Sharknado 2: The Second One (2014)

Directed by:

Written by: Thunder Levin


.... Fin Shepard
Tara Reid .... April Wexler
Viveca A. Fox .... Skye
Mark McGrath .... Martin Brody
Kari Wuhrer .... Ellen Brody
Courtney Baxter .... Mora Brody
.... Vaughn Brody
Judd Hirsch .... Ben
.... Bryan

Special Appearances:

Robert Hays .... Captain Bob Wilson
Billy Ray Cyrus .... Doctor Quint
Sandra 'Pepa' Denton .... Polly
Andy Dick .... Officer Doyle
D.C. Douglas .... Bud
Tiffany Shepis .... Chrissie
Kelly Osbourne .... Flight Attendant
Benjy Bronk .... Homeless Guy

Release Dates: Made-for-Cable: June 30, 2014; Limited Theatrical: July 31, 2014 (Belgium / Netherlands)









The freak hurricane carries on to the Big Apple as the world news and weather forecast knows about it as a sharknado and warns locals.
These killer sharks are at it again munching away in the big city but however both Fin and April (Tara Reid) are there to save the day once again but however there's other deadly events happening with the city being torn apart which makes things more complicated.


We spot a cheesy start with people flying on a plane through a thunderstorm and some kids spot something on the plane engine which is a shark as it looked like a cheesy computerised effect yet was pretty funny while briefly spotting this moment happen. Also alot of corny and cheesily suspenseful moments with sharks crashing into the plane and eating the passengers with fast action shots on this which looked hilarious to watch them come from the storm charging as I laughed my ass off seeing all of this happening. Plus we spot some sides of the plane tearing open which is a terrifying thought on being sucked out to anyyone who's scared of flying but the effects looked cheesy and on a low production value. Still a creepy thought as this almost reminded me of a tribute to the first Final Destination flick. Things look totally adventureous with the reprising character Fin Shepard saving the day by crash landing the plane at the NY airport as this looked totally exciting to watch.
Alot of corny one liners with the tourists discussing their first experience in NYC complaining about the weather changes and situations like that. Plus there's some great serious moments on Fin warning everyone on the sharknado and telling the city to be prepared as this was strongly put in.
Also we spot real hilarious moments with news reports discussing sharknado's occuring with thhe tornado effects on the weather map revealing sharks swarming around as this was another hilarious and comedic moment in the film offering hilarious timing as if news reports would discuss this in real life.
More hilarious moments with two TV critics discussing a book on How to Survive a Sharknado as things look good and entertaining and offering more dark comedy into this horror story.
Also we spot some neat suspenseful moments with a storm taking place at a baseball game with someone swinging a bat at a shark flying towards him and it hits the scoreboard as well as people trying to flee away from the sharks falling down and funny moment on them gulping up the locals while flying down from the sky.
There's also a neat moment with some of the tourists taking a ferry back and the storm occurs and a big shark leaps out and lands on someone's face which is a nice near surprising moment but you gotta laugh as well while seeing this since this is out of the ordinary.  
A new terrorising moment is when we spot workers ina sewage system a flood happens and we spot alligators attacking these workers since it's common in places especially in NY having alligators residing there. Makes you wonder if these reptiles will be included in the next sequel.
Perfect moment with Finn meeting up an old school friend Skye which looked good and heartwarming as well as this situation drawing you in looking very uplifting by what they were talking about.
Perfect suspenseful moments with everyone on a subway and a flood racing into the railways and a shark crashing into the subway and feasting onn the passengers as the effects looked neat to watch all of this happening and more laughing moments here. Also a good suspenseful moment with Fin being pitted against a shark in the train as you watch carefully wondering if he will survive this incident. Also later on we spot him grabbing a baby shark clinging on to him and throwing it away as it totally looked like a toy as you could tell by watching this moment happen.
Perfect situation on the streets filled with water and a hammerhead shark swarming around them while everyone tries to use a cable to trying and get from one top of a roof on a vehicle to the next as Finn tells a supporting character Ben on what to do as this scene gives away that the shark willleap out and get him by how this moment was all put together.
During the storm outside we spot a head on the statue of liberty falling off and rolling aalong a road in the storm with others fleeing and trying to get away as the effects looked cheesy but fun to watch with lots of powerful action moments on all of this.
Great moments with the mayor giving Finn a chainsaw to prepare battle as well as him standing on a vehicle and tallking to the city on their mission to beat the sharknado as well as a cheesy shot on a big shark charging at him and he cuts it in half as there's a screw up later on with no blood on him or the chainsaw while we spot. A bloody moment when he saws this great white. Plus during the battling moments we spot April Wexler using an electric handsaw at the flying sharks which also looked impressive to watch.
Cheesy shots on Finn like in the original being caught in the sharknado losing his chainsaw and then finding it with slick motion shots on him going through a sharks boody and sawing through it since this moment was famous in the first flick but this shark was on land. This moment looked catchy and enjoyable in this sequel.
A perfect well focused moment with Finn proposing to April during the storm as this was perfectly put into the plot.
Hilarious situations with the sharks landing into the TV studios as well as the news stations and them stepping on them etc but you could tell that the sharks are a compuuterised effects while seeing all of this.
Bottom line is thagt this one was just as funny and enjoyable as the first one and begs you for more since a 3rd one is in the works. The film definetely has a cult following. The flick is way more fuunny than scary too like in the first flick. Worth checking out.

The acting like in the first one stands out well as our reprising actor Ian Ziering (Fin Sheppard) never let's us down as he still shows a good gruff attitude and offering a perfect seriousness into everything that he did here. He was strong within all that he did here and got into every mode powerfully too. Also does well with his speech talking to the people in the city as he truly stands out by being heroic. Shows great intense energy while doing his battling against the sharks just getting intto the mode a great deal. Also does well acting good and romantic while proposing to his fellow actress drawing it all in.
Tara Reid (April Wexler) however seemed a bit phony at first during the beginning of her performance when she screams out in pain after being bitten by a sharkk as she doesn't seem to be natural at all. Yet gets into her role a bit better when she shows her upsetting emotions and serious attitude and was sharp by doing other stuff in the film. Offers decent energy while preparing for battle. Also shows a believeable happy moment while being proposed to.
Vivica A. Fox (Skye) added alot of great enthusiasm and bubbly charm into her role especially while reuniting with someone and acting totally life like to all of this. She goes alot of great energy into everything that she did. Stood out incredibly well and did a clear job ffor whatever she had to do while speaking to her fellow actors not letting an ounce of energy down.
Kari Wuhrer (Ellen Brody) was very sharp within her characteristics in which she offers someone whom is believeably decent and intelligent with what is all happening. She does well trying to talk sense into one of her fellow actors as well as focusing nicely in her other conversations. Had the right looks and appeal into her work which was another plus.
Judd Hirsch (Ben) was another character whom was well remembered as an outgoing cab driver offering some decent humor into his role. He was well alerted into what was happening and offered some great enthusiasm into all of this. Seemed to really get into his role a great deal and studied it well. Certainly made his part quite likeable.
Judah Friedlander (Bryan) had the most effective supporting role oout of everyone even if it wasn't a huge one since he was a natural ham by what he did. Does a nice job by acting convincingly goofy especially while getting into a ball game adding alot of great spirit. He also brings a nice hype while acting upset or frusterated. Plus offering some great pride while about to do some battling too.

Heads are bitten off
Hand is bitten off
Face is chewed up
Bodies are crushed
Sharks are cut up
A pieece of an arm is revealed
Legs are chomped
Bodies are eaten

Alot of great orchestral music playing in the film but however it sometimes sounds too TV movie like in other words not as powerful like you'd see in a big time motion picture and low budget like. Yet some of it shines off nicely and alot of adventureous drum beats for the sharknado moments ass it sounds effective. We hear the odd piano playing too which doesn't sound too badly done. This was put together by both Chris Cano and Chris Ridenhour.