Seed (2007)

Produced, Written & Directed by: Uwe Boll


Michael Pare .... Detective Matt Bishop
Will Sanderson .... Max Seed
Ralf Moeller ....
Warden Arnold Calgrove
Jodelle Ferland .... Emily Bishop

Release Dates: Weekend of Fear Festival: April 27, 2007 (Germany); London FrightFest Film Festival: August 26, 2007; Carinthian Fright Nights Horror-Film Festival: October 30, 2007; Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival: October 31, 2007

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A mass murderer named Max Seed (Will Sanderson) is caught by the police even if it was a tough struggle in order to do so since some lives were taken due to this and is having a death sentence in which a family man named Detective Matt Bishop (MIchael Pare) is responsible for discovering his evil deeds.
While he gets his sentence in an electric chair with lots of shocks he doesn't seem to die but Warden Arnold Calgrove (Ralf Moeller) and everyone else pronounces him dead and buries him alive but he digs his way out of his grave as well as killing the executioner in the electric chair. He then swims away from the island of the prison he stayed at and goes on a killing spree in the nearby land which means a threat to Matt and his family as well as the others around him.


I found this to be a very screwed up horror film in which it shows some beginnings of this maniac torturing and killing animals on a snuff tape in which I found this to be incredibly disturbing and unnecessary as well as going into a bunch of rushed scene's too with the police having discussions to track down this killer Seed as there's some good jumping moments with the police being killed by him with many great dark moments here and there but yet the story doesn't pick up too much after that.
Some good shots on a bunch of officers looking at snuff films along with good close up shots on the the others too being disturbed by all of this.
There's many great fast action camera shots on the officers hunting down this killer in his house with some good shots on Max Seed appearing and doing away some of these people which looked energetic
There's a good shot on Warden Arnold Calgrove walking past a jail cell with an inmate peeking his head out of his cell screaming aggressions towards him which looked energetically paced.
Of course there's some warden's taunting Seed in his cell which you know right away that this is a bad idea since he kills them showing that he is a powerful killer like you see with other horror villains like Michael Myers or Leatherface. But then there's the death sentence which almost reminds me of a darker gloomier version of Shocker. Just watching all of it makes you cringe on how the police in the US do death sentences and this person not dying no matter how hard they try.
But there's some good settings with Seed escaping the prison on an island and then going into the water to swim to the other end which seemed to look quite gloomy and a necessary setting for a film like this one.
Then later on there's some good jumps with one of the employees at the prison looking at the side of his bed and then gets caught by surprise which is every child's nightmare thinking that something creepy is under their bed at night. Well if they saw this scene I bet they'd never want to sleep in a bed again ever.
A nice dark shot on Max walking outside and starting to swim in the ocean.
A good shot on a supporting character Flynn getting ready for bed shutting off the lights and then sitting on the bed along with a good camera shot and blocking movement by him looking at the side of his bed with suddenly Seed appearing from beneath and attacking him which is a perfect jumping moment which saves the film from bombing.
There's also a peaceful moment with a family watching TV and you get the impression that this will be disturbed soon by Seed when he seeks revenge on the family man who was responsible for getting him arrested in the first place.
There's a good moment with someone getting harsh towards Detective Matt Bishop on their discussion with Seed which looked powerfully done.
Good close up shots between Matt and Emily Bishop about their problems that they're having which looked quite mysterious and darkly put together which seemed pretty well done.
For anyone who is getting used to a horror flick but can't handle some disturbing moments like being mentioned as of now you definetely don't want to see this moment with Seed hitting a woman tied up in a kitchen in the head with an object in which he does it lightly eventually hitting her harder and harder. Then going at it big time... Yeah you get the picture here. This was a psychological horror scene to the extreme.
A good shot on a kidnapped woman tied to a chair sobbing along with nice blocking motions on Seed circling her as well as using an object hitting her lightly on her head as well as really getting into it striking her harder and harder in which this looked very intensely well done.
Then close to the end of the film we see Matt trying to save his wife and daughter in which he talks to Seed at a TV screen which seems to borrow heavily from the Saw movies. This moment was a complete ripoff big time. Yet a great moment with him watching a TV screen trying to desperately communicate with Seed on the other end as well as a good camera shot on this maniac on the other end circling around Matt's wife and their daughter sobbing in which this looked piece quite tense and hard to watch.
Bottom line is there's some good performances and directing in the film which saves the story from bombing in which this movie was totally pointless and worthless. It seems like the makers were trying to invent a new powerful killer going to the more extreme than what you'd see in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th, Halloween or even a Nightmare On Elm Street. It's a complete failure regardless on what it's trying to be. The ending is a total bomb I must say but leaving a door open for a sequel in which I'm not holding my breath on. All in all this film is for fans who like sick snuff type of films. A good one to avoid otherwise.

The acting is quite good in which lead actor Michael Pare (Detective Matt Bishop) really brought some tense energy to his role along with his nice scared emotions. He brings all of this well to the screen and making himself believeably troubled with every performance he did throughout the story. A great intense moment on him after discovering a slaughter in his bathroom and panicking by running down the atairs and out the door which looked energetically paced.
Will Sanderson
(Max Seed) had no speaking lines in his role and always had some sort of a sack over his head but yet he came across as extremely powerful, deadly and masculine. He sure drew to the audience with his deadly deeds and really knowing his stuff for his role. Does well suddenly reacting to the jolts sitting in the electric chair which was impressive as he reacted well to the intensity. He can portray a great horror character like you see in other intense horror films. Without a doubt he can get a good fanbase due to what he did in this terrible flick in which he gave this one a bonus from saving it to bombing.
Ralf Moeller
Warden Arnold Calgrove) had the perfect hard faced looks for his character as well as bringing a great seriousness too. He shows a nice no bullshit type of behavior along with trying to hide his insecurities too and showing a terrific strictness to his role as well.

There's many gruesome quick shots on animals being slayed on a snuff tape along with fast shots on bugs eating corpses alive
Lots of heads being slayed and bloodied
An eye is stabbed along with a head being bloodily bashed in a jail cell
A nose is bitten off
A head officer is stabbed through the heart with a sharp metal object
A woman's head is slowly being beaten to a pulp and then blood spraying around with this maniac doing more brutal bashings to the head
A bloodied corpse is revealed in a bathtub
A man shoots himself in the head lying in a pool of blood

The music I must say was incredibly effective with the hissing noises as well as the major banging sounds too as well as some touching piano playing for the peaceful moments too. Alot of the other sounds effects sounded quite powerful too which was all composed by Jessica de Rooij