Scourge (2008)

Co-Produced, Written & Directed by: Jonas Quastel


Nic Rhind .... Scott
Robyn Ledoux .... Jesse
Russell Ferrier .... Sheriff Duerst

Release Date:
Limited Theatrical: January 31, 2008

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An ancient pestilence called The Scourge has been set free in a small town after being entombed in a church's masonry for a century and a half.
This creature seems to go in from one body to another as it makes the person incredibly hungry as well as acting canniballistic to kill people too as one of the locals named Scott (Nic Rhind) who has been released from prison tries to keep his nose clean encountering these moments and is framed for the people who end up dropping like flies along with this creaure entering a new body while the old one rots to death.
Scott's girlfriend Jesse (Robyn Ledoux) tries to help him out when at first she thinks he's guilty but finds the legend of this creature and travels with him to hunt it as the only way to try and flush this creature out is to electrocute the body this thing possesses.


There's an impressive beginning of the film which is a prologue at a cathedral with people riding horses and black robes in which you can tell that it was a cult doing evil deeds and then later on it is present day with the lead character Scott getting his life together and the Sheriff Durst doesn't make him welcome in which this seems to leave the film to a fair start making it mysterious as to what he did in the past. A good moment with a supporting character Fireman Josh exploring a burned down house as well as a good jumping moment with him forced down on the ground and him panicking which looked energetic.
There's also great energetic moments with him swigging a huge bottle of milk and eating like crazy as this looked quite gross on how everything was done on him. There's also some great moments on him in a changing room acting crazy and attacking someone too which seemed crazily done and high paced too. There's also great shots on him wobbling through an ice skating rink during a hockey game which looked well done.
Of course there's this serpeant like creature grabbing onto one of the fire marshalls and then later on he acts ravenous in which this seems so gross of course in which this really draws attention to the viewers making you think of a time when you were ravenous and had a huge appetite but this is going too far.
Next you see this dude walking funny onto an ice skating rink while people are playing hockey in which you think to yourself that this guy is gonna slip and hurt himself or worst get run over by one of the hockey players that it looked totally suspenseful.
There's some good deep conversations between Scott and Jesse which looked nicely done with their discussions along with good side by side shots on the two of them.
A great moment with supporting character Lydia trying to hit on Scott which seemed humoressly done as well as her acting a bit slutty in which looked evenly done. The scene worked not too bad but at times it was cheesy.
A good night shot between Scott and Jesse huddled together in a house with a peaceful discussion talking to one another.
There's a cheesy moment with supporting character Studdy trying to grab at a woman for her chips with her having attitude and him begging which looked averagely done but yet it seemed to pull off not too badly either.
Cheesy shots on him skateboarding and wiping out which seemed pretty corny on how it was all done too.
There's a great surge of anxiety surrounding him panicking like crazy in a mall and attacking with great reactions on people getting scared and running away.
A perfect moment with an old woman talking seriously towards
Jesse about a historical moment of a curse which looked strong and serious. It seemed pretty creepy too with the directing on this.
There's a nice shot looking up on a cellmate on top of his bunk talking to Scott in jail which seemed quite impressively done with the two interacting towards one anotheralong with Scott trying and get out of the cell as well as being forceful towards
Durst in which there was high adrenaline.
There's great shots between Scott and
Jesse pointing their gun towards Durst in which there's great rage with all that's happening surrounding this moment.
There's also this some sort of creature coming out of someone's mouth or other part of their body into another one which seemed icky but the effects were quite well done for these moments and you think to yourself as to how this creauture came to be.
There's many great moments with an old lady talking to the lead young lady Jesse about the legend of what happened years before and how this little critter came to be which was well written in and should please horror fans who like legendary tales.
There's also some great moments with Scott locked away and his cell mate talking to him and then saying he's really hungry in which this brings on the suspense with him knowing where the creature is hiding in a body this time around and keeping you peeled to the set wondering if he will get away or not.

A nice camera looking up on a photographer taking pictures as well as a good shot on a scarred corpse and a nice jumping moment and close up shot with his eyes opening wide and springing in action too.
There's a great humoress moment on Jesse disguising herself as a groupie at a bar trying to act kinky towards the photographer with shots on him pigging out on eating nuts which looked well paced and believeably gross on what's happening here in order to capture him to try and flush out a possible creature inside of him in which this moment does gross you out a bit with this guy burping and blowing air. Yuck.
But then when they try to flush out this creature out of this fat slob you do think to yourself that they might have got the wrong person in which this does set the mood for alot of suepsenful moments.
There's some good shots and great moments with Jesse tying up the photographer and then hesitating in which he does well by getting impatient as well as a great springing moment on Scott approaching and taping his mouth shut and him panicking as well as a nice anxious moment on him trying to explain to him on what they're doing.
There's a good camera shot looking up on Scott while getting electrocuted with him shaking which seemed very energised with all of this.
Bottom line is this film seemed to borrow a bit from Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday with the creature going in from one body to another and was well done. But yet the story to me didn't do much for me. It was shot in my hometown of Vancouver as you can tell the surroundings on where it was shot in which I do salute to the filmmakers for doing their best to make an intelligent flick. I find that this film alltogether has already been done too many times.

The acting is fairly well done although there are pretty much three main cast members with the rest that are in it for 7 minutes or less.
Nic Rhind (Scott) didn't seem much of a character actor but yet he brought a good seriousness and charm to his role or tried to. He did show alot of anxiety later on in the film when he needed to be so he gave himself a little push to be in the right mode for the plot here and by all means was not a terrible actor. \He showed off a great panicking reaction in a certain scene so I will tip him credit for that. He just seemed plain at first and really got into it later on.
Robyn Ledoux
(Jesse) seemed to really bring it on with her role as someone who is confused about everything that is going on and really brought a good frightening attitude but trying to act calm when these moments happen as well as bringing out the odd aggression too which was impressive. She also shows some good wit quarter way through the film when she diguises herself as some groupie at a bar in which she shows some descent versatality into what she did. A great reaction on her getting spooked towards her fellow actor and giving him warning which looked fairly natural.
Russell Ferrier
(Sheriff Duerst) was another one who tried to get into character with his role as a closed minded head lawman of the town and just passes but barely. He does well with his negative behavior as well as really getting aggressive when he needed to be when the suspenseful moments happen in the film.
Let's go to the supporting actors in the film even if they weren't too big shall we???
Marina Pasqua (Lydia) seemed a little too melodramatic in her role with her slutty attitude in the film but yet you can tell that she tried her best in what she had to do. Not everyone was born to act though.
Frankie Nash
(Skater Girl) seemed to grab attention with her bitchy attitude in the film and reminds me as one of those manipulative types. She passes to do a good job for sure.
Russ Ball
(Biker) seemed to bring on a good charm to his part as a cellmate in the flick bringing out alot of light minded characteristics as well as some great speaking with his lines. He is another one who will stand out in the film in my mind.
Sharon Bertchilde (Ms. Nordberg) shows a great gruffness to her speech in the film and really came across as those serious old timers. She also showed great expressions and came across clearly as one of the key roles to the story too.
Alan Legros
(Photographer) was pretty convincing as a burly dude with a gross habit of burping alot and other stuff that would turn you off whenever he scoruges himself to eat something. He seemed to be quite a ham with his performance which is a good thing since that was what he was supposed to have been.

There's a butt shot on Mensah Joe in a change room

Many bodies are rotting with their eyes bloodied and mouth's too
A guy eats a persons guts
Fingers are cut off after a jail door closes on them

There's alot of great banging sounds along with metal clanging for alot of the suspenseful moments in the film. Plus there's alot of good low music sounds throughout the scene's in the film with deep violin and trumpet playing. The score was put together sharply by Peter Allen.