Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2 (1987)

Directed & Edited by: Lee Harry

Written by:
Lee Harry & Joseph H. Earle

Story by:
Lee Harry, Joseph H. Earle, Dennis Patterson & Lawrence Applebaum


Eric Freeman .... Ricky Caldwell
James Newman .... Dr. Henry Bloom
Elizabeth Kaitan .... Jennifer Statson
Jean Miller .... Mother Superior

Special Appearance:

Darrel Guilbeau .... Ricky at 15

Release Date: Limited Theatrical: April 10, 1987



A disturbed patient Ricky Caldwell (Eric Freeman) is talking to a psychiatrist in a room of a mental hospital while being recorded Dr. Henry Bloom (James Newman) about why he killed many people around the area including his lovelife with the lovely Jennifer Statson (Elizabeth Kaitan), his childhood and teenage life as well as about his brother Billy and his terrifying memory on Billy's death as this mainly caused by two things. A killer in a Santa suit who slayed their family and their abusive Mother Superior at the orphanage posioning their minds about punishments. Of course Ricky was scarred by Mother Superior's evil discipline on Billy and Ricky's main focus is killing her for all this especially when Ricky sees red he goes even more berserk.
Mother Superior (Jean Miller) will be getting the horror of her night on Christmas Eve when Ricky comes to pay a visit to her that not even her prayers will save her from his evil grasp.


Good god what a real disappointment this sequel turned out to be. I mean I've seen disappointing sequels but nothing unorganised like this one.
Most of it is flashbacks from the first one almost halfway through the film probably to save money while Ricky talks about the history of his brother but it does explain why Ricky's brother did the stuff he did.
There's an impressive opening to the film showing Ricky holding a cigarette in a silent room and then we see an emotionless but yet a vicious look on his face as the camera really pans in on him.
There was a dispute between Dr. Henry Bloom and Ricky when therapy starts as it looks slightly cheesy but passable.
Then of course the flashbacks begins from the first film with Ricky himself narrating it in an icy voice and we see good shots on him in between takes on him and the flashbacks.
We spot a perfect shot on him and a flashback sequence involving Mother Superior giving young Billy the strap and Ricky jumps in during the whacks each time driving his anger saying SHE-WAS-NAUGHTY! which made that moment effective and how it drove him to be angry at Superior for what she did to his older brother with all the child abuse.
We see great blocking on Ricky present day along with a take on him as a kid reaching out his hand to a man dressed as Santa walking towards the orphanage and the terrifying incidents that are about to unravel.
We spot a perfect slow motion camera shot on two nuns walking to each store giving it a true horror feel to the picture with Ricky at 10 staring at them a little disturbed by this.
We have a nice look on Ricky's face during an alleyway scene when he is picking up somebody and about to kill him.
A perfect camera shot on scream queen Jennifer Statson when she gets out of her car and smiles.
There's almost a touching discussion between her and Ricky with their conversations together in a movie theatre with someone being a shit disturber there which makes you want to tell him to shut the f**k up.
Yet he was supposed to snap when he is told what he is going to be watching and it looks badly done and so does the rest of the moments when he is approaching this shit disturber ready to kill him without anyone noticing as that looked terribly trashy.
During this we see a decent discussion with a dispute betweenand ex boyfriend towards Jennifer in the theatre as it looks not too badly done off one another as ex-lovers.
There was a moment during the next day with Jennifer, her ex and Ricky making it look intense and hard to watch but it does look intense of what happens to her ex yet the scene with Ricky snapping making the plot hard to watch is so rushed with no inspiration and then he tries to act like a Krueger type killer when he shoots people in the neighborhood which bombs big time due to terrible writing.
The best moment was during close to the ending when Ricky comes in for the kill with Mother Superior as they both react perfectly towards one another and he is portraying the Krueger type personality but this time alot better especially when he uses an axe and tearing things apart and the camera on him holding his axe walking around the house waiting for her looked superb.
Bottom line is that the film tried to use dark comedy like they did with those other slasher flicks like A Nightmare On Elm Street and Child's Play but this one falls flat which includes Ricky deciding to go on a shooting spree in his neighborhood. It does get interesting when the film is half over when Ricky is about to attack Mother Superior as that setting looked dark which saves the film from bombing.

The acting is a real disappointment as well in this film as Eric Freeman (Ricky Caldwell) as the new Santa killer doesn't pull his weight too much even if he tries to. Yet he has a good icy voice to his character and knows how to look psychotic. But he overly does his part a little too much. He reacts to a certain flashback scene very well when he does his blocking and tells his story. He has a perfect evil look on his face when he is about to kill someone.
James Newman
(Dr. Henry Bloom) is just average with his part as his shrink but seems to pull off okay by being a disturbed and intimidated one.
Temporary scream queen Elizabeth Kaitan (Jennifer Statson) seems to do great as the light hearted and romantic girlfriend in the film really showing her stuff during her part in it.
Jean Miller (Mother Superior) this time steps in to play the nasty old Superior retired from the orphanage but doesn't have the original actress' charisma but again no one could pull it off like her. She still seems fairly powerful and dark by portraying this part nonetheless. She seemed to stand out well when she warns him not to kill her acting courageous.
Supporting actor Kenneth Brian James (Chip) is not bad as a scumbag ex-boyfriend in the film as a slasher film needs someone like this to slay away. He is not award winning material though.
Most of these actors remained virtual unknowns as alot of them seemed fairly wooden.

We have all the nudity used on the flashbacks including with scream queen Linnea Quigley

Elizabeth Kaitan has a brief full body shot on her including her breasts and butt while being pressed against Freeman's character during a sex scene.

We spot most of the gore in the flashback's as well especially the decapitated head of a bully riding a sleigh

A guys eyes explode
A retired nun's head is decapitated
Some bloody gunshots

The music is nowhere near as good or impressive like in the first movie composed by Michael Armstrong as most of the time he uses cheap synthesizer playing for it but yet as some creepy piano playing and dark gloomy wind type synth playing in some parts especially during the opening and closing credits.

Ricky Caldwell: Daddy... almost got his present early