Skeleton Crew (2009)

Directed by: Tommy Nepola & Tero Molin

Written by:
Tero Molin & Teemu Molin


Rita Suomalainen .... Lisa
Steve Porter .... Steven
Anna Alkiomaa .... Anna
Jonathan Rankle .... Darius
Jani Lahtinen .... Klasu
Ville Arasalo .... Erno
David Yoken .... Bruce

Release Dates: Weekend of Fear Festival: May 1, 2009 (Germany); Helsinki International Film Festival: September 23, 2009; Rakkautta & Anarkiaa Festival: September 26, 2009; Hurme Horror Film Festival: November 14, 2009; Indonesia International Fantastic Film Festival: November 14, 2009; Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival: December 3, 2009

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A filmmaker Steven (Steve Porter) films a horror flick at a closed down institution next to the Russian border that was closed down during the 1970's in which one of the people who worked there named Doctor Anderson who made a number of snuff films while killing his mental patients.
Steve wants to make a film based on this on present day as he hires an actress named Lisa (Rita Suomalainen) who promises her to be the next scream queen rising to stardom as well as a famous b-film actor Bruce (David Yoken) who seems to be very focused on himself but yet charming. However Steven is not satisfied with his shooting as it doesn't seem realistic enough.
Yet, he finds these snuff films that was hidden in the asylum basement and becomes overly obsessed by them and also experiences hauntings at this institution in which he slowly becomes possessed and acting more obnoxious with the people he's working with.
Then he becomes incredibly insane by killing everyone who is working on set and filming this repeating everything that was written into his film rewriting his script to be like this.


The film shows an interesting start with someone trying to get help at a hospital for her injured boyfriend and one of the nurses answering the door with alot of strange going ons as well as noises outside that sounds unusual which leaves an impression that she went to the wrong place which seems chilling.
There's some jumping moments when a room seems quiet with doors having a slider on it for patients and one of them opening it going nuts really breaking the silence seems to work well for this flick.
Then suddenly there is something terrifying about what goes on in the hospital and the employees catch on while chasing after this girl who tries to run away and hide in the hospital which keeps you in suspense wondering if she will make it out alive. Then she discovers her boyfriend half slaughtered and barely alive pressuring her to kill him to get rid of the pain which is not a nice feeling at all and good peer pressuring moments. Sometimes it's even hard for people who aren't into hard core horror flicks to sit through this. Next, we find out that this is just a motion picture that someone is filming a movie and yells cut which seems to lose all the suspense on what happens next but yet is a good one in which this seems to happen with a film in a film.
Then there's nice settings on the happenings behind the scene's like the actors having more make up prepped on their face and trying to be funny as well as the director Steve discussing to someone about fanancial issues on his cell phone in which is a tough one to watch for viewers who are trying to make movies themselves. There's also good discussions with Steve talking to his lead actress Lisa about being the next Jamie Lee Curtis which impressed me since she was the common scream queen during the beginning of her acting career.
But with all of this I really wondered if this film was actually a horror flick or filmmakers doing a horror flick. I kept watching as I almost figured out that something was going to happen and it does as Steve goes into a room no one knew about where psychopaths filmed their snuff films as he seems to get obsessed over it which does leave a good impression that he will slowly go crazy over it as well as prjecting the snuff films for everyone to watch in which they're too grossed out.
Then there's Steve trying to get it on with the lead actress by formicating with her but yet close to strangling her until she kicks him out of her trailer in which we need a nice lustful moment in the flick. Then afterwards Steve experiences ghostly encounters in the abandoned ward they are filming in which was one of my favourite scene's since it looked spooky and right away I knew that this was an instant horror film and something bad was going to happen.
Then Steve gets more obnoxious as well as planning his next shooting temtoing to tell one of his actors to actually kill the other one like it's scripted with good shocking reactions on the other one's and I think to myself that he is definetely going insane as well as him being insulting to everyone and putting his film on hold till he let's everyone think of wehat they will do with themselves. This was well written as one of those types who are not easy to get along with in the film industry.
The story gets more and more powerful and more disturbing as Steve becomes very possessed and into a madman which is a perfect taste for a story like this actually making his own snuff films making you think that they were only making a horror film and now it's a real life horror in order to survive this in which he uses a chainsaw on one of his actors tied down and showing the real thing with the results as both Tobe Hooper and Herschell Gordon Lewis will definetely take a nod to.
Also he plays a game of cat and mouse with everyone telling them what he's going to do next while they try to escape his wrath which even involves forces to killing one another to survive as this is hard to watch if you don't like psychological horror films.
There's also scene's of two lesbian lovers but one of them fornicated with Steve which seems quite confusing as she seems to be sitting on a fence big time. It didn't really fit into the story explaining as to why she was swinging both ways. Well it's called being bisexual but the story was strong enough to convince that this woman was a lesbian regardless.
Bottom line is that the writers seems to be heavily influenced on the Saw movies while they wrote this flick along with other horror films that involved torture but the formula did very well on this one but it had a bad ending which was a disappointment making the movie pointless. Yet with all the other stuff that was happening the film is quite good and a must for anyone who enjoys supernatural forces, horror violence and psychological moments here and there.

The acting is quite well done for the most part but barely any of the actors stand out since alot is happening but I will try my best to see which one's were noticeable... Let's see here... Rita Suomalainen (Lisa) portrays the lead role as the main actress and a promising scream queen. She seems to pull off her part okay but she's nothing overly special. Still she does her job and passes at it. A great shocked reaction on her after spotting a corpse.
Steve Porter
(Steve) stole the film with his performance as an aggressive director in the film really bringing out great characteristics in his role. He knew how to have a confident attitude during the beginning of his performance making him a likeable guy and then slowly losing his sanity in which he shows terrific energy by doing so. Then he brought out great aggressions when he slowly becomes possessed really turning his ways around and showing a great versatality. He brings out alot of terrific evilness in his role when he behaves like a maniac killer especially with a chainsaw in his hand. Great intense moments with him trying to shoot a movie and going to the extreme with his demanding attitute towards everyone and getting crude as well as telling them they're taking a break till they get it right which looked incredibly psychologically performed. Does well reacting evilly towards all of this which looked quite powerful.
Anna Alkiomaa
(Anna) seemed to do okay with her insecurities in her part of the film as well as showing an emotional attitude too. She was really high strung when she freaks out about all that's happening when her and the fellow cast members lives are at stake.
David Yoken
(Bruce) had a real effective supporting role in the film playing an outgoing actor in which he really brings on some good wit, charm and spunk to all he had into his role. He offered alot of interesting characteristics onto the set of the film and can get more work due to his role in this one.

There's a brief butt shot on Rita Suomalainen while she is fornicating as well as a good butt shot on Steve Porter and then a shot on his butt while walking out of a trailer.

A half corpse is revealed
A body's arms and legs are chopped off
People are being stabbed an tortured on snuff films with gruesome results like gore coming out of a person's ear or other situations like that.
There's a person being chopped in half by a chainsaw
A person's head is cut open and bloodied
Cuts start going into people's bodies
Someone is bloodily bashed by a spiked bat
A person is fried to the crisp with lights floating down on him
Another body's arms and legs are chopped off
A head is on the ground in a pool of blood
There's many violent bloodshed's here and there throughout the film

The classical composing for this film was powerful with alot of deep violin playing sounding low and almost gloomy as well as some heavy trumpet playing too. There's also dark screeching sounds and some monaing effects too. Plus during a scene with the maniac filmmaker entering a door with a chainsaw there's some chanting sounds too which was a great plus.