Shadow People (2008)

Directed & Edited by: Keith Parker

Written by: Keith Parker & Laura Parker


Suzanna Hartzell-Baird .... Laura
Justin Klemann .... Matt
Michelle Shea Walker .... Angie
Justin Kelly .... John
Shayne Merritt .... Paul
Steve Christopher .... Mikey
Mark Austin .... Clarence Martel
Keith Parker .... Burton

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: August 19, 2008



A greedy billionaire Clarence Martel (Mark Austin) wants immortality so he goes to the aid of a person who seriously owes him money to do so whom is a gambler Mikey (Steve Christopher) to do a night job to cover his debt from him by staying in an old abandoned house with his brother Paul (Shayne Merritt) in which they do a ritual there known as the "Drawing of Shadows" and accidentally releases some demons which comes out of the shadows when it's pitched black. These demons slaughter Mikey.
Later on a group of young partying adults are forced off the road by a storm and stay at the house to seek shelter and are warned by Paul about the terrors happening at the house in which the game starts for all of them.
If they want to survive, they must play a terrifying game of cat and mouse with the house's murderous inhabitants.


There's an interesting aggressive discussion with Clarence Martel acting nasty towards both Paul and Mikey for owing him money which almost seems like a cheesy moment on a mafia situation.
Some boring shots on both Paul and Mikey by creating a pentagram and trying to plan out some paranormal activity.
There's some good dark shots on the two of them wandering around the house giving it a Blair Witch type of direction on them trying to find out strange activivites.
A good shot on Mikey in a dark hallway looking around along with a nice fast shot on the Shadow People quickly running by which seemed fairly spooky.
There's some boring discussions with people entering the house laughing or trying to have a good time which sort of drags with the situations and you think to yourself when will we get to something interesting to watch.
There is a good presence by Paul appearing forcefully towards them and getting emotional and anxious towards everybody on what happened in the house they're all staying in and then a good shot on Matt attacking him and pounding on him which looked a bit cheesy but at the time time intense too.
There's some tacky camera shots with Matt tied up pleading to be set free with shots zooming back and fourth towards him and one of the other characters as if someone is in the room filming this which there wasn't. It was sloppy.
Some neat looking shots on the Shadow People approaching from the dark and leaping out to attack.
A great moment with Matt holding a flashlight type object staring at John while there's brutal shots on him being slaughtered by the Shadow People as well as a good close up shot screaming out and being upset.
There's a good shot on Clarence watching all of what's going on with the monitor on his laptop and suddenly losing control of himself.
Good moment with Matt trying to talk to both Laura
and Angie with them losing control and screaming as well as crying intensely by what's going on.
There's great close up shots on Matt being brutally bashed by the Shadow People which almost makes it hard to watch at times.
Bottom line is that this film was barely made on a budget at all with a cheap camcorder camera but the story seemed to have a fair feel to it which saved it for becoming average going to show no matter how bad the quality looks you can get away with certain things. Sometimes it almost looks like you're watching a Blair Witch type of flick making a cheap camera necessary to use for elements like that which seemed alot of fun to watch wondering if ghostly events will happen and comes across creepily once they do. However, there's many scene's that you can tell is an actor wearing black to look like a shadow attacking and slaughtering their victims.
Some of the performances are a bit stale which doesn't seem natural in which they were supposed to have been. But there was at times some good intensity when the terrors start to happen which seemed quite impressive too.
The outside of the house however you could tell was computer animated which looked like these makers were doing a 48 hour film festival contest.
This is an average and stale film but has some fun touches in certain parts of the story mainly when it involves a haunting and it's a very imaginative tale to anyone who was scared of the dark and wondering what will happen when the lights are off and in this case something terrifying does happen with this story. It would scare a little kid for sure.

The acting is a little bit average and a little bit below. Lead actress Suzanna Hartzell-Baird (Laura) really brought out her outgoing attitude as well as her intense emotions when the terrors start to happen. She wasn't a brilliant actress but showed alot of dynamic energy to the set nonetheless. She can be a worthy horror character actress in this one.
Justin Klemann
(Matt) seemed to be on the ball as well with his upsetting emotions as well as really springing to life with his aggressive attitude and violent behavior too. He comes across well as the lead male actor in the film and was the best in the cast.
However I have never seen someone so low on energy like Justin Kelly (John) who seems like he was on drugs or just woke up from a sleep reading his lines and not getting into chracter at all. I mean who the hell picked this dude? I felt like puking his performance was so bad. It makes you wonder if he was a firend of the people making this film.
Shayne Merritt
(Paul) seems to do not too bad as one of the key supporting roles with his upsetting emotions and anxious attitude after encountering a horrorible haunting death in the flick. Sometimes he was a little too much or at times a little lacking here and there.
Great intense reactions with him begging them not to turn out the light in a certain part of the story.
Steve Christopher
(Mikey) was another attention grabber for the film with his worrysome attitude and really knew how to react very loudly after experiencing a haunting that's attacking him in which he seemed fairly natural with all that he had to work on for this flick.
A nice screaming reaction on him crying out to his friend in pain.
Mark Austin
(Clarence Martel) had the right mean looks to play some sort of a mobster type of maniac and comes across with his mean behavior but sometimes he seems a little too over the top when he gets into an intense rage and looks a bit amateurish with doing this.
He was a little over the top by losin control and acting insane. But however he tried the best he could do and the more he practises with his performances I truly believe that he will get better at it.

An eye ball pops out onto the floor
A body is split in half
A head is ripped off
Some blood splashing on a wall at certain times

There's the odd thumping and banging sounds along with some hissing and groaning effects. Plus there's some metal sounds too. This was put together by Kelly Scott Key.

We have an interesting songtrack during the closing credits called "Born to Destroy" by a group called Latex Novelties which the singing sounds very hyped up with alot of energetic keyboard and guitar music.