She Wolf Rising (2016)


Written & Directed by: Marc Leland


Tiffany Shepis .... Gina Skylar
.... Jake Bubar
.... Lonzo
.... Ryan

Special Appearances:

Debbie Rochon .... Portia
Joe Zaso .... Dream Demon
Tina Krause .... The Hitch Hiker

Release Dates: Direct-to-DVD: January, 2016



Gina Sklar (Tiffany Shepis), the reigning queen of horror, lures Jake Bubar (Timothy Mandala) into the decadent world of illusions and myths. Robert Lonzo (J. Edmund Fond) is Gina's mentor and producer in the world of horror cinema. Someone has stolen the footage from his latest movie and Gina needs Jake's help to recover it. It's Lonzo's best movie ever and Gina's breakout performance. Gina believes that this movie could catapult her out of the "B" world of films and into mainstream cinema. Jake struggles with his own demons internally but in the end cannot resist her. He only sees her vulnerability and beauty and will do anything to help. Jake's beliefs are challenged when he discovers Gina's true nature and realizes that the "the heart becomes savage." Together they forge ahead and deal with the demons and beasts that try to stop them from their forbidden desire.


The beginning looked entertaining to watch in which we spot a ghostly presence by the main scream queen character Gina Skyler as a werewolf then turning into a human form approaching towards a cabin near a wooded area which looked like something taking place in the 1800's or so before the opening credits.
Afterwards it becomes very confusing as we have her being bitchy while talking to her agent on the phone which made me somewhat figure out that the scene before the opening credits was a film she was noted in. But terror strikes her with someone attacking her in a shed but she strikes back.
Still it becomes more confusing as then there's the hunky guy next door type Jake Bubar talking to his dorky friend on his encounter with her showing that they're horror movie geeks and then the story starts to happen when he discusses what has happened with his encounter with her.
Different moments with Gina acting flirtatious towards him which didn't seem to impress me making me wonder as to what will become the outcome throughout all of this.
However there's a good setting between the two of them at a restaurant by her becoming charming towards him as the dicussions between the two of them looked drawn in and natural as well as good camera takes on this scene.
Yet there's a nice dark moment with the two of them in a warehouse discussing stuff as well as her telling him to tie her up and gag her which leaves off a hint that she will turn into a werewolf soon. Then Lonzo comes in and something strange happens as well as him doing a chant which looked cheesily entertaining to watch. Plus a nice moment when she changes which is a horror pleaser for anyone who likes low budget special effects. But it gets corny when Lonzo wears a goofy mask and confronts Jake which wrecks the entertaining horror in this piece.
Then some mysterious moments occur when Jake talks to a gypsy as there's nice circling shots on this when she gets strange towards him as this seemed to fit into the story quite nicely.
Then there's stupid moments when Jake dresses like a nerd and a woman in a fitness room firts with him in a snooty way.
However in another scene both Jake and Gina have a nice romantic discussion as this looked nicely uplifting along with them going to a theme park as well as being happy afterwards.
The stupid moments kick in again as usual when there's some sort of mafia sort of fellow tying up Lonzo in a car wash as well as getting nasty towards Gina and then she turns into a werewolf again and attacks this goon while a car is being washed with her doing her bids on him inside this place as I rolled my eyes. This doesn't look impressive.
After all of this we realise that this is a teaser as it was a film in a film as Lonzo is the producer but yet the terror has just begun afterwards which looked silly on what happens here as well as both Jake and Gina trying to get away but in the middle of this chase decides to lust one another which is stupid. But then we realise that Gina does have monstrous powers during the end to save them from this producers evil grasp. Still this was all stupid to watch.
Bottom line is that the film is a mesh of things as it doesn't make sense at all. Some interesting moments saves it from bombing but many pointless situations too. The story needed to make more sense than what I've been watching. Sorry folks.

The performances are actually okay in which Tiffany Shepis (Gina Skylar) does a marvellous job portraying a scream queen actress as at first does a nice job with her arrogant and aggressive behavior while talking to her agent on the phone in which she came across as a believeable primadonna. Plus shows off a nice flirtatious charm into her part of other scene's adding a nice versatality. Does well with her raging moments too during the terrors that surrounds her.
(Jake Bubar) seemed to do well as a the masculine boy next door type acting natural as a horror geek and getting into a discussion. Also does a good job getting into the action of things later on. Plus adds a nice versatality when dressed as a nerd and acting that way. Offers a great versatality.
(Lonzo) was a little too over the top in his performance. He seems fairly powerful with his words and actions but when he does some sort of a chant he gets a little carried away. Also later on in his role he comes across well being arrogant and obnoxious but when he carries on he is too over the top once again and seemed awfully silly within what he did here.
(Ryan) seemed to do well with his geeky type of behavior as one of those horror fanatics in which he brought his charisma to life when speaking and moments like that. He wasn't spectacular but did the job the best he could do.
Debbie Rochon (Portia) has a nice appearance in this flick as she presented herself truly mysterious as well as speaking a foreign language which she does with good style. She's always done a nice job with whatever I've seen her in.

A ghoulish type woman exposes her breasts.
Another one exposes her breasts while fornicating quarter way through the story.

Fingers are bitten off.
A person is stabbed with hedge clippers.
Heart is ripped out and eaten.
Gobs of gore is revealed in a car wash.
Decapitated head is revealed.

Joshua M. Benash wasn't anything too fancy or memorable with his music but did compose some decent low sounds and thumps for the scene's that were needed to be. There's the odd synthesizer classical sounds which sounds fair but nothing too special at all. He wasn't terrible by any means but I've heard this kind of music in films many times before.