10 Questions With Sergio Molina by Dale Pierce

Son of Spanish filmmaker Paul Naschy, Sergio has carved himself with a couple of co-starring roles in a few foreign horror flicks most notably 'Howl of the Devil' as the role of Adrianas we get the nitty gritty detail on his experience in this 1987 flick that may interest US viewers to watch and check this flick out.
He's been to horror conventions due to his work in this film as well as working behind-the-scene's in other shows around his area as a production assistant and unit manager.
He even produced a documentary on actors who worked in the horror industry namely one of them called 'The Man Who Saw Frankenstein Cry'



1. Some may not recognize the connection due to the Molina name, but you are the son of the celebrated horror actor Paul Naschy. What are some of your memories of him?

This is a very hard question to answer because I have a lot of memories with my father. Like a father was great and kind and like a filmaker was amazing. All the time thought about new stories to shoot and with a great way of imagination. He was wharm and very friendly with all his fans and of course very passionate with all related with cinema. Talking about something concrete I remember when I worked in one of his last movies "Blood Red", I as head of production and this was amazing for me. I worked with Paul Naschy!

2. You starred alongside him in 'Howl of the Devil' long ago. What are your memories from  this film?

This was a great experience for someone that had 12th years old. I remember all the people involved in the shooting, great people like Caroline Munro (amazing woman and actress), Howard Vernon (wharm man) or Fernando Hilbeck. I remember when my father was writing the script and told me "Sergio, do you want have a role in the movie?" and of course I said YES. Was a very difficult shooting with a lot of problems from the beginning and my father had to bear all the difficulties with professionalism and passion that characterized him. But at the end was a great experience for me.

3. For anyone who has not seen this, describe the plot for this movie.

Uff I have a very limited english for do that but you can see the www.naschy.com website where you can find all the information about the movie ;-)

4. Many fans seem to like your part, yet you did not continue for long as an actor. Why?

Well, first of all, I think that it´s very important to have talent to be an actor and sincerely this is not my case. I´d rather be behind camera, it´s more fascinating.

5 Yet you are still involved with film from other business areas?

Yes, I worked as production manager in Spain and actually i work as head of operations in a production company in Madrid. I still work in media bussiness.

6 You have an older brother who did not go into acting at all?

My brother Bruno did some documentaries about the history of Spain my father did for Japan (Palacio Real de Madrid, Museo del Prado y El monasterio del Escorial) but in his case that was just one adventure.

7 What is the horror film industry like now in Spain: Right now we have a great filmakers in Spain, JA Bayona, Paco Plaza, Jaume Collet-Serra or José Luis Alemán who are making very good movies "REC", "The Orphanage", "Crono crímenes", "Valdemar Legacy".

Fortunately we are in good health with the horror industry. The problem it´s the "Crisis"

8 One probelm may be many from the past, both directors and actros have died. Aside from your father, Ossorio, Renado Sancho, Iguino, Romy....all gone....

Of course but for me those directors and actors was amazing who did a great job in a very dark ages. We use to call "fantaterror" all the movies that whole generation did in that time and all that movies had magic atmosphere that will not come back.

9 This is a short interbiew to meet with your schedule. Do you have any stories about you or your father you might like to tell?

Just let know all the fans that he only asked me one thing before die, "Sergio, do not let my legacy dies" and for this work I need to involve all his fans...  

10. Closing comments? Thank you very much and sorry so much for my english!

Kind regards!

Sergio Molina