Sharknado (2013)

Directed by:

Written by: Thunder Levin


.... Fin Shepard
Tara Reid .... April Wexler
Cassie Scerbo .... Nova Clarke
Jaason Simmons .... Baz Hogan
Chuck Hittinger .... Matt
Aubrey Peeples .... Claudia
John Heard .... George

Release Dates: Made-for-Cable: July 11, 2013; Limited Theatrical: August 2, 2013 (Madrid, Spain); Limited Theatrical: September 19, 2003 (Belgium / Netherlands); Athens Film Festival: October 31, 2013; Razor Reel Fantastic Film Festival Bruges: October 31, 2013









A freak hurricane occurs in an ocean populated by killer sharks in which they get caught up and then due to global warming the hurricane invades the large city of Los Angeles with sharks being dropped on land and causing terrible floods with these deadly fish feasting on locals.


The beginning looked like this was gonna be a lame flick when we spot computerised looking sharks swimming near a boat in the storm but yet packed some good action and suspense later on when two criminals are fighting as well as spotting a hurricane as well as sharks spinning in it and landing on the boat and munching away on these two which looked terrorising and fast paced too.
We also spot tourists and others having a great time near a beach with nice shots on the pier and a carnival at the Santa Monica Blvd area along with some humor happening between some local customers at the bar like George acting flirtatious and so fourth.
Plus some good shots on some characters getting ready to go surfing as we get that feeling the hurricane is about to come up with fun cheesy computerised effects on it as well as the sharks flying out of the tornado.
Also some real effective and terrifying situations with people trying to escape to land and spotting these sharks attacking along with funny cheesy computerised shots on the different sharks swimming in the water. Nice horror violence with the victims on land as well as sharks dropping onto the sand from the hurricane and attacking which looked enjoyable to watch as well.
More dazzling moments with the ocean crashing into the pier and sharks falling through the bar and attacking some of the people there as well as a neat and exciting shot on a ferris wheel breaking loose and circling away on the pier with people running away and trying to dodge this device as this was a real watcher for sure.
Perfect pressuring moments when some of the survivors such as Fin Shepard, Nova Clarke, Baz Hogan and George are trying to get away in the vehicle and dodging away from the water and sharks crashing down as this keeps you in suspense wondering if they'll get into an accident. Also things look suspenseful when they're stuck in L.A. traffic and trying to find a way to get away as well as others fleeing from their vehicle and one of them has their dog trapped in the vehicle while sharks are falling down which keeps you watching and wondering if someone will save their pet.
Things look mighty upsetting when we spot one of our heroic character's suddenly having sharks dropped on him as we hope he'd mange to get away but not too much success.
Perfect situations when Fin is trying to go to his ex-wife April Wexler and get his family out before it's too late with her acting stubborn about it all. Plus there's a good moment with the boyfriend of his daughter being pigheaded and you suspect that he will get what's coming to him due to his actions right that moment which also looked exciting. Also great suspenseful moments with the home being flooded and sharks swarming around the watery neighborhood which you don't see in everyday life. Nice touches for sure.
Perfect action when they speed away from the cops for driving too fast and using a power button to go full speed to lose them which shows nice camera shots zooming on the vehicle.
Funny shots looking down on the city and we spot sharks squirming on top of the heliport buildings which offers nice timing into the plot.
A good touching situation with Nova talking to Matt about the scars that she had and what had happened which was powerfully put into the story and well focused by what went on. The moment certainly looked serious and dramatically done.
The moments become incredibly exciting when the two of them go up on a helicopter to plan and drop a bomb in the tornado's as this was awesome to watch as well as the swarming of the sharks and them trying to shoot some of them while they're trying to attack. Things look tragic while we spot on what happens while one of them tries to fire away. This scene seemed to borrow a bit from Twister with the horror on the sharks combined.
Another perfect horror moment is when Fin brings out a chainsaw to do away with sharks landing from the tornado slicing and dicing them away to save his family and other survivors nearby. A funny and cheesy effects with a shark falling by and gulping him up as well as when we keep watching this fish lying on the ground as well as the survivors staring in devastation wondering if this person is still alive inside. Kinda seemed to borrow a bit from a Tremors flick. This for sure looked exciting to watch and a relief seeing on what happened to our lead hero.
Bottom line is that this film looked suspenseful but sometimes more funny than scary since we don't spot this in our everyday horror flick with sharks being caught up in a tornado and then falling on land in the local town of Los Angeles then attacking anything on land. I had to laugh quite a bit spotting this and the computerised effects due to it's low budget. It's a fun entertaining flick so bad it's good. For anyone whom enjoys movies like Jaws, Piranha 2 and even Twister then this one's for you.

The acting is well performed in which we have (Fin Shepard) really strutting out his stuff as the lead hero in the film showing off some good energy as well as doing well with his serious attitude when stressing situations without losing it. He was good in his blocking when he used a chainsaw really getting into the mode big time. Plus does well having a good deep discussion in another part of the film. Yes he pulled off a decent character role while we continue to watch him.
Tara Reid (April Wexler) does a nice job with her sharp speaking and closed minded behavior just getting short with her discussions in which she made her role a believeable stubborn type set in her ways. Has a nice sharp look and appeal to her as well. Was very well alerted into what she does. Seemed to show alot of good energy into whatever she does in her perfomance and enjoyed her work.
Cassie Scerbo (Nova Clarke) knew her stuff as she was a mean mutha while firing her rifle towards the sharks and getting into this a great deal showing some good tough expressions. Does well with her discussions and bringing it to life. Plus does a good job by showing a good emotional attitude when she talks about her past life which she brings out a nice dramatic behavior and acting still while doing this.
Jaason Simmons
(Baz Hogan) offered a nice charm to his role as an Aussie dude with the clean cut guy next door looks and appeal too. He offered a nice charm and wit to his role in the film. Shows a good uplifting type of attitude within whatever he does here. Just brought it all out especially his excitement and action when the terror starts to strike.
Chuck Hittinger (Matt) wasn't one of the better actors as he was often rusty by what he did but seemed to show a good hyperactive type of dorky behavior. However he seemed to get into character when he hears a serious and sad moment and concentrates on this pretty well. Also shows some good action when driving a helicopter and getting the real feel out of this entirely.
Aubrey Peeples (Claudia) did her part as someone whom is sour and disturbed showing that off incredibly as well as having expressionless actions too. Does a fine job acting upset about stuff as well as confronting her feelings making this look quite believeable. I found her supporting role fairly effective.
John Heard
(George) was the best throughout the whole cast in his brief supporting role. It was a shame he was killed off pretty quick since he was a natural ham as the local drunk at the bar with a good hearted personality. Does a nice job acting flirtatious or springing into action to act heroic. He made his part perfeactly likeable and I wished he had more screen time but again he has done bigger productions than this so my guess was that he only wanted a role like this to keep working in big time productions.

A leg is chewed off.
Body pieces and chewed up bodies are revealed on shore.
An arm is bitten off.
Lots of parts being bitten off.
Sharks being sliced and diced with a chainsaw.
Lots of blood splattering.

Of course we hear the typical stormy drum thumping sounds and adventureous music for the sharks attacking in the water as we've heard this in many of today's films before so this doesn't sound anything special at all. Yet we hear laser and sharp type of deadly effects combining in this from tiem to time which sounded really effective. We hear the odd guitar riffs which sounds pretty powerful especially in the fast suspense scene's. Also there's some really effective low humming sounds which seems to suit the story of the storms and hurricane's occuring. Lots of booming sounds for the jumping moments sounding strong as usual in a horror flick. Also we hear alot of fair classical violin and trombone playing but yet we've heard it before in other films so nothing special there.

George: [upon being overcome by a wave of sharks] OW!

Robbie the Bus Driver: My mom always told me Hollywood would kill me! [just before Hollywood sign crushes him]

Convenience Store Clerk: Apocalypse my ass! This isn't the end of the world! Gods, they're not angry with us, the aliens aren't coming down! It's the government! With a big capital "G"! They're behind EVERYTHING! They know what we buy, they know what we eat, were we go to the bathroom. They know what kind of CHEESE I like... Pepper jack.
[whispers] Convenience Store Clerk: They control it all! And the weather too! I gotta hand it to em though, SHARKS? I never saw THAT coming.
Fin: Yeah.

Nova: They took my grandfather. That's why I really hate sharks.
Matt: Now I really hate sharks, too.

April: What's wrong?
Fin: Your son wants to go into a helicopter and drop a bomb into the tornado.
April: No, it's too dangerous.
Nova: I'll watch his back. I'll be the bombardier.
April: Then definitely not.

Nova: [having just been rescued after falling out of a helicopter and being swallowed whole by a shark in midair] I really hate sharks.