Scream (2022)


Directed by:  Matt Bettinelli-Olpin & Tyler Gillett

Written by: James Vanderbilt & Guy Busick


Melissa Barrera .... Sam Carpenter
Jack Quaid .... Richie Kirsch
Jenna Ortega .... Tara Carpenter
Jasmin Savoy Brown .... Mindy Meeks-Martin 
Mason Gooding .... Chad Meeks-Martin 
David Arquette .... Dewey Riley 
 .... Gale Weathers  
Neve Campbell .... Sydney Prescott
Dylan Minnette .... Wes Hicks

Special Appearances:

Marley Shelton .... Deputy Judy Hicks
Skeet Ulrich .... Billy Loomis
Kyle Gallner .... Vince Schneider

Release Dates: Theatrical: January 14, 2022




A new group of teens are being harrassed through their phone with the Ghostface killer doing them away and the survivors try to track down the past survivors to figure out on what to do with the madness going on before they are next.


The beginning with an innocent young teen whom is Tara Carpenter is texting her friend and her landline is constantly calling revealing that it's a private caller as this for sure seemed chilling wondering if it's the ghostface killer or not as well as keeping at the edge of your seat when she finally answers in which this moment teases you thinking that it's not the killer after all or is it?
The story slides later on which we have a bunch of teens discussing situations and horror movies in which we saw this in the first flick but it was done in a much better fashion.
However in a bar there's a bit of decent intensity with one of the teens Chad Meeks-Martin nearly getting into a brawl with a redneck Vince Schneider as I watched carefully wondering as if something will actually happen during their dispute. Of course we get an impression that someone will be killed by Ghostface afterwards since this usually happens in a slasher flick.
Then the story slides again when Sam talks to her sister Tara in a hospital with an emotional discussion which needed alot of inspiration as I wasn't convinced that this was a touching moment at all.
Sam is also haunted by her dead father as this was something new but it doesn't save the film to being a very good flick at all. This just looked a little too hokey watching the outcome of all of these brief moments.
Deputy Judy Hicks is driving in her car and Ghostface calls her and gets distracted in which there's the odd jumping moments wondering if she will get into an accident and trying to race back to save her son with the threat this maniac makes on her as I wondered if she will make it in time or not. Nothing too special while finding out on what happens here.
Yet we see the original people from the first four flicks coming into the scene especially a moment with Sydney getting a call from Dewey letting her know that the killings are happening again asking if she's prepared which her answer to this was a classic moment indeed.
Dewey meets up with Gale while the police are inspecting the murders at a home in which their conversations flowed and looked very well emotional as this I had to admit looked well done.
Mindy explains to everyone as to what is going to happen to any of them like they're in a movie and what to watch out for as this was another interesting scene to watch all the way through.
One of my favourite moments is when Tara is in a wheelchair trying to get away from the killer which was carefully done along with Dewey trying to save the day catching this killer by surprise but a sad moment occurs later on which works in well but I won't give that moment away.
Then a memorial for a school friend occurs as people were partying out with some slick moments towards other people as this drew me in wondering if they could be the killer. These moments were strongly drive into the story and well done. I mean none of these people were grieving. Plus Chad wanders in the backwoods of the house which looked genuinely creepy and leaving a hint that the killer is watching him.
The intensity piles up when the killers are revealed with Sydney and Gale trying to save the day as alot of these moments looked perfectly powerful to watch all of the outcomes but the scene's were a little too long to watch all of this happening. Yet one of the best moment in this dull sequel.

The acting is still fairly good in which we have a different lead actress this time whom is Melissa Barrera (Sam Carpenter) as she seemed to have alot of energy and enthusiasm into her part and does well with her intense aggressions or her emotional behavior in which she focused well by doing all of this.
Jack Quaid (Richie Kirsch) certainly drew himself in well as a kid next door type of role in which he adds alot of spunk and enthusiasm into what he did as well as offering a nice charm to his presence. Also comes across nicely as someone whom seems to be too trustworthy as well bringing a mysterious attitude to his appeal.
Jenna Ortega (Tara Carpenter) focused on her role very well as someone whom is softspoken as well as getting scafred which she does this nicely. Also does a nice job when she acts upset about stuff. Shows good energy when the terrors strike.
Jasmin Savoy Brown (Mindy Meeks-Martin) was another fine actress that offered alot of spunk into her part as well as coming across as perfectly outgoing too. She really brought it out explaining what the killers plan to do with each of the people she talks to bringing it out big time. Had the right looks an appeal to what she did too.
David Arquette (Dewey Riley) still has it in which he drew a good serious and blunt attitude by everything he did throughout his performance and really brought a good thrusting action when trying to save the day which was a plus to his performance.
(Gale Weathers) still had it in nicely when she gets to the point of things as well as acting short or aggressive. Does nicely with her emotional behavior along with going to a full thrust while trying to track down the killers.
Neve Campbell (Sydney Prescott) doesn't have as much of a big role in this one like she did in the rest of them but she still had the perfect tough as nails attitude along with rolling in with the punches whenever she had to behave this way. Speaks her lines perfectly and proved that she got it in her to do this role.

Lots of violent bloodsheds  
Dead bodies revealed in a pool of blood
Bloody stabbings  
Knife is cut though people's necks

Brian Tyler does the score for this piece in which he does a fine job with the deep violin music for the dark and creepy moments as well as banging sounds for when the killer strikes as he seems to be on target for this. Plus has some nice sad music when a devastating moment happens. There's times though that his composing is too overrated as we hear this in other movies and didn't really impress me but most of it is good.