Scream 3 (2000)

Directed by: Wes Craven

Written by:
Ehren Kruger


David Arquette .... Deputy Dewey
Neve Campbell .... Sidney
Courtney Cox .... Gale Weathers
Parker Posey .... Jennifer Jolie
Patrick Dempsey .... Detective Mark Kincaid
Josh Pais .... Wallace
Scott Foley .... Roman Bridger
Matt Keeslar .... Tom Prinze
Deon Richmond .... Tyson Fox
Lance Henriksen .... John Milton
Emily Mortimer .... Angelina Tyler
Patrick Warburton .... Steven Stone

Special Appearance:

Jenny McCarthy .... Sarah Darling
Carrie Fisher .... Bianca
Liev Schriber .... Cotton Weary
Kelly Rutherford .... Christine Hamilton
Heather Matarazzo .... Martha Meeks
Jamie Kennedy .... Randy Meeks
Kevin Smith .... Silent Bob
Jason Mewes .... Jay

Release Dates: Theatrical: February 4, 2000; Fantasporto Film Festival: February 18, 2000; Dead by Dawn Edinburgh Horror Film Festival: April 2, 2000

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Cotton Weary (Liev Schriber) is stuck in Los Angeles traffic and is in the business after surviving that horrible attack previously but he receives a call from another killer using various voices and is at his girlfriends house and about to kill her in which he finds some way to get there and save her on time only to be killed as well.
Then a big studio decides to be in production with a 'Stab 3' sue to all of this and Deputy Dewey (David Arquette) is working for this film. However, Gale Weathers (Courney Cox) spies on him since he is linked to an actress Jennifer Jolie (Parker Posey) who plays her part in the film and in the script she gets killed off.
Then this killer kills one of the actresses Sarah Darling (Jenny McCarthy) in which the film is ceased and everyone tries to stick together in order to stay alive.
Meanwhile Sidney (Neve Campbell) is working at home and in hiding at a house out in the country and has nightmares on her Mom returning as a ghost along with this killer tracking her down. She does get a call from this caller and has no choice but to play his game.


This sequel wasn't as good as the first two but still fairly good but this time the killer calling someone is during a traffic jam in Los Angeles in which it doesn't seem creepy at all. However with what the caller says he's going to do to this person's girlfriend if he doesn't make it on time which would be tough since that kind of traffic can take a long time to get through and it's suspenseful to see what this person does in order to make it home on time in which it looks like that a car accident could happen.
There's some good shots on the Hollywood mountains along with some helicopters rolling by and then a nice shot on Cotton Weary driving in his car in a traffic jam talking on his cell phone and later receiving a call from the killers voice as well as good shots on him trying to drive through the jam along with shots on the vehicle going through the traffic in which it looks like an accident will happen.
There's a nice shot closing in ona woman in a shower which looked creepy that this killer was going to enter and kill her.

There's also nice haunting moments with nightmare sequences of Sidney's dead mother which seems very different compared to any other of the Scream flicks and quite dark and spooky like as well as her having nightmares on the ghost faced killer tracking her at her home too which offers some frights too.
Of course we get into the Universal Studios side of stuff with people already making another sequel since another murder by this ghostfaced killer had occurred as well as making up a story on some of these real life characters being killed off but yet they're still surviving. Alot of fact based novels or other movies who make fact based shows based after their oiriginal story often do this so they can make money. There's a ton of dark comedy used in the studios with primadonna's and obnoxious producers and directors trying to get stuff done and are losing their cool which seemed interesting to watch too.

There's of course murders at the studio as well as the killer hiding behind some of the ghost face costumes which looks clever for a hideout and of course one of the actresses hides there after receiving a threatening call which shows very little intelligence too.
There's a good moment with Gale Weathers entering the studios and John Milton acting obnoxious towards her being there as well as Jennifer Joley spotting her and trying to talk to her as well as a good bitchy conversation between the two of them along with a good argumentive discussion between Gale and Deputy Dewey which all came together nicely and very dysfuntional looking with issues on a set.
When a phone rings you do wonder if it's the killer since this time he uses a new device making the calls sound like that exact same person which keeps you in suspense.
There's many cameos in the film which made this one look quite exciting see who you can pick out including characters from Jay and Silent Bob in which I found that just a little too corny.
A good shot on Sidney sleeping on the couch as well as a nice spooky night shot on her mother appearing ghostly from a field slowly entering up to a window and tapping on it with good ghostly expression and then Sidney waking up and looking at her emotionally. Then a nice fast shot on the ghostfaced killer crashing through the window. This scene was very worthy.
Also this caller plays a little game with Sidney and others surrounding her in which I bet this is what inspired the filmmakers to do Saw since this was a game about surviving as well as rescuing her friends too. Plus it shows a videotape of someone who was murdered in the previous sequel talking about what started the madness of the murders like you see in any trilogy as to why this killer will do what he does in a third round.
It's also interesting seeing this killer fax some scripts on what's going to happen to them in which looks also cleverly written in the film as well as the killer trying to attack Sidney in a studio house which can lead to deadly areas too.
A good moment with supporting Sarah Darling talking on a speaker phone and griping about her role which looked quite impressive as one of those primadonna's complaining and then the killers voice threatening her in which the moments looked slightly cheesy with her freaking out but a good shot on her trying to get away and hide in a dressing room full of ghost face costumes along with a nice dark shot on the ghost faced killer stepping out on one of the costumes with a nice close up shot on him pulling out his blade.
A good intense moment with Jennifer getting intense smoking a cigarette while talking to both Gale and Dewey which looked highly energised.
A great scene with Jennifer punching Dewey and then Gale punching her in which the situations surrounding this scene looked energised and slapstick like.
Good moment with Roman Bridger acting drunk and tearing up pages with Jennifer acting paranoid about stuff which seems impressive.
There's great dark shots and moments with Jennifer, Roman, Gale and Dewey taking pages from a fax machine on a script titling what's going to happen next in which everyone does well by getting scared on what to do to survive. There's also a good moment with Roman entering another room to pick up a fax turning on his lighter with a perfect outside shot on the house exploding which looked spectacular.
A good moment with Detective Mark Kincaid entering a kitchen area with a ghost faced killer stabbing him which has a bit of a jumping moment which looked strongly done as well as him fighting with this killer which also looked fairly good as well as some good tense camera shots on this.
There's also a good moment with Sidney talking on the phone as her job doing the crisis line and a nice close up shot on where the call is coming from and a nice close up shot on her close to tears with her getting upset in which the call sounds like it's her mother.
Nice argumentive discussions with all of them sticking together so they will survive. There's good shots on them going down some stairs and figuring stuff out. Then a nice conversation between them and Bianca smoking a cigarette when they encounter her in which this was smoothly done.
There's lots of great action with Sidney, Gale, Dewey and Jennifer starting to accuse John of what's going on in his office about the deaths which looked strongly done.
A great moment with Sidney entering the studio with a nice shot on a swimming pool and then the killer talking to her on her cell manipulating her to throw the gun away and to scan herself with good close up shots on her doing this.
Also a great moment with Sidney shooting the ghost faced killer with him falling down and then untying both Gale and Dewey with a good camera shot looking down on Gale herself spotting the killer gone as well as a good approach by Detective Mark Kincaid and telling her to put the gun down in a good fashion that he's trying to act innocent but making you wonder if you should trust him or not.
Great suspenseful moments with Sidney and the killer running through the studio house and trying to trick him with great camera shots looking up down and sideways during the chasing moments on all of this. There's also great fighting scene's with Sidney during these scene's too which looked terrific. When this killer reveals himself which is a new twist like the previous films in which this time almost reminds me of similar chemistry used in Halloween.
During the very ending a door was almost open for a sequel in which you will see what I mean since the ending does involve a door blowing open.
Bottom line is this film is a little more funny than scary which turned me off a bit but yet it is still good since it explains in the end as to why these people have been stalking Sidney. I can't wait to see part 4 coming in 2011 as apparently Sidney gets killed off.

The acting is quite good still. David Arquette (Deputy Dewey) still brings on a good charm to his role and knew on how to act anxious with all that's happening. He still brings the odd humor in it too. Plus was not bad by being aggressive.
Neve Campbell
(Sidney) really brought on some great emotions with her role like she always does in the film as well as getting aggressive perfectly. She knew her craft by acting physical and tough too. Hats off to her as always.
Courtney Cox
(Gale Weathers) still knew on how to act bitchy as well as getting straight to the point with things. She was another tough cookie in the film showing more of her physical side to her too. Her energy was highly adrenalised.
Parker Posey
(Jennifer Jolie) really brought on a great hyperactive attitude as someone portraying an actress whom is a little messed up and not easy to work with in which she does this all incredibly well. Her work was in great taste with a ton of energy and aggressions too. I always liked her portraying these types since I saw her in Dazed & Confused.
Patrick Dempsey (Detective Mark Kincaid) was a perfect obnoxious one in the flick in which you feel like hating as he does this all well with his manipulative attidue as well as doing great by being demanding to top it all off. A typical bullying detective.
Scott Foley
(Roman Bridger) knew how to portray a drunken producer and someone you don't want to mess with either. He put alot of negativivty into his role which is a good thing since he was meant to be this way. He was definetely a fine character actor.
Deon Richmond
(Tyson Fox) had a great slick attitude as one of the members at the studio and really showed a nice energetic and outgoing performance in his role. I knew him off the spot while watching this show since he played Kenny in The Cosby Show "BUUUUUD!!!!"
It's great to see Lance Henriksen (John Milton) returning in some bigger budget films again as an obnoxious filmmaker businessman. He brings out alot of great characterisitcs with this role making his part very believeable with how he treats everyone around him which isn't a pretty site if something goes wrong as well as him being the perfect key role as a possible suspect too.
Emily Mortimer
(Angelina Tyler) brought some silly humor with her character as someone who's an obseesed fan of the people who encountered the killings and just being annoying with them. She also does great by acting paranoid too. Her performance was high strung. It worked though in which she seems to know how to be like this.
Now for the cameos:
Jenny McCarthy
(Sarah Darling) really knew on how to act like a primadonna and complain about her part in which she showed a great negative attitude to her character bringing it to full life. I found her to be one of the best cameo actresses in the flick. Well her role was a bit bigger than a cameo since she was credited as a special appearance but you know what I mean.
Of course I loved Carrie Fisher (Bianca) in her role discussing some of the cases as she brings out alot of nice characteristics in her voice while talking about these situations as well as in jokes on Star Wars. Her cameo was a definete classic and still knows how to do a good job with her acting skills.

There's many different blood stabbing scene's throughout the killing of this movie with lots of violent bloodsheds
A throat is slit
Of course a bullet in the head

He's back again composing alot of heavy metal clanging and drum thumps, chanting sounds as well as the same classical horn and violin playing which still works very powerfully all done by none but other than

Jennifer: Where, Nancy Drew wants to know where.

Sidney: Hello?
Phone Voice: Hello?
Sidney: Um, Who's calling?
Phone Voice: Um, Who's calling?
Sidney: Look Dewey, Gail, whoever, I'll have to call you back because I only hear myself.
Phone Voice: I only hear you too, Sid.

Sarah Darling: Has there been another goddamn re-write? How the fuck are we supposed to learn our lines when there's a new script every 15 minutes?
Phone Voice: as Roman: It's not just a new script, it's a new movie.
Sarah Darling: What movie?
Phone Voice: My movie. And it's called: "Sarah gets skewered like a fucking pig!"
Phone Voice: Still in character... Sarah?

Tom: Hey. It's the real Gale Weathers.
Gale: Real from top to bottom.

Sidney: What do you know about trilogies?
Mark: All I know is that in the third one, all bets are off.

Gale Weathers: Hey, are you...?
Bianca Burnette: No.
Jennifer Jolie: But you look just...
Bianca Burnette: her? I've been hearing it all my life.
Jennifer Jolie: It's uncanny.
Bianca Burnette: I was up for Princess Leia. I was this close. So, who gets it? The one who sleeps with George Lucas.
Gale Weathers: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring up a sore subject for you.
Bianca Burnette: Sure, you didn't. None of them did. So, how can I help you? Or do you want me to tell you who you look like?