slamming into someone which is your worst fears of having a shot and can't stand the pain from the results of it.
There's also lots of flashback sequences explaining why this story is set the way it is and a total prequel to alot of the previous Saw films begging for another sequel.
Bottom line is this one was the most original of the Saw series and the best which definetely beats watching a remake that's always coming out to theatre's in order to make money for their productions. The story is a bit tough to follow but with all that's going on the film is overly entertaining and a must for fans who enjoy psychological horror flicks with good effects and alot of suspense and terror not to mention the tortures too.

The acting is in great shape as usual in which Tobin Bell (Jigsaw / John Kramer) still delivers in the flashback scene's showing his cold voice along with his raging aggressions too and bringing on alot of energy in his role as Jigsaw. He was never a disappointment whatsoever.
Betsy Russell
(Jill) really came across nicely as usual in her role as the widowed wife Jill doing well with her serious business on some cases caused by Jigsaw along with having a good calmness to her role. She seemed like a businesswoman type in her part with a deep dark secret.
Peter Outerbridge
(William Easton) really delivered in his role as someone very troubled with his life and really bringing out an instense attitude almost losing his mind as well as having a good strong attitude while he's trying to save some people trapped in Jigsaw's game which brought out some great characteristics to his role.
Shauna McDonald
(Tara) really looked good by acting emotional as a basket case family woman in the flick acting passive and weak minded about stuff but trying to act brave and strong at the same time. She certainly was convincing in her role and proved herself worthy as a victim in Jigsaw's game.
Devon Bostick
(Brent) as her son was a perfect key supporting role in the story as her son in which he does well with his upsetting emotions and looked good when he was crying and acting afraid plus shows terrific raging aggressions too when he seeks for revenge.
As usual most of the cast did a great job but sometimes their scene's were pretty fast and I had a hard time catching up on what they were doing.

A man cuts his stomach open and takes out some of his insides and putting them in a slot along with a woman cutting off her arm. Both of them have a screw in their objects drilling through their head with some blood pouring out
A person's face explodes with blood splattering wearing an oxygen mask
During flashback scene's a guys wrist is snapped in half while a wall closes in on him, A cut off hand is revealed, Jigsaw's guts are exposed while someone dissects it.
A throat is slit
A man's body is cut in half with intenstine's pouring out
Some needles are stabbed in the back of a person
Plenty of blood shots here and there and lots of graphic gore

Charlie Clouser composes dome more great stuff. There's alot of metal clanging types of sound effects as well as jungle type drumbeats in which we also hear in the previous films but it still works magnificently. There's low trumpet playing too. Of course we have the powerful, adventureous and fast paced violin orchestral playing.

[first lines]
Simone: Help!

Simone: Look at me. Look at my goddamn arm! What the fuck am I supposed to learn from this? Huh?

Jigsaw: Hello, William. Before you are six of your most valuable associates. The ones who find errors in policies. Their findings result in over two-thirds of all applications denied or prematurely terminated. Now you must apply your analysis to them. And will you be able to find their errors? Six ride the carousel, but only two can get off. The decision of which two survive falls upon you. But remember, the mounted gun will continue to fire until all six rounds are spent. And if no decision is made on your part, all six will perish. To offer the two reprieves, you must press both buttons at once in the box before you. However, in doing so, you will give a sacrifice of your own. Two can live, four will die. Your decisions symbolized by the blood on your hands.

Shelby: My parents are sick okay? They need me, I'm all they have.
Dave: You're fucking lying. Your parents hate you, they cut you off.
Gena: I'm pregnant. I'm pregnant!
Josh: No she's not! She's lying to you. She's fucking lying
Gena: I'm not.
[Carousel stops on Gena]
Gena: I'm pregnant. Push the thing. Push the thing! Mr. Easton push it. Push it!

Tara: [sobbing] I can't! I can't kill him!
Brent: ...But I can.
Tara: No, Brent!
Brent: [to William] You killed my father, you motherfucker!... Now you burn in hell.

Jill: [her last line - To Hoffman] Game over.