Shadow World: The Haunting of Mysti Delane (2015)

Directed by: Daniel Falicki

Written by:
Warren Croyle
& Jeffrey Palmer


Peri Jill Phillips .... Mysti Delane
Liz Nolan .... Arcilla Delane

Release Date:
Direct-to-DVD: July 14, 2015




Mysti Delane (Peri Jill Phillips) is estranged to the outside world and became distant to her family except for her Aunt Arcilla (Liz Nolan) in which this troubled girl was involved with the occult and evil spirits have been invading her home and is tormented by her nightmares and objects after she is awake having seisures or something taking over her mind as well.
Arcilla uses old witchcraft to try and find answers only to make things worst for the two of them by this demon taunting and torturing them both.


We spot a close up shot on Mysti Delane doing some sort of an upside down spider stand which seemed to remind me of an incident from the Exorcist in the deleted scene's as this took too long to watch and didn't look effective like it was supposed to have been and looked amateurish as you think to yourself when is it going to get to the point while watching her feeling troubled while doing this.
A good setting with Mysti walking in the woods near a graveyard as well as a strange encounter with a gravedigger when he speaks we see his face transform into something demonic which looked a bit phony and not as scary as you'd think it would've been along with a distant shot on him about to whack her with a shovel and she turns and no one is there. Yet this was supposed to look spooky to watch vbut the timing just wasn't there for that sadly.
Things look nicely mysterious when she drinks a beverage that she made which is a nice drawing card to what will happen to her but yet this seems to take a long time while watching her fall into a sleep and seems like a bore to watch this.

Then we have a nice effective dream sequence with the colourised effects with her looking angelic in the woods and a deer involved with things like that which looked quite artsy while we watch all of this and then things turn dark with creepy moments as well as a brief close up shot on some sort of a zombie as this I must admit looked well done and adding lots of good weirdness to everything.
A perfect moment with her waking up and seeing creepy symbols and writing on the wall as this draws you in that something paranormal is happening which is a nice mysterious moment that we spot here.
Some interesting strong moments with her Aunt Arcilla coming over and giving her a hard time about what she's doing to herself as well as spotting unpaid bills and stuff like that which shows a good situation on her wrecked life. Also good moments when she is talking to Mysti later on being calm and she is quiet and suddenly breaks out screaming which makes you jump big time and showing great psychotic moments within this.
Another neat dream sequence with the same stuff and then a good camera shot zooming into a dark figure as this unravels more as to what is happening to her plus some good intense moments when she is waking up and hacking as well as drooling like she's having a seisure as this looked well done.
A good shot on a demonic shadowy figure zooming by and Arcilla screaming at it to leave them alone as this draws more to your mysterious curiousity that demonic forces are involved with what Mysti is doing.
Good shots on stick objects surrounded around Mysti with her looking at them as well as her waking up from a rocking chair and spotting a creepy object sitting there with her and she gets upset as this was nicely added into the story.
Nice calm moments on Arcilla lighting candles and doing a ceremony with Mysti lying there to try and get some answers as well as a good camera shot looking up on Arcilla and suddenly her face becomes demonic which is a nice shocking and effective moment.
Then the best parts happen with Arcilla lying on a bed panting as if her mind left her soul as well as Mysti trying to find some way to bring her back and being upset along with perfect intense moments like a door slowly opening with light mist coming out which worked in well and suddenly breaking open as this was a good jumping situation as well as her dream sequences involving Arcilla with the demon figure she spots in the woods beforehand revealing more dark secrets along with more surprising situations while we keep watching this which had some nice special effects for a low budget indie flick such as this one which won me to earn this rating to be just above average.
Bottom line is thyat this film was a bit slow to understand but it improves and seem to borrow alot of elements from the Blair Witch Project which is what I liked about the film. I still find it confusing but some nice computerised fantasy type of effects for a low budget paranormal flick such as this one.

The acting is quite good but a very small cast as there's only two main roles here and will see what I can say about them..... Peri Jill Phillips (Mysti Delane) seriously got her stuff patted down big time in which she does well acting troubled or reacting to stuff. Plus was great being in a trance or showing nice blocking acting angellic during her dream sequences. Was powerful with her fearful attitude and expressions while in the wooded area near a graveyard. Does well acting silent and then suddenly screaming out which she really scares you by doing all of this. Is very powerful while waking up from a nightmare and drooling acting as if she's in a seisure in which she got into it very realisticly by behaving like this. Shows a perfect scared and emotional attitude during the upsetting moments and being fully alert within all of this which also looked powerful on her behalf.
Liz Nolan (Arcilla Delane) does well as the aunt calling to her niece as well as doing well by scolding her and acting like a nag which shows true aggressions on her behalf. Also does well trying to act reasonable and getting into a conversation which shows off nicely too. Does well conforting her as well as screaming out to a special force to leave her alone adding a nice mysterious flavor to her characteristics. Does a great energetic job acting mellow while trying to call up some spirits as well as changing that mode tensing up her personality as well as showing stiff expressions on her face. Plus does a splendid job with her wide eyed expressionless face on bed and panting as if she's really possessed and her soul has been taken over. A superb character actress.

Tom Ashton's composing for the beginning sounded fairly stale and for the first little bit too but he does give the story a good strong feeling later on in which he has alot of good chiming sounds especially for the dream sequences as well as the closing credits too. Plus has alot of strong whooshing sounds along with the heavy winds along with some humming and scraping noises too as well as the odd ghostly sound effects too for the creepy moments on the paranormal happenings. He proves himself to be a worthy one with his music so he deserves a good pat on the back with his efforts used in this one.