Shower of Blood (2004)

Directed by: Tiffany Kilbourne

Written by: David C. Hayes, Kyle Kline & Keith Knapp


Lia Montelongo .... Lisa
Martin Shannon .... Uncle Marty
Melissa Mountifield .... Heather
Dave Larsen .... Kurt
Peter Renaud .... Terry
Robin Brown .... Megan

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: February 3, 2004

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A group of college friends have a day off of school so one of the college students named Lisa (Lia Montelongo) invites her friends to a mansion owned by her Uncle Marty (Martin Mountfield) but along the way they end up in a detour into the Galloway Forest which is known for mysterious disappearances and rumors of cannibalism.
While they enter the mansion Marty doesn't seem to be there so they all decide to hang out or take a shower.
Lisa starts to have bizarre visions as her family has a deep dark secret and then Marty suddenly arrives and it's dinner time. She also discovers that Marty is a vampire and has a taste for flesh and blood as he turns most of her friends into vampires as well as using one of her friends named Heather (Melissa Mountifield) as one of his sacrifices in his main living room of the mansion but Lisa doesn't know what to do about these situations.


OK I know a bad movie when I see it but this one was really bad but the picture quality is better than most of these no graders. Yet it looked as cheap as watching a porn flick. In fact the story almost seemed like a horror porn flick without the hard core sex. Yet alot of women undressing and taking a shower.
The very beginning of the film looked cheesily impressive with a woman being attacked in the woods and dragged away but after the opening credits it fell flat big time showing a group of people waiting for one of the others finishing her sickness by throwing up which seemed pretty gross. The plot around it looked incredibly amateurish.
Then of course this woman cleans herself up while taking a shower and we hear farting noises too. I'm not kidding.
A good camera shot looking up and down on her taking a shower with red water spraying on her but it looked like a porn flick the way this setting was done.
There's shots on Megan undressing while having a trashy discussion with Lisa. There's a real lacking moment with Lisa herself getting anxious with a shot on Megan having her head in the water which looked very unconvincing.
There's sounds coming from the hallways of the house which seemed awfully comedic while the hauntings were supposed to have been happening but this was all unconvincing. However, there's some interesting moments like blood pouring down some walls but yet it looked a bit amateurish.
A crappy make out scene between both Terry and Kurt in a shower which looked so melodramatic it's not even funny but there is an odd interesting moment with Uncle Marty appearing with them in the act and getting aggressive towards them.
Plus there's some lustful discussions and lots of stale one's with cheap looking moments which almost looked like watching a cheesy daytime soap opera too.
There's close up camera shots on Megan lying in a bed naked with takes looking up and down, sideways and from a distance with her rubbing rose petals all over her and I was thinking to myself "Get to the point please".
However it does seem to pick up with Uncle Marty appearing and making himself very mysterious especially his dark secret on his meal that he serves which doesn't seem quite right at all which looked totally shocking for a no budgeter.
Good close up camera shots with a trashy discussion between Uncle Marty coming on strongly towards Megan which looks suitable for a lusting moment as well as a good close up shot on his vampire fangs along with him trying to bite her neck which looked incredibly lacking. There is good close up shots on him biting her flesh though.
Then there's moments with Uncle Marty turning other into vampires and some cheesy moments with the survivors trying to get away which seemed alot of fun to watch which makes up for the first half of it and saving it from a bomb to an average rating of 2 bats.
Good shots on blood dripping from some walls but yet when Lisa sees this and freaks. There's a nice shot on her kneeling down near a corner of the hallway.
Good close up shots on Uncle Marty cutting up some meat and serving it with some gruesome close up shots on the meat bleeding as well as shots on some hair attached to the meat which looked believeably gross as well as some interesting moments on him having a wicked charm talking to his guests.
There's also a discussion between both Heather and Terry near their bed talking to one another which looked as wooden with the scene looking like a daytime soap when they try to get into the mood of having sex.
There's some interesting dark shots with the camera panning on some material used for sexual acts as well as Terry approaching and looking at at along with good close up shots on a ghoul borad cutting around her breast with a razor and other parts of her body along with the two of them kissing and caressing one another which looked fairly artsy but at the same time a bit trashy too.
Some interesting camera shots on Terry trying to attack and then jumping out the window.
Alot of cheesy blocking on both
Lisa and Heather running away in the mansion as well as their screaming looking amateurish when the terror happens. Yet there's some good shots on Uncle Marty trying to block them or stare at them through a window with his vampire fangs which looked quite neat.
A good distance shot looking down in a living room lounge with Uncle Marty acting full of life along with a shot on Heather screaming with shots of barbwire and other stuff surrounding her which looked interesting with these creepy camera shots on all of this.

Then Uncle Marty brings alot of dark humor when he is about to do a sacrifice with a woman pinned on a table with barb wire around her which adds alot more fun touches throughout the story of the film.
There's also a classic ending even if everything about the film was trashy looking but I won't give that one away.
Bottom line is the first half of the film was a piece of crap offering a very small plotline with no scares at all but it picks up on the other half which seems average fun. Alltogther though it's a bad film but can be fun for a party type of flick. Plenty of skin more than the gore involved. I got this from the Tomb of Terrors collection and it's better compared to the junk they had to offer than the other lame films on there.

The acting is bloody awful for the most part. Wooden isn't the word for this. Lead actress Lia Montelongo (Lisa) really tried her best and she seemed to do not too bad with her charming personality and flirtatious attitude but yet she really lacks when she gets scared and her screaming was just plain amateurish to top it all off.
Martin Shannon
(Uncle Marty) however was the best one out of the whole cast as the vampire in the flick in which he knew on how to have a scruffy sounding voice as well as bringing on a totally slick evil behavior by using his dark humor as well as showing some good vampire type of expressions too. He's not award winning material nonetheless.
elissa Mountifield (Heather) seemed like that she was just starting out in daytime soaps she seemed that inexperienced and mellodramatic. She seemed to look good on the camera but that's about it. Of course she seemed to remain a virutal unknown like the rest and will remain that way if she doesn't improve.
ave Larsen (Kurt) was a total idiot just saying his lines and not getting into character at all in which he was supposed to have been sarastic with a bit of a cocky attitude playing one of the main guy's here but he is so flat with everything he does. He needs serious acting lessons if he wants to carry on as an actor. My guess was that he was a friend of the people working on this film.
Peter Renaud
(Terry) was another line reader as a goofball and not showing any energy at all in his character like he was supposed to have been and he was the key member to this film and doesn't prove it at all. There's a scene with him coming to the dinner table and talking towards someone and then attacking him by biting him on the neck which looked very low on energy. He was a complete bore.
Robin Brown
(Megan) was so gross in her role as she was supposed to play a hottie but doesn't even have the looks for this part. She was terrible with her performance like the rest here and I was glad that she was killed off in the first half of this film. Her lacking painful reactions which seems like she's enjoying herself too much with this when being bitten. There's a scene when she freaks out as terrible wasn't the word by when she does this. She was an absolute pain to watch.

There's lots of skin galore in this film as in the beginning we spot supporting actress Robin Brown rubbing herself with rose petals naked from top to bottom lying on a bed in which later on this was reused in a later scene having a dialogue as well bare breasted to one of the main characters.
She also strips down to take a shower.
Laura Beverly
is fully naked during a hallucination sequence taking a shower with red blood pouring on her.
elissa Mountifield is fully naked while taking a shower.
ia Montelongo shows off her hooters while taking off her shirt while about to make out with her boyfriend.
Then again Mountifield is topless bare breasted while lying in bed with her boyfriend and having a conversation with him.
Heather Murphy is topless during a sequence near a room with sex objects as camera shots focus on her lightly cutting her boobs with a razor.

Some bloody neck and skin bites
A person is bloodily impaled on an object of a roof and spitting out gobs of gore from his mouth

There's idiotic sounding rap beats thorughout most of the plots especially during many of the lustful scene's. Yet at times there's high pitched icy violin synthesizer music effects for some of the creepy moments used in the film composed by Dylan Langhoff Moeller.

Uncle Marty (After tasting some blood) Blood truly is thicker than water (Lets out a laugh)