Skeeter (1994)

Produced & Directed by: Clark Brandon

Written by:
Clark Brandon & Lanny Horn


Tracy Griffith .... Sarah Crosby
Jim Youngs .... Roy Boone
Charles Napier .... Ernie Buckle
William Sanderson .... Gordon Perry
Eloy Casados .... Hank Tucker
John F. Goff .... Clay Crosby
John Putch .... Hamilton
Jay Robinson .... Drake

Special Appearance:

Michael J. Pollard .... Hopper

George 'Buck' Flower .... Filo

Release Date:
Direct-to-Video: April 6, 1994






A corrupt greedy businessman Drake (Jay Robinson) is responsible for dumping illegal toxic waste in a small desert town in which causes a bunch of mosquitos to grow very large and sucking the life out of people.
A lawman Roy Boone (Jim Youngs) tries to solve the cases on dead bodies around the desert town after a funeral in which he tries to help an emotional young lady Sarah Crosby (Tracy Griffith) who's family member was killed by these giant insects thinking that they might be caused by something else.
The bodycounts keep piling up by these creatures in which the locals feel that they have to move out of the city since they are being invaded by these insects and becoming their next meal. There's even some local surviviors at a bar Filo (George Buck Flower) claimed that he was attacked by one and survived.
Sarah and a local Gordon Perry (William Sanderson) tries to find the hideout and snuff them out but yet certain people try to prevent them for doing so due to Drake's evil deeds which involves some hitmen and other goons.


I remember looking at this box renting at my local video rental in which I seemed amused by the box cover and saw that it starred some cast members I enjoyed watching in other shows but yet it bombed in one of my movie guides which made me really want to see it to see how bad it really was. Well it was considered a bad film since it was made on a low budget and the giant skeeters looked extremely phony but it was so bad it's good and fun to watch.
In the beginning of the story alot of the one liners were quite trashy with an army of soldiers bringing in trucks of toxic waste which to me seemed quite amateurish but not as bad as no budgeters you see nowadays.
There's another great effective moment with Roy Boone talking to Sarah Crosby in a room with her getting emotional and teary which looked good and touching by what was discussed.
Then there's someone riding his motorbike which seemed unconvincing by all that's happening but yet we spot a good cheesy effects type of shot on a skeeters vision following the biker which looked fun.
Next up there's a funeral ceremony in which this moment was well plotted and emotional looking by what is all happening in the film in which the makers really knew on how to make a good plot since there's so many of these low budgeters that lack them.
Then there's many touching moments between the two lead characters Sarah Crosby and Roy Boone in which I was impressed too by how they were communicating towards one another which looked good for a start as a macho sheriff showing that he cares along with good moments on him riding his motorbike like you'd spot in those cheesy TV cop shows.
There's also many moments with the skeeters attacking which the makers tried to make this look scary but it's laughable in which you can tell that they're plastic.
A great romantic moment with Sarah and Roy which is what we need for a horror flick and it was greatly done with how everything was put together scene by scene.
A nice tight shot on Ernie Buckle speaking to Drake with a good close up shot on him with his nasty greedy attitude towards him which looked impressively done in an almost mafia type of fashion.
A cheesy moment between a father and daughter having a heated argument while walking to their vehicle which looked a little too planned out.
There's also a good moment with Gordon Perry trying to enter a shack and Hopper approaching him acting weirded out about what has been going on in the area which looked a bit corny on how they mingled but it wasn't terrible.
There's a good moment with the dysfunctional daughter and father scene once again with the daughter in her car screaming intensely as well as a good shot on the father being attacked by giant skeeters along with shots on skeeters trying to aim for the car which looked so phony in which makers tried their best to make this piece look creepy. Other than that situations were well energised for this moment.
There's a good silent moment on Clay Crosby in deep thoughts with a crucifix planted in the ground along with having a mellow discussion between Roy and Hank Tucker which looked natural and nicely done.
Great interaction between Roy and Sarah kissing one another along with many good angle shots on them having sexual interaction with one another which also looked nicely done too.
A good shot on Ernie kneeling down near a corpse outside which looked creepily shot.
There's a good conversation between Sarah towards
Clay about moving with him acting stubborn about it all which looked pretty good with a daughter towards a father near a fence at a farm as this moment made everything look good with the surroundings.
There's some cheesy fighting scene's with Roy against two thugs but good camera shots surrounding this struggling moment.
Also some good moments with both Sarah and Gordon going in a cave to check things out as well as nice shots on a pool of eggs with them trying to do some research on it.
Some good moments with both Sarah and Gordon going in a cave to check things out as well as nice shots on a pool of eggs with them trying to do some research on it.
Many terrific suspenseful shots with the two of them running out of the tunnel from the skeeters as well as her falling into a pit which looked suspenseful too.
A perfect aggressive moment with Roy walking towards Gordon and grabbing him with a good demanding attitude.
There's a nice shot looking down on Ernie holding onto a giant skeeter getting insane and then crushing it which looked highly energised.
The best moment is with both Roy and Sarah battling off the skeeters in the cave with flame torches as it's exciting all the way through when they fight for their lives and plan to destroy this nest.
In the middle of the story there's some odd comedic moments like Hopper keeping the skeeters as a pet and feeding him by letting it drink his own blood or yet the head sheriff fooling around with some of the women in his office and making excuses about it all when someone comes in. Plus, there's a moment with a redneck hunter in a bar discussing about being attacked by a skeeter. Most of the humor on this fell flat in which it didn't seem to blend in well with the story at all.
Yet there's lots of more cheesiness and fun to the story like a hillbilly driving around like a maniac in his car and acting like a creep towards his girlfriend whom he kept in his trunk of the car and then attacked by skeeters which serves him right along with Sarah and one of the locals named Gordon Perry encountering the cave where the skeeters have their eggs as well as some of them trying to attack in which there's more cheesy effects with computer animation on some of the skeeters flying around in which you gotta love for a low budgeter. Also throw in a greedy type of mobster named Drake in which you'd love to hate near a contruction area in his limo which seems to work for what the story surrounds as well.
Bottom line is the film isn't scary in which I had doubts at first wondering if this was really a horror film since it seemed more sci-fi but the story's intention was that it is a horror film since we do have giant skeeters as well as corpses too from these creatures. The film was very entertaining in general with many fun touches throughout the story but alot of horror fans who want really creepy type of giant mosquites will be disappointed.

The acting was considered pretty bad to most film critics and I do admit with some of them it's a bit off but due to some cheesy one liners as most of the time these actors did a good job.
Tracy Griffith
(Sarah Crosby) I must say stole the film with her performance as she does well by acting soft spoken along with knowing her stuff by behaving emotional and crying too which looked very believeable. She also does well when she struggles for her life from the skeeters too. I found this film to be one of her best performances.
Jim Youngs
(Roy Boone) played the hunky type of sheriff who really had a nice macho type of attitude in the film and shows a fairly descent powerful performance in what he had to do in the film. He brings out a nice charming type of behavior acting like he cares as well as getting tough when he needed to along with good strong aggressions. Although he was often an underrated actor I always liked his work on what he did.
Charles Napier
Ernie Buckle) seemed to show a good gruff attitude as the head sheriff of the county with his stubborn and serious behavior along with his sleaziness towards women too. He pulled everything together and really got into character with what he had to do in the film. Of course he's a veteran actor and always put what he had into what I've seen him do. A good approach on him pointing a gun towards two of his fellow actors and speaking sternly towards them which looked quite convincing.
William Sanderson
(Gordon Perry) showed a great serious attitude with what he had to do in the film and was on the ball showing a good hyperactive behavior when some of the suspenseful moments happened in the film. He was quite energetic when getting aggressive towards someone else that he's pitted against. He brings out alot into his role and I give him two thumbs up.
John F. Goff
(Clay Crosby) played a good farm man with his kindness in the film along with being hard headed too in certain scene's and really making his part quite believeable too. He showed alot of good enthusiasm in what he did.
Jay Robinson
(Drake) only had about 3 or 4 scene's in the film but he was a perfect key role to the film mind you a great drawing card too. He really came across well with his evil attitude towards others like a mobster of some sort plus had the right creepy looks too. He really fit the suit perfectly and couldn't see him portraying a good guy at all.
ichael J. Pollard (Hooper) Had a speacial appearance in the film but yet stood out well playing another weirdo in which he is good at doing. He seemed to bring the odd humor onto the screen and made his part very necessary as the type who keeps skeeters for pets which seems to add a nice touch to the story due to his performance.
George 'Buck' Flower
(Filo) had a cameo in the film but yet he was good by acting hokey as a hunter in a bar discussing the giant skeeters who attacked him as well as knwoing how to act gross too.

Tracy Griffith has her boobs briefly exposed in bed from a distance

Corpses are revealed with blood marka from giant skeeters

David Lawrence composed alot of cheesy music but yet it sounds fun to listen to at the same time in which during the opening credits with metal clanging, army drum beats for the opening and closing credits of this film. There's a good deep synthesizer bass violin playing which is the traditional horror sounds for the situations used in the film. It was overplayed but still sounded neat. There's also some good echoey guitar tuning and keyboard playing like you'd almost hear in a Miami Vice type of show during moments when the lead male actor is riding his motorbike or having a lustful scene with the lead actress. Plus in other areas with the skeeters attacking you hear some high pitched keyboard playing.