The Seamstress (2009)

Directed & Edited by: Jesse James Miller

Written by:
Mark Garbett, Bob Hume & David Andrew Lloyd


Kailin See .... Allie Platt
David Kopp .... Jason
James Kirk .... Albert
Lara Gilchrist .... Dina
Sarah Mutch .... Lizzie
Richard Stroh .... Paul
Lance Henriksen .... Sheriff Virgil Logan

Release Date:
Direct-to-DVD: October 6, 2009

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Allie Platt (Kailin See) goes on a hunt with her friends to an island for her missing father only to be stranded there but her friends seem to party while searching for him and are warned by a local there named Ryan Caull (Aaron Pearl) making them unwelcome but they ignore his warning.
Allie is tormented by her nightmares and sees hallucinations on a ghost of her father but she gets a little help from both Jason (David Kopp) and Albert (James Kirk) on where to search for these unsolved mysteries that she's been getting in her dreams.
Yet, one by one these friends are being tortured by a woman named the Seamstress (Andee Frizzell) whom was tortured to death herself when she was alive by a vigilante mob on the island si she does the same bidding to anyone who trespasses there by her needle as she sews them up and kills them in different ways.


The title of the movie seemed like that this would be a good one to watch and by judging the beginning taking place in the woods with someone planning to sew a person's eyes while he's buried in the ground did bring some psychological horror elements to it like you'd picture in Saw, Hostel or even Texas Chainsaw Massacre in which this was a perfect start for a horror film.
A nice beginning in the deep dark woods with supporting character Donny Plachtt buried up to his head with him pleading towards other supporting character Collier Gatier with shots on his hands ready to sew his eyes which all of this looked intense and well done for a horror piece.
Then of course there's the moments with suspects that the lead character Allie Platt accuses like an old timer Virgil Logan who's a crazed type of sheriff which adds to the nice touch of this horror film but yet this seems too obvious that he's the killer in the film but yet you see him torturing another man in the flick which again offers some good psychological horror feel to the story and making the moments yet even more mysterious as to why the hell this is all happening.
There's a great powerful moment with Allie Platt getting aggressive towards Virgil with him speaking in a low deep creepy voice along with good camera shots on one another while this happens.
Then there's the teens heading out to the island for what you might think is for fun and I was thinking to myself "Weren't they on a search for their freinds father? This is supposed to be serious and having them worried" I didn't think that this scene fit in at all.
There's a good shot with Allie along with her friends planning out a map to go to an island along with good upsetting emotions on her about what has happened to her father and really wanting to get to the bottom of things in which this moment was quite strongly done with everyone.
But yet there's a local on the island telling them that they're not welcome there in which adds alot of mysterious moments and a good start that something will definetely happen if they do stay there. That moment was well written even if certain aspects on it was slightly cheesy.
Some good shots with Virgil speaking coldly towards Collier with him looking battered up as well as strong moments on him being tortured which looked psychologically well done.
Good energetic moments with the teens enjoying themselves at the island with a nice approach by a local approaching them telling everyone they're not welcome in which this was done in a ghostly type of fashion on how he was telling them this.
The story sometimes went a bit too long with not enough action but some intense moments that involved Virgil acting insecure about stuff but there was a great nightmare sequence as well as ghostly moments on her dead father which made the movie seem quite spooky.
A good moment with Allie looking in a tent and revealing a ghoul with her freaking out as well as good energetic shots on her running out as well as a good haunting approach by Donny calling out which looked suspensefully shot too.
A great intense moment on her standing out of her tent screaming and freaking out with everyone trying to calm her down which looked incredibly energised.
Good moments between her and Albert getting intense with one another running through the woods which looked highly energised too.
There's a great shot on Paul tied to a tree looking bloodied along with everyone else freaking out which looked good as well as a nice camera shot looking down on him and finding the results on what happened to him.
A great shot on Dina with her head down screaming and crying hysterically by what had happened in which this was in perfect taste.
Then there's the ghost of the seamstress witch killing each one off by sewing them up or barbwiring them in which this almost seemed to be influenced by something out of the Blair Witch Project as to what could've happened to those students making that found footage flick which saved this film for being other than just above average in which there's neat effects and dark scenery to all of this along with some good whispering sounds too.
There's great dark shots near the forestry area with Allie and the rest being terrorised by
the seamstress with good dark shots on her which looked creepy as well as great shots on both her and Albert running away in the woods with a good background shot on the seamstress chasing after them as these moments looked impressive and fast paced.
Bottom line is this film was a very good effort in a local Canadian horror flick and a good buddget for an indie flick too. It's not Americanised like some Canadian films are to have the viewers interested in it showing pride in their country with mainly a cast of locals too. A nice ghost story even if it doesn't seem like one in the beginning.

The acting is pretty good but not many stand out too well. Let me give this a shot though and see what I can conjure up here.
ailin See (Allie Platt) as the lead actress in the film seemed to grab attention with her anxious behavior along with her aggressions too. She brought out alot of terrific energy in her role of the film as well as knowing how to freak out and scream well. She can easily portray a great character with this role as well as her uptight emotions too. Plus could get work in other horror films regardless since this one seems to be a perfect start to being a scream queen.
David Kopp
(Jason) seemed to come across nicely as a clean cut type with a nice outgoing type of behavior and really came across with his lines quite well with all he had to do. He brought out some fair characteristics in his role as the lead male actor for sure.
James Kirk
(Albert) certainly brought on a nice insecure behavior to his part and was terrific by acting very anxious by all that's happening. He certainly brought a perfect type of attitude as the key member in the film.
Lance Henriksen
(Sheriff Virgil Logan) had the perfect supporting role in the film as the crazed sheriff in the flick with his low gruff speaking and serious attitude in which he mainly played these types in numerous other films over the years. He's just so damn good at it. He came across as very intimidating and a worthy horror character actor too. Also does well by raising his voice too which looked powerful.

Richard Stroh's butt is briefly revealed while barb wired to a tree

A guy's face is about to be sewn up while he's buried in the ground
A person is bloodied and being tortured
A person is bloodily barbwired to a tree with his eyed sewed up
More faced are mangled and sewed up

The music was neatly done in which we hear many deep keyboard composing which some of it had good thumping sounds like you hear in those old school horror flicks from the late 80's early 90's which I got a kick out of. There's also some hissing sound effects along with some great metal banging sounds too during the terror and suspense used in the plot. This was all neatly done by Jeffrey Alan Jones.