Sigma Die (2009)

Produced, Directed & Cinematography by: Michael Hoffman Jr.

Co-Produced & Written by: Meghan Jones


Aly Hartman .... Jamie
Christian Anderson .... Zach
Heather Zagone .... Linda
Nikie Zambo .... PJ
Reggie Bannister .... Chief Moorehouse
Joe Estevez .... Officer Brubek
John Shumski .... Clint
Katie Kiefel .... Nancy
Jeff Pride .... Glen
Nick Bubb .... Rick
Brian Parillo .... Tommy

Special Appearance:

Brinke Stevens .... Mrs. Angleman

Release Dates: Direct-to-DVD: February 3, 2009





During a summer break of college a bunch of sorority girls decide to rent a house for their vacation instead of going home which is near a lake so they can party and have a good time but run into some odd people there along with bringing their boyfriends over. Suddenly a hooded killer in a mask crashes the party and kills them one by one with various deadly objects in quick ways as there was once a background back in 1985 when a prank went wrong as the slaughterings happeneed shortly after that incident.


The beginning seems to rush right in with the killings as well as showing plenty of skin and fornicating as well as sorority students smoking weed. Then we see the killer wearing a mask and a hood which looked pretty nifty but alot of the killing moments looked terribly fake in which we spot some slayings that are trying so hard to be original but really fails to do so like someone smoking marijuana and not spotting the person sitting next to her suddely getting it in the chest with an arrow or when some dude bangs his girlfriend and having his eyes closed looking up while getting an orgy then this killer sneakily cuts her throat open and I was thinking to myself "Man this is so lame"
There's a moment
when some of the survivors run towards a police car and you have a feeling that something bad is going to happen and it just does but these people seem so hopeless trying to escape and being unwise about stuff with bad timing on everything here. The killer even uses a power drill as this seemed nifty paying a tribute to something like Slumber Party Massacre but yet the graphic violence exposed looked pretty fake and hard to see.
Then there's a Quentin Tarrantino type of teaser of the story taking place beforehand but it doesn't get any better here. Just the main headmistress Mrs. Angleman showing them their new sorority house as well as all of them excited about it. Then we are supposed to have a suspenseful moment with one of the caretakers approaching them which is a burly topless guty named Shane in the house making himself mysterious and creepylike as one of those suspects for the future killings but yet it would be too obvious since most of these slasher flicks has one of those types. This really fails to seem suspenseful and way too corny.

There's many boring scene's with the head of the law Chief Moorehouse discussing with Officer Brubeck on the sorority house and the concrns on what might happen to those students which is very tiresome.
There's the male sorority dudes at a bar shooting pool which had plenty of bad writing at what they were doing but then there's a middle aged biker guy telling them the deadly history on the sorority house in which this is a classic tradition for those of you knowing other slasher films having these moments like Halloween or Friday the 13th. During the flashback we get a look at the house taking place in 1985 but the surroundings still look present day and the only thing that might be close to an 80's is someone wearing a Van Halen shirt. Also there's techno and house music playing which sounds today's standards. There's a prank gone wrong here as this seems very common on how the killings would be linked later on as well as a geeky guy putting on makeup and women's lingerae making him the prime target on what might be happening now but this seemed terribly phony even. Yet a perfect gruesome moment on a slaughtered corpse that someone witnesses whichj is a nice pointer here.
There's a scene wthat male T&A slasher fans would get an excitement out of is the girls skinny dipping in an outdoor jacuzzi and one of them is about to join wearing a bikini. Of course she takes it all off while entering. A nice dark moment is a strange man holding a chainsaw watching these girls but he is revealed which is a disappointment making it obvious that he was only trying to scare these chicks by pulling a prank.
Then there's lots of beer drinking, going to the lake and pillow fights too. Even the girls take out a ouija board and mess with it with some suggested lesbian moments here and there. This was going nowhere to be honest while watching alot of this.
There's someone who goes out to a pier and puts suntan lotion on her which is another pointer for male slasher T&A fans to enjoy watching and of course she takes off her top to san bathe. The camera shots were pretty good focusing on the trees and lake too which looked grubby but yet things were still which gave it a bit of a creepy edge to all of this. Definetely saves the film from bombing. Then when things seem too quiet when she is about to relax we spot Shane spying on her telling her that she missed a spot in which was pretty corny too. Hey there were alot of comedy elements mixed into this but this was not classy at all like the rest of the plot.
Later on the guys come over and party out and then the killings start to happen which is the footage from the beginning in order to save money and make sure it's a feature film. This was a really bad excuse regardless. However there seems to be a different twist after this in which there were a couple of survivors. Right here goes to my favourite scene when the killer is revealed and the madness really happens here in which you think this person seemed way too innocent at first fooling the audiences big time in which is another good pointer for the writer here. Also there's the typical moment when you think the killer was dead by being shot would rise up once more to try and strike vengeance. They always have to be shot twice in a slasher film.
Bottom line is that this has been done before but in a better style yet the budget for an independent film like this as well as the effects and locations were pretty impressive. However the plot was way too similar to Hoffman's other flick Spring Break Massacre but this one was done in better taste. The mask looked pretty cool though kind of like Ghostface from Scream meets the grim reaper type of style so more points there. The makers tried to make everything creative here but missed by a longshot as mentioned this has been done before. Just typical sorority student on a summer break making unwise decisions. Better off watching a David DeCoteau flick but alot of his aren't that much better anyhow.

Most of the acting was pretty bad and quite bland but there are a few exceptions here like lead actress Aly Hartman (Jamie) tries her best to show a short and blunt attitude as well as joking around and seems to do the role in a decent fashion. She also had the nice pretty girl looks. She could defientely win to become a scream queen in future trashy horror flicks too with what was going with her throughout her performance. Her energy was half and half.
Christian Anderson (Zach) was also quite a character in what he did as one of those hyperactive partying types and really getting into what he did in the film showing alot of good excitement. His performance was cheesy at times though but seems to pick it up in many spots here. He had the right looks too in order to act like a goofball who loves to hang out with his firends at a bar. A right choice for this role indeed.
Reggie Bannister (Chief Moorehouse) seemed to be the best out of the whole cast here in which he showed a good gruff type of behavior as well as getting to the point with stuff. He also had a good aggressive type behavior with everything that he did in the film. A nice aggressive and stern moment on him which looked failry energised. Plus had the right looks to play a role as a tough head chief of the law. He proved that he can be versatile than his role in Phantasm.
Joe Estevez
(Officer Brubek) seemed nothing too special in his role but yet was convincing by having a calm mellow type of behavior in what he did in the film. He certainly came across nicely onto the camera which is a good pointer for him as well as doing his best by getting into his role so I cut him some slack for all of this.
John Shumski
(Clint) was very mellodramatic in his role having a gruff attitude and puts on such a terrible and phony accent. I wasn't impressed with his acting at all and he tries to come across as another suspect in which is laughable in a bad way on how he did all of this.
Scream queen Brinke Stevens (Mrs. Angleman) was only in this for 7 minutes or so and seems to do an okay job as a headmistress but then when she tries to get versatile going crazy it seems to lack a bit. Again I never found her to be much of a character actress. She showed good sneering expressions and going in a rage and going crazy along with her violent behavior smacking someone as this was very energised. However with other scene's in her performance you can tell that she's washed up over the years after seeing her in this one. It is a treat for the fans of her bad horror movies though.
There's a brief supporting role by Tony DeGuide (Shane) who is supposed to be the creepy caretaker and had the burly looks yet he couldn't act his way out of a wet paper bag. He is very over the top when he tries to get into character. We see a moment on him freaking out and panicking towards others which looked sloppily done. A cheesy approach by him talking to the others in which this looked pretty phony on him trying to act intimidating. Sorry folks, he's not believeable by being intimidating.

A girl takes off her top and bottom while undressing in a window
Another one flashes her breasts in order to have a toke on a guy's marijuana
Full breasts exposed while fornicating in bed
A bunch of sorority chicks are skinnydipping in a jacuzzi
More boobs exposed while one is taking a shower
One of them is suntanning on a pier and takes off her top big breasts exposed

A torn out face is exposed in a vehicle
A couple are shot tbhrough the chest with an arrow
A throat is cut open with blood splurting out
Sharp object stabbed through a guy
Machette sliced by a man's shoulder
A drill is grinded through a girl's stomach and blood splurts out
A body skinned alive with other parts of the body cut off
A man is bloodily shot in the head

There's low keyboard sounds for alot of the creepy scene's used in the film as well as some high pitched piano type plunking and metal echoey type scraping which really seems to work well for the mysterious and quiet moments making it seem fairly effective. Also there's a twinkling type music when some people try and find a way of surviving the massacre's which got a little irritating.