Shock Waves (1977)

Directed by: Ken Wiederhorn

Written by: John Kent Harrison, Ken Wiederhorn & Ken Pare


Brooke Adams .... Rose
Luke Halpin .... Keith
.... Chuck
.... Norman
.... Beverly
Peter Cushing .... SS Commander
Don Stout .... Dobbs
John Carradine .... Captain Ben Morris

Release Date: Theatrical: July 15, 1977




A group of tourists on a cruise yacht are shipwrecked from a ghost ship and are stranded on an island that was once owned by a bunch of NAZI's in which they've breeded a bunch of zombies invading the area.


The beginning of the story is in fair shape as we spot a fisherman finding a rowboat as well as a shocked and freaked out Rose that they rescue as it adds to the mystery into what we're about to watch later on in the story but at the same time these situations have been done over many times before.
Then we get into the story with her narration on a small yacht cruise boat as well as the sun changing the colour onto them which looked a bit cheesy by how the screen looked within everything but this at the same time things looked like horror fun to what we see going on.
In the story taking place on this cruise is that we have a griping passenger Norman fearing for the ship to being wrecked and them getting stranded as this looked a little to set out and obvious with the negative discussions that takes place here. It needed a bit more inspiration as I wasn't convinced that this could lead to a suspenseful situation.
Later on in the story there's fairly decent conversations between Rose and one of the employees Keith during the cruise at nighttime as this seemed well concentrated. Also a nice suspenseful shot on a creepy looking freighter that this yacht crashes into and the suspense looked great to watch when Keith tries to dodge the boat before any more damage happens along with nice shots on Rose falling down with this boat shaking as it kept me in suspense wondering if they will all survive this moment.
Nice moment with one of the people using a rowboat to get to the island and then they spot a drowned dead corpse of Captain Ben Morris as this indeed looked spooky by how this was all panned out.
Many nice takes on what looks like a luxorious type of hotel inn with branches and other stuff polluting the area like something had wiped it out and the gang looking around to see what's there as this is a great mysterious feel to the story. This for sure leaves a sinking feeling that something's not good here. Plus there's a voice calling to them as to why they're there which made me wonder who's doing this along with a nice distant shot on the SS Commander appearing as this all looked cleverly done.
Nice creepy shots on one of the main zombie's walking beneath the ocean as the moments here looked flashy by how this was all shot and choreographed. Also a nice reflection of the water with the zombie looking around and then walking back into the ocean as this had a horror type of entertainment before the terror is about to strike out later on in the story.
Interesting scene when Dobbs goes walking into a pond and then a distant shot on a zombie entering the water with shots on this being's feet charging towards him and he paniacks as well as falling into the water which looked fairly suspenseful to watch leaving a sinking feeling that this person is doomed.
Perfect situation with the SS Commander is at the meal table having a discussion with everyone as well as telling them on what the zombies are all about which was a nice moment into the story so we can understand as to what is happening along with later on he threatens them to leave in which this moment looked truly intimidating to watch.
Nice creepy shots on the zombies lying on their back in a shallow area of the water and about to rise as this almost seemed to pay off a tribute to Carnival of Souls.
Great suspenseful situations when everyone tries to take their boat out to escape but some lose their balance when the boat speeds off as well as nice creepy shots on the zombies rising from the water and watching them.
Great struggling situations with everyone trying to get away from the zombies where there's crooked looking trees in a swampy area as well as a nice shot on Norman in a pond and then a zombie creeping up behind him and attacking him as this moment looked strongly well done and a pleaser for certain zombie fans. Plus another great energetic moment packed with action is when Rose struggles against a zombie and takes off what looks like army goggles as this effects the zombie which drew me in greatly by spotting this moment.
Great intense situation when Chuck loses it when talking to others and acting wild with fear as this makes you wonder as to what he will do. Plus some great moments when they manage to escape a situation with some sort of a gas appearing which looked well done.
Perfect moment when Chuck falls into a run down swimming pool as well as being pitted against a zombie as this looked dark and creepy.
More great creepy shots on zombies rising up from the pond with great close up shots too and ready to terrorise. Also flashy looks on them storming up in the crooked woods ready to terrorise as well. Plus nice shots on their legs walking into the ocean coming after the survivors in the boat.
Bottom line is that the story is pretty slow and going around in circles almost going nowhere but at the same time the effects and other areas were pretty well done so the film is quite watchable. It reings in as a cult classic too which is understandable. Has a dark unpleasant horror feel since it is about NAZI zombies which isn't pretty to watch at all. Not gruesome as this proves you don't need that in every zombie flick.

The acting is quite stiff and too planned out in which Brooke Adams (Rose) seemed sharp in her performance as well as speaking well along with reacting to stuff. She seemed to show off okay energy in her performance in certain spots but other spots she lacked big time like her fearful screaming which was very low on energy or when she acts shocked or freaked out such as in the prologue story. Needed some imrprovements here big time.
Luke Halpin (Keith) however seemed to be a worthy character actor in which he shows a good nervous type of attitude by what is going on and shows off great energy for when the action starts and rolling with the punches fairly nicely by what he does here. Seemed like a heroic type of figure with what goes on as it shines off greatly. Had the right looks and appeal for the part too which was a nice plus.
(Chuck) seemed to come off as witty and lighthearted as well with his sarcasm but yet shows off a nice good hearted type of behavior within whatever he did here. Brought in a ton of spunk within everything that he did here. Plus was good on losing his sanity with his scared attitude which was impressive as well.
(Norman) was a bit stiff within his performance as it seemed quite wooden within whatever he did especially with his whiney and griping type of behavior. However he seemed to pull it off by acting annoying and a total nuisance as this was the intention for his role. Plus alsmot has a geeky type of look to his presence which seemed to fit in to what he was doing.
Peter Cushing (SS Commander) was marvellous with his mysterious and fairly ghostly presence along with his strange type of behavior. Does well with his speaking or reacting to stuff. For sure has a great unpredictable attitude along with being genuinely creepy when he threatens others to get off the island. He alsoways was a great character actor for what I've seen him in.
Don Stout
(Dobbs) had a good gruffness to his speaking as well as showing off a good aggressive and macho attitude for what he was talking about. Shows off a likeable attitude too by what he did as well as doing an okay job when panacking near the end of his performance which looked decently energetic.
John Carradine
(Captain Ben Morris) only had a brief supporting role in this one as the main guy running the yacht cruise in which he came across as someone likeable but stubborn and sarcastic which he does not too badly with his gravelly voice and showing off a nice charming behavior. He for sure made his character memorable in this one.

The music for this film is very different than what you'd hear in a horror film as it's not classical composing which is okay as it's nice to have a change of sound. There's icy synthesizer music which has a total b-movie feel to it all. ALso some screeching sounds as this has a nice touch to everything along with low rumling synths too. Plus there's motor sounds which seemed pretty unique as well as whooshing types as well as odd rusty and scratching sounds as this was used effectively too. All of this was nicely put together by Richard Einhorn. I'm also convinced that the composer for Madman saw this flick and used similar elements as some of it sounded alike.