Scream 4 (2011)

Produced & Directed by: Wes Craven

Written by: Kevin Williamson


Neve Campbell .... Sidney Prescott
David Arquette .... Dewey Riley
Courtney Cox .... Gale Weathers-Riley
Emma Roberts .... Jill Roberts
Marley Shelton .... Deputy Judy Hicks
Hayden Panettiere .... Kirby Reed
Rory Culkin .... Charlie Walker
Erik Knudsen .... Robbie Mercer
Nico Tortorella .... Trevor Sheldon
Mary McDonnell .... Kate Roberts
Marielle Jaffe .... Olivia Morris
Heather Graham .... Casey
Anthony Anderson .... Deputy Perkins
Adam Brody .... Detective Hoss

Release Date: Theatrical: April 15, 2011

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It's been ten years since the last slayings of the Ghostface killer and many Stab movies have been put out ever since those awful incidents.
Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) returns to her hometown in Woodsboro to discuss her new novel as well as visiting her cousin Jill (Emma Roberts) and Aunt Kate (Mary McDonnell) whom she never met before.
But suddenly a new killer wearing the Ghostface mask
is doing away people in the same fashion that started off the murders in the beginning and is putting Sidney's family in danger once more in which Dewey Riley (David Arquette) who is now the chief of police bringing his deputies on a watch by their house but this killer is very slick with every move.


The film seems to leave off in a corny fashion with two girls named Sharrie and Trudie discussing horror movies and what to watch. They include talking about whether or not to watch Saw IV and how awful it was which was well put in and those films seem to be very popular so this seemed to be very necessary to mention this movie and finally one of them asks a trivia question on who played the original Leatherface since that character was what really started the slasher craze and was just as popular like the rest of them and couldn't figure out why it was never mentioned in the first three.
Then there's the prank call as well as the doorbell ringing in which one of them goes outside to see who it is showing that some people make the stupidest errors when they're at home alone and it's dark with no one around to witness anything as well as discussing some of today's technologies like facebook and a facebook stalker threatening them as this was very creative. The jumping moments definetely happen when the Ghostface killer crashes in to kill these two girls but then we get a tease that this is a trailer for the next Stab sequel.
It becomes even more intelligent with two girls watching and one of them stabs the other to death making you wonder why she is doing this and then we all get it that it's a teaser trailer for the upcoming sequel as this was well written in.
Then we get another brain teaser wondering if the next scenario is real or not as two girls discuss remakes which seems to be very common with films these days especially horror one's. Then later on when the murder takes place it seems very stale on how the story follows all of this. It just seems that it's been overly done too much and Kevin Williamson is running out of creepy ideas when it came to this moment.
Then we see different technology with a dorky teen named Robbie Mercer and his sidekick Charlie Walker using a webcam to shoot their own documentary since we see more modern technology and the humor on this falls flat a bit while we watch on what they do by annoying some of the girls going to school.
Afterwards there's Sidney Prescott returning to her home town which is definetely a pleaser to the fans of her character since she is the reason behind the madness on the killers. A good touch here folks.
Also the character Dewey Riley showing that he is now the chief of the police instead of a deputy which seems to show a bit of a change to his personality and being more serious than ever but there's some decent wit here when his female deputy named Judy Hicks offers him her homemade lemon squares trying to play it cool coming on to him and he is now married to the tough news reporter Gale Weathers.
Things looked impressive when Dewey gets really serious after being called in about a homicide with the Ghostface killer back again which seemed necessary to have this in thinking after 10 years things were silent but then the murders are starting once more.
The movie was fun to watch while students at their highschool discuss horror remakes and how overrated they are as well as discussing Stab being a remake as well soon. I totally agree to this one as maybe Hollywood will smarten up and try to create more ideas on original films. The writing for all of this had a great touch to all of this.
Then there's a slumber party with two girls named Jill Roberts and Kirby Reed watching Shaun of the Dead in a bedroom as this was also a nice touch discussing horror comedies. Also the killer calling their phone and trying to find out where the killer is like he says where he is which he says is in a closet with one of them slowly walking to the closet about to open the door in which this for sure leaves a chill down your spine wondering if he will jump out and attack.
Then Sidney tries to fight down the killer which was a pleaser that she's getting tough this time which was well done and in good taste. You definetely if she will be able to have him on the ground while the police rushes to the room but like any killer they quickly get away vanishing. Boy killers in horror films are faster than we think they are.
The story becomes very serious which is a nice change as Sydney talks to her relative Jill and sympathises towards her which is a nice touch to all of this as well as telling her that she almost looks like her which leaves an impression that she can be in just as much danger.
The humor picks up again but it's still a bit dry as there's two dipstick deputies watching over the house from the killer which seems to be a traditional moment for any slasher film that offers some tongue in cheek too. There's even a moment with one of them looking like he's dead sitting in the drivers seat with the other a little frightened to what he sees. Yet this seems a little too obvious that he's faking this. However this was a good cue scene for good ole Ghostface to jump in and do his evil deeds.
Then there's a moment when Sydney and her Aunt Kate hearing sounds from outside which is a wind chime since that can be a good start to be frightened since things are dark outside and any sound can trigger off these characters making it watchable to be firghtened yourself. Then when they try to panick to try and rescue someone while they open a door it was a great touch to have the wind chimes in front of the door to know the killer is aware what has scared them and plans to trap them.
Then there's a party at a barn where a film festival of the Stab movies are all playing which really looked so exciting that you wanted to be a part of the fun that it looked well done. However this seems to be a good spot for the killer to come in as Gale installs cameras to watch in her vehicle on what's going on.
There's a good touching moment with Gale going into a hospital telling Dewey to get that killer in which this seemed to be well written in and another traditional moment for someone to really mean business by capturing someone who is doing these nasty deeds to put an end to them once and for all.
Later on we spot a moment with Charlie taped to a chair in at a patio while Kirby is in the house while talking to the killer on the phone in which this looked clever since the killer plays a deadly game with her on a remake by what happened in the beginning that started all of this madness. It was really cool when she is asked all the horror remakes that were made and she goes into a frenzy listing them all which some that weren't even mainstream were mentioned too as well as asking what weapon a killer from the movie they use. This was even cooler and well written too.
When the main killer is revealed it's a surprise so at least Williamson did that right and this wasn't overly done either as well as afterwards ending the evil deeds by injuring themselves so the police will still think it's someone else in which the mandess and insanity was really there which looked impressivley done imagining any painful ways to do something to yourself.
There's a good near ending scene with Sidney telling the killer about alot to learn with remakes and never fucking with the original in which this was perfectly done too. Maybe filmmakers in Hollywood will watch this and learn that remakes are done to death. Then maybe they will find ideas again.
Bottom line is it's interesting that this sequel is caught up when there's many horror remakes now and this seems to be the killers plan to do a remake on killing people the way the original killings were. I thought that was sweet but however there's not many twists here and that this looks nothing new at all. I do hope that they make another sequel though to keep the Scream legacy alive. Better next time I'm sure.

The acting is still in okay shape in which Neve Campbell (Sidney Prescott) seems to still have what it takes to portray this character in which she shows a good sympathetic attitude as well as being strong willed about stuff. She also does a great job as usual when she needs to act tough showing every energetic move on her behalf. Does well struggling against a roof trying to escape from someone else. Does well struggling against a roof trying to escape from the killer. It's nice to see her in action again with this one even if the story was nowhere near as good as the first three.
David Arquette (Dewey Riley) brings on more of a seriousness to his role really knowing his stuff now as the head officer of his team and comes across nicely with his aggressions when needed to be or getting into the heavy action when something serious happens. He does a good job getting serious and worrysome while going to a location on a murder case in which this looked very believeable. A nice aggressive shouting with him by shooting his gun in which this looked very hyped up. He also does well acting nearly emotional towards his fellow actress. A nice soft spoken moment with him towards his fellow actress in a hospital room as he reacts very natural speaking towards her. Seems to do well acting a little excited running out of a hospital hallway after somebody talks to him on a situation just really getting into the mode that something is wrong. He really came across as heroic with everything he did in his performance.
Courtney Cox (Gale Weathers-Riley) also brings on a good strong performance reprising with the rest so far mentioned. She really knew on how to act tough and forceful with what she had to do in order to find anything out on the murder cases. She comes across naturally like the rest here for all of what's going on. Plus she was great being blunt and aggressive like sbhe always has. A great frusterated reaction with her while trying to type away on her new novel which looked well performed. She shows good timing with her humoress attitude too. Does a good job getting demanding and forceful towards someone else when she tries to stop her from entering an office room. She does a good job acting weak in pain after being stabbed.
Emma Roberts (Jill Roberts) seemed to do well by being soft spoken and having a real softness to her personality as well as having a fun outgoing attitude too. She really had the right looks too as one of those people who seem too innocent. She also knew how to change that big time by acting vulgar and outrageous bringing out a ton of energy with her anger. In a scene she does deadly deeds to herself in which she reacts to all of this believeably painful as well as nice powerful blocking on her while she does this.
Marley Shelton (Deputy Judy Hicks) really brought on a good flirtatious type of attitude adding some light humor to her role in the film as well as someone who comes on too strongly. She was certainly a character actress and shows it off to the screen quite well along with showing al ton of energy too in her performance.
Hayden Panettiere (Kirby Reed) shows off a ton of spunk and an outgoing type of attitude in her role and really got into her character being in a horror film. She looked stunning in her role too as she was everything you'd picture as one of those popular types. She does a good job acting distracted while driving in her vehicle during a certain scene of the story. Does well freaking out and panicking on the cell phone for an answer. She's got the appeal to become a scream queen in other films.
Rory Culkin (Charlie Walker) definetely had that geeky type of appeal to his role as someone who is quite a flakey type and made this all look realistic. He wasn't the greatest actor I must say as he seened to have many limitations but can seem to do the trick with this role.
Erik Knudsen (Robbie Mercer) certainly brought some pizzaz into his role as someone who comes across annoying and very in your face along with a good hyperactive attitude. In other words a typical goofball. He did this in good taste and style too. I found that he will be well remembered for his part in this film. He seems to do a good job acting drunk wobbling around outside at night. A good pleading reaction on him when he is about to be killed in which he shows alot of good hyped up energy.
Nico Tortorella (Trevor Sheldon) definetely came across as a suspect with the killings in his mysterious type of behavior as well as really acting forceful along with his energetic aggressions too. He really studied this part as you can really tell by how he performed in the film without a doubt.
Mary McDonnell (Kate Roberts) brings a nice warmness to her role and shows alot of goodness into her part. She certainly studied this role and had the perfect motherly looks too. She certainly had a nice key supporting role to her character and making you hope she won't become a victim since she was good natured. Does a good job reacting in pain after being stabbed in the back and acting weak.

Throats are slashed blood pouring out
Many gruesome stabbings
Intestines are revealed from a dead body with a violent bloodshed around the walls and floor of a room
A deputy is stabbed in the head
Bloody gunshots

Same music as usual sounding very powerful with the heavy trombone playing and the deep thumping on the drums for alot of the terror that's happening with the attacks especially making you jump when this happens. Plus there's alot of good violin composing too for alot of this all put together by Marco Beltrami.

The Voice: I hear you like horror movies.
Patty: It's for you.

The Voice: Time for your last question: name the remake of the groundbreaking...
Kirby Reed: [quickly, terrified] Halloween, Texas Chainsaw, Dawn of the Dead, The Hills Have Eyes, Amityville Horror, Black Christmas, House of Wax, Prom Night, My Bloody Valentine! It's one of those, right?
The Voice: None of the above!

Sydney: Jill you've got alot to learn about remakes... Never fuck with the original.