Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! (2015)


Directed by: Anthony C. Ferrante

Written by: Thunder Levin


Ian Ziering ... Fin Shepard
.... April Shepard
.... Nova Clarke
.... Lucas Stevens
.... Claudia Shepard
.... May Wexler
.... Gilbert Grayson Shepard
Blair Fowler .... Jess
Jack Griffo .... Billy
Melvin Gregg .... Chad

Special Appearances:

Mark Cuban .... President Marcus Robbins
Michael Winslow .... Brian 'Jonesy' Jones
Ne-Yo .... Agent Devoreaux
Chris Jericho .... Bruce the Ride Attendant
Mark McGrath .... Martin Brody
Christopher Judge .... Lead Agent Vodel
Grant Imahara .... Lodge
Lorenzo Lamas .... Sergeant Rock
Kim Richards .... Babs Jensen
Benjy Bronk .... Preacher
Bill Engvall .... Gary Martin Hays
Jackie Collins ....Herself
.... Sergeant Roberta Warren
Robert Klein .... Mayor of New York
Tim Russ .... General Gottleib
.... Officer Davis
Jerry Springer .... Mr. White
Ray J .... Tom Major
Penn Jillette .... Lieutenant Colonel Stylo
Teller .... Major Caissier
Darcy DeMoss .... Airman #1
Chris Kirkpatrick .... Lifeguard
Chad Johnson .... Sergeant
Matt Lauer .... Himself
Kathie Lee Gifford .... Herself
Jared Fogle .... Himself
Lou Ferrigno .... Agent Banner

Release Dates: Made-for-Cable: July 22, 2015; Limited Theatrical: July 23, 2015 (Belgium) / (Netherlands)









The sharknado is once again hitting other parts of the States including Washington, DC and Orlando, Florida as Fin Shepard (Ian Ziering) has to struggle the battles once again with his sidekick Nova Clarke (Cassie Scerbo) and finds out where these sharks are coming from for these disasters to happen.


Things seem fast paced when we have our hero Fin Shepard at the white house for a ceremony as well as people getting his autograph along with getting an award shaped of a chainsaw which is a real attention grabber and nicely focused shots on all of this.
Also there's a nice effective moment with him staring at a storm coming up and talking to President Marcus Robbins on his bad feeling about it all as this draws in your attention a great deal having a feeling that the sharknado will start to conjur up.
Also things start to happen fast when we see the sharks falling from the sky and crashing into the white house which looked hilarious while watching this as well as outside like a shark landing on a lap of a statue especially as well as the white house and other buildings in Washington DC being devoured as all of this almost seemed to pay a tribute to Independence Day. The effects looked a bit cheesy but still entertaining. Plus we have some exciting and campy moments when Fin uses his chainsaw trophy to do away with the sharks there.
We have some nice scenes with the Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida with people like Claudia and her friend getting aquainted with two boys there as well as going on a rollercoaster as this gives you the impression on a suggestive dangerous moment that might unravel with the sharknado attacks.
Plus we spot some good shots on Fin driving with a strom breaking out as well as him almost being flown off the door of his vehicle and sharks swooping down as the excitement starts up once again and looked pretty good. Also you wonder if Fin will survive this. Also we have a nice close up shot on someone wearing a mask in a warrior suit blowing away some sharks and then this person reveals herself towards Fin as all of this looked powerfully done.
Also we have a really gruesome and painful situation when Lucas Stevens tries to set off a bobm to snuff some sharks while both Fin and Nova Clarke try to get away in an navy jet as this offered tons of horror violence which anyone with a strong stomach may not be able to handle but seemed to pay a homage to the character Kenny in an episode of South Park which showed some nice timing on this.
Good nearly emotional discussion with Nova in the plane with Fin on what happened to her sidekick as this looked fairly good and dramatic as well as later on with suspenseful moments on them dodging their plane near a sharknado attack as you wonder if they will land okay after what is happening here.
There's a real hilarious moment with a sharknado hitting a waterslide area and a shark comes down a waterslide and then swims around the pool with everyone screaming trying to get out and then a lifeguard trying to save everyone as well as still sticking around when all is clear as this proves that horror films aren't meant to make wise choices.
Also another hilarious moment with a shark landing at the rollercoaster ride zooming along the railings as well as this object going along with the rollercoaster as this also made me laugh hard along with the deadly moments that occur here. Plus a real riot when the rollercoaster flies off and the shark hits a building and Fin crashes somewhere near a stunt show happening while battling away with other sharks as you know it's impossible that he isn't injured after all of this.
We get a rather stale discussion between Fin and his father Gilbert at a diner on what to do with the incident as this could've been a little more inspirational while watching the two of them talk this one out.
Yet there's a moment when everyone is ready to go to the NASA space shuttle and the storm happens and April almost falls as well as Fin holding her which is a long drop since they're on the tower of the shuttle as this looked spooky to watch wondering if he will pull her up and not let go. The special effects once again looked mildly cheesy but still this is a creepy thought especially if you're scared of heights.
During when Fin and the rest fly into outer space there's some decent situations between him and Gilbert as this draws you in nicely along with more funny moments on sharks in outer space attacking the ship with cheesy special effects on this ship being torn to pieces along with some suggestive spoofs on Star Wars with Fin slaughtering sharks with a light saber chainsaw along with a really interesting moment on Fin charging after a shark going into it's mouth to try and rescue his wife but yet we spot the insides of this beast which we haven't seen in the previous sequels.
Bottom line is that the story is still funnier than scary which is in a good way but in the middle of the run it seems to wear out it's entertaining charm and being too over the top. But again when sequels carry on sometimes the story gets a little tiresome. You are guaranteed to laugh while watching this like in the previous two and we expect a part 4 happening as well for someone to write a contest for the next one to see the light of day which is interesting too.

The acting still seems to work in an okay fashion as our hero Ian Ziering (Fin Shepard) is still on the ball with his serious and concerned attitude in the beginning in which he brought this to life. Also shows off some good energy with his blocking while going into battle or showing a nice sympathetic attitude in other spots too. Yet his performance is nothing all too spectacular as we've seen it before but still he does the job pretty good.
(April Shepard) still looked good and stunning in her role as someone whom is bright and showing good alerted energy. She brings out alot into what she does along with showing some good anxious moments when the terror strikes her. She brings in all of this pretty well by everything that she did.
(Nova Clarke) was perfectly sharp in her performance and dead on with her battling in which she offers a good straight forward personality and jumping to the action big time. Also offers a nice brief emotional moment after losing someone and doing well by acting dramatic when this happens discussing the situation. She still has what it takes to pull of her role like she did in the previous flick.
(Lucas Stevens) made his personality very different than what I normally saw him in which is a good thing proving to be a good versatile character actor. I really liked on what he did here really acting alert with what he did and seemed to be on the ball big time as well as energetic with his speaking too. Plus knew on how to struggle in his situation near the end of his performance offering a nice intense attitude.
Former TV star (Gilbert Grayson Shepard) was always mediocre in his performances but he has come a long way since then offering a good charm to his persona as well as very strong and serious with his words. He for sure shows off a good likeable attitude. I found him to be the most effective one out of the whole cast even if he doesn't come into the story a quarter way through. He has aged big time too.

Plenty of bloody shark bites.
Man bitten in half.
Persons arms and legs are chewed off very graphic looking.
Head bitten off.
Bodies are eaten.
Leg bitten off.
Plenty of blood.

More of the same that we hear in this flick which is the suspenseful orchestral playing of the violins as well as the powerful drumming too when the suspense piles up on the tornados happening as well as later on in the story hearing some lovely harmonies sounding good and clear for the happy endings on the sharknados. The music sounded fine as always by the composers Chris Cano and Chris Ridenhour.