Shuttle (2008)

Written & Directed by: Edward Anderson


Tony Curran .... Driver
Peyton List .... Mel
Cameron Goodman .... Jules
Cullen Douglas .... Andy
Dave Power .... Matt
James Snyder .... Seth

Release Date: South by Southwest Film Festival: March 8, 2008; Fantasy Filmfest: August 14, 2008 (Germany); London FrightFest Film Festival: March 7, 2009; Festival de Gérardmer: January 29, 2010 (France)


Two women friends Mel (Peyton List) and Jules (Cameron Goodman) return to Massacusettes from a weekend in Mexico at an airport after midnight where they meet up with two guys Seth (James Snyder) and Matt (Dave Power) who both hit on them.
Meanwhile, Mel finds out that her luggage is missing and the airline representative asks her to return the next morning to check whether her luggage had arrived. Mel and Jules decide to take a shuttle with another passenger, Andy (Cullen Douglas), downtown and Seth and Matt join them at the last moment.
The Driver (Tony Curran) drives off the highway telling them that this is a shortcut and then the terror starts to really happen as this driver is a demented psychopath who forces these people to do what he tells him else he mames them or worst of all kills them.


The story sounds very exciting as you imagine a shuttle picking you up and taking you right to your hotel to enjoy your holiday but yet it's by a maniac. It's exactly what I pictured it as the shuttle driver seemed way too harmless and it goes to show how deceiving some people can be.
There's great moments with the customers waiting around at the airport and then a nice greeting by the driver as well as good shots on everyone having a conversation in the shuttle.
Nice suspenseful shots on a car swerving around the shuttle and aiming full speed towards this vehicle which looks very frightening.
There's alot of painful and deadly moments including someone with his fingers getting cut off while trying to fix a tire to a shuttle and then the madness begins in which this scene looked incredibly intense and almost making it difficult to watch.
Sometimes you don't know where the story is getting at but at the same time alot of scene's are intense with this driver forcing people to do stuff as well as him running anyone over by trying to escape.
There's some good torturous moments like a nose being cut which seems pretty twisted with this driver making their kidnapping very unpleasant as well as trying to suffocate another one while trying to find some way of escaping.
A good distance shot on Seth trying to run away from the shuttle with this vehicle chasing after him and a nice shot on the shuttle charging in at him with full speed and the others freaking out which looked good.
There's good shots on Jules at a bank machine lighting up a basket on fire as well as the driver shutting her in with good shots on Jules coughing and choking half to death. There's also a nice shot on Mel trying to hide and the driver demanding to her to show herself as he's threatening on what he's going to do to her friend and then the driver walking to show herself sobbing which looked quite good.
There's nice venageful moments too with the survivors in which you wonder if they will get away but yet it seems almost too easy for that and you know something is going to happen in which it does. There's some mysterious moments thinking that all the passengers are on the same page by being kidnapped when one of them is really working for this maniac in case he is in need of some help if one of them tries to pull off anything.
A great intense moment with Mel pointing a gun towards the driver and demanding him to do what she says which looked truly intense and with all the shots and blocking on these two you just wonder if he will pull anything off which definetly keeps you glued to watching every single move on this.
A good shot on Jules staring at the driver and insulting him with a nice shot on Matt driving telling her to shut up. Then there's a good shot on her mouthing out obscenities towards him.
Good shot on Andy taking a knife towards the driver with a great close up shot on him slitting his throat which makes you wonder as to why he's doing this. Then a nice shot on Mel driving the shuttle with Andy pointing a gun to her head.
Good shots on both Mel and Jules sobbing while Andy gets crazy with them taking off his shirt and pursuing to molest them which looked very psychotic.
A good shot on Mel looking at a crow bar and quietly trying to get her feet in order to grab it towards her which looked carefully shot on slick by doing this and making you wonder if they will get caught.
A nice shot on Jules crawling on the road and then trying to stop a vehicle with someone trying to help her and then a nice jumping moment on the shuttle smashing into him at full force which looked really terrific.
There's a good moment with both Jules and Mel sobbing and talking to one another in a corner of a room and explaining to one another as to why they weren't killed.
There's also a good moment with the driver getting forceful and demanding towards both Mel and Jules as to take off their clothes which looked disturbing.
Good shots on Jules in a shuttle with a gas pipe and her choking to death making it hard to watch along with a nice shot on Mel pounding on a door and crying while this happens.
There's a terrific aggressive moment with Mel putting a sharp broken mirror glass to her face and forcing the driver to toss his gun as there's nice close up shots on him unloading his gun and throwing it in a toilet.
Many terrific camera shots with Mel going in a rage by stabbing the driver in the leg as well as shots on her trying to load a gun.
There's a good camera shot on the driver putting Mel in a wooded box with her screaming and crying as well as pounding trying to escape.
Bottom line is that there's alot of jumping moments in this movie with this killer shuttle vehicle running over people in which this shows that even a shuttle for hotel people can be deadly if it's used to kill others than a big black truck like you'd see in Joyride.
The story mainly revolves with what goes on in the shuttle but it does go to a destination as two of the female leads are forced to do stuff for this maniac making some scene's a bit disturbing and some good revenge battles too which looked great.
The movie is quite good even if what was explained might seem dull going around in circles. It does go around in circles for a short while but there's new deadly twists and consequences with these victims. Plus alot of the scene shooting looked quite dark which is a perfect touch.

The acting is very well energised in which the lead actor Tony Curran (Driver) as the demented shuttle driver really proved to be a worthy character horror actor with acting so seemingly innocent making you think that he's not going to do anything terrible and then he does show his evil side in which is just convincing with his menacing behavior. He is no doubt very versatile with both of these sides with his performance.
Peyton List
(Mel) certainly knew how to bring on her energy in her role without letting it ever go. She showed a great tough attitude as well as showing her emoitonal frights at the same time. A great raging moment with her smashing a mirror in an aggressive rage. She really drew to the audience with her anger too in which she portrayed a nice character for this movie.
Cameron Goodman
(Jules) knew her stuff pretty well too with her whiney attitude as well as being loud and high strung. She certainly studied her role pretty good and really battling it out with her frights and struggling moments too. She portrayed a perfect victim for a horror film as one of those ditsy types. A great menacing reaction with her whacking a crowbar down with full strength which looked very energetic.
Cullen Douglas
(Andy) was certainly a great key role to the film as someone who acts negative and paranoid. He truly knew how to act annoying as well as showing a dark secret to his part in the film. He also did well with his freaky behavior and icy words when talking to anyone. He also came across nicely by acting sleazy too. Plus he looked great for the part as one of those weirdos. He can be well remembered for his role in this one.

There's a picture of a bunch of tortured looking women fully nude.

Fingers are cut off
A person is flattened by being run over
A throat is bloodily slit
A head is bloodily bashed

There's terrific low moaning horror sounds as well as the windymusic. Plus we have the nice touches of the heavy bumping and slamming sound effects for the jumping moments in the film. The music was brought together by Henning Lohner.