Seventh Moon (2008)

Directed by: Eduardo Sánchez

Written by:
Jamie Nash & Eduardo Sánchez


Tim Chiou .... Yul
Amy Smart .... Melissa
Dennis Chan .... Ping

Release Date: Austin Fantastic Fest: September 20, 2008; Sitges International Festival of Fantastic and Horror Cinema: October 11, 2008; Imagine Film Festival: April 18, 2009; MOTELx Lisbon International Horror Film Festival: September 4, 2009; Leeds International Film Festival: November 13, 2009

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A newlywed couple named Yul (Tim Chiou) and Melissa (Amy Smart) are Americans and spending their honeymoon in China where they come across the exotic 'Hungry Ghost' festival and finding out that there is a deadly legend on these ghosts coming out at night during the seventh moon.
Suddenly night falls and they end up in a remote village in which they find out that the legend is real and are terrorised by ghouls and try to find a way to keep safe until daylight hours.


The film seemed to be off to a good start with a married couple having a good time and then entering an almost dark and deserted area which has a Blair Witch type of feel to it leaving it very impressive. But yet it falls flat as the story just seems to have these two lead character's speeding in their car as well as running away from ghouls which doesn't seem to have too much of a solid plot.
There's a good moment with both Yul and Melissa driving along and trying to explore an area where there's slaughtered animals and creepy events which leaves a good chill down your spine as to how they both react and trying to run back to their vehicle and their panicking reactions too.
There's a good camera shot on the back seat of the car with them arguing and then suddenly a figure leaps past them with a good shot on their car swerving in a ditch which is a nice jumping moment.
A good shot on Yul trying to push the car out of the ditch with him really struggling to do so which looked fairly energetic.
Of course alot of these ghouls almost resembled the one's in The Descent in which I think this flick was supposed to be a US version of that type. But of course they tried to add different touches to all of what is going on too.
A great moment on the three of them banging on a door of a wooded shack screaming and panicking when they try to escape from the ghouls which was another nicely energetic take.
There are alot of twisted moments with a character acting like a victim being rescued by the two lead character's but then turning on them by attacking them. Then later on this character is a mellow type helping the woman out on saving her husband which really doesn't make sense at all.
There's many interesting quick camera takes on Ping trying to attack both of Yul and Melissa with some objects as well as the two of them trying to defend themselves which looked quite brutal even if the camera takes were blurry alot of the times. Of course I mentioned the camera takes on everything was poorly done.
There's a good scene with Yul and Melissa entering a mansion full of candles and people and then the two of them caressing one another.
Nice close up shots on the two of them tied up back to back in a marsh and then great close up shots on their faces with ghoulish hands feeling their head and faces and them showing great frightened emotions on all of this.
Many good camera takes on Melissa walking through a cave in water with her cell phone light trying to search her husband along with good takes on ghouls standing lifelessy around her with her getting a bit scared and Ping reassuring her she's safe which seemed peaceful like. There's a good shot on her looking at Yul sobbing thinking he's dead with a nice movement on him trying to talk to her.
There's great quick shots on her running away in the cave with ghouls chasing after her with full energy on her running away along with good shots on her running out of the tunnel and looking around in the daylight.
There is an impressive ending in the film which seemed to look quite impressive and leaving a door open for a sequel too like most horror films do even if it's a good ending for the last survivor.
Bottom line is the makers tried their best to make this ghoulish type flick original but it falls flat completely in which the story is very pointless and not making much sense as to why this is all happening other than a moon arising with evil things coming out at night and terrorising an innocent married couple near a deserted area of China. Personally I think there's better types of flicks than this one but it is saved from bombing with an energetic performance.

The acting is a small cast but it looks quite solid even if alot is going on so I will do my best to conjure up to see what I can do to review all of this.
Tim Chiou
(Yul) seemed to have shown alot of good anxiety of all that is surrounding him and always up for a challenge with his character as the husband Yul in the film and never letting his part down no matter what. There's a nice shocked reaction of him when he spots a ghostly type figure. Even if he was asian he showed a good American like personality regardless.
Amy Smart
(Melissa) brought out alot of good aggressions to her role in the flick as well as her frightening attitude too. She also was very fit you could tell with all the terror surrounding her and her running away proves it as well as her lung power too. She also did a good job by getting emotional along with her crying too.
Dennis Chan
(Ping) does well as a victim to these ghouls really acting lifeless at first and then behaving freaky with his violent attiude. He also does a great job by acting mellow when he tries to help these two out in which he seemed to come across as a different person alltogether.

There's some slaughtered animals
Ghouls hands cover two heads squeezing and blood pours out

Composers Tony Cora and Kent Sprang offers some good jungle beat drum thumpings through many moments of the film with these ghouls chasing after the lead characters which showed alot of great timing plus there's alot of windy ghostly sounds too. Also around the closing credits we hear some nice peaceful soothing keyboard music.