Skinwalker Ranch (2013)

Produced & Directed by:

Written by: Adam Ohler


Devin McGinn .... Cameron Murphy
Erin Cahill .... Lisa
Steve Berg .... Sam
.... Matt
Kyle Davis .... Ray Reed
Jon Gries .... Holt  

Release Date: Limited Theatrical : October 30, 2013




A team investigates the strange occurances happening on the Skinwalker Ranch as a little boy has strangely disappeared and they spot strange happenings while residing in the area with camera's set up at the ranch which includes paranormal activities, a beast like object, possessions and UFO encounters.


We have a situation with someone filming a family with a child which looked good and still moments of their discussion and then a good moment with the camera going static and suddenly this child disappearing which catches your eye pretty good by wondering what happened here all of a sudden.
Some interesting moments on people being interviewed for the project that's being planned with good reactions on each of them.
Also nice shots on the narrow road to the farm as well as them spotting a dead deer and analysing it which is a nice start off to a possible incident of the paranormal alien encounteers happening.
Nice perfect settings on the gang setting the camera's as well as one moment catching yoou by surprise with the owner of the farm Hoyt who gets anxious with the character Matt as this looks fairly suspenseful to watch.
Nice still settings happening overnight with the surveillance shots looking silent and still as this looked good and peaceful and making you watch and wonder if something will soon break this silence.
A good effective moment with the gang hearing some strange sounds and spotting something from outside which is a real attention grabber as you'd want to know as to what is out there since it works well into the story.
We have a nice setting with everyone at a bonfire and then a native indian trying to do a chant to ward any spirits as well as him almost falling down and then he suddenly reacts in a bad way to everyone else and trying to leave which is impressive and making things seem more mysterious as to what is happening in the story.
A nice moment with Lisa preoccupied in the kitchen and then a perfect out of a suddden moment on a spirit of a child running past which makes you think "What the hell???"
Perfect moment with the surveillance camera's spotting the areas as well as the people sleeping along with the ghostly child standing and watching over Hoyt which is another moment to look out for as it's something that you don't expect in the film at all.
Also a nice dark shot looking silent and still on the field and then we suddenly see some bright lights rising in the air as this looked entertaining to watch a great deal.
A perfect shot on the spirit child staring at the house as well as Hoyt looking at him and trying to catch up to him with the child running away and going to a corridor of a closed down barn as well as Hoyt trying to break into this place as it all looked well paced and you really wonder if he will find out this unsolved case. All of this was perfectly put together. Also some great effects with lighting shining out of the barn windows.
A great creepy moment on the gang going out in the field and then spotting what looked like a boar and them catching up to it as well as them spotting a hole in the ground which looked good and mysterious and then them going into the area and spotting a skeletal corpse as well as everyone getting anxious as to what is down there which makes you wonder as to what the outcome will occur within all of this.
A perfect found footage of an older film which had a good grindhouse look with someone finding a strange little girl looking like a zombie just standing there when someone tries to talk to her which looked perfectly done.
Also in the grindhouse one a good look at a woman suddenly acting possessed and stabbing a needle in her neck as this looked terrorising a,long with what we spot the outcome too this little girl which is perfectly done and hell breaking loose. Which looked perfecctly intense and distracting.
Then back to the present footage as we spot a moment when Matt is shot into the air as this looked incredibly effective and intense to watch.
Also a great situation when some people are in a vehicle trying to get going and then spot that beast again circling the object as this for sure looked terrifying to watch as well as the monster battling against the car. A nice bonus for a horror film such as this one.
Bottom line is that this film is based on true events which I personally find this too far fetched and pure fictionalised. It's greatly done and makes you want for more each time we spot a situation. It is confusing by wondering if we're experiencing possessions, hauntings or alien encounters by all thaat we spot here and doesn't explain these moments too well.

The performances are well done as Devin McGinn (Cameron Murphy) seemeed to show off a nnice well alerted attitude and seemed very energised into his performance. Also does well by acting uncomfortable and spooked by what is happening. Seemed to come off strongly when he reveals his freaked out behavior and has the right looks and motive into all that he did in the film. Seemed to be a ball of energy and spunk too.    
Erin Cahill (Lisa) brought it out nicely with her calm attitude in which she offers a niceness into her part and a good seriousness when it came to business which also shines off perfectly. She shhows some good excitement when the terror strikes and rolls in with the punches while trying to find out some unsolved mysteries. Adds alot of great characteristics into everything that she did. Was perfectly solid into everything that she did in the film. Also had the right healthy girl looks and studied this role quite nicely.
Steve Berg (Sam) showed a good seriousness into all that he did in the film and shows a good mellow and expressionless attitude. Seemed to show some different types of personalities when. He gets anxious over certain things. Also was good by acting stubborn at times as he comes across as somene who's hard to deal with. Seemed to have the right burly types of looks too for his part.
Matthew Rocheleau (Matt) was the best in thee cast as he was perfect by being in your face type of energetic attitude just adding alot of enthusiasm into what he does as well as offering great charisma and having the right type of intelligent attitude. Plus was great freaking out with his paranoid aggressions near the end of his performance which also looked perfectly done. He was a natural character actor.
Jon Gries (Hoyt) really stood out greatly in his supporting role as he came across nicely as a farmer who's traumatised by what had happened and shows it off here perfectly by nopt acting like the same person at all and shows a nice gruffness with his speaking and having a perfect mysterious and intimidating type of behavior too. Also shows a good grouchiness and acting unwelcoming which was another great personality that he had. Plus also has a good shocked attitude when spotting something and does well trying to catch up onb this object which he shows great timing with his energy.

We hear alot of creepy windy and screeching sounds as well as static and toned out music as it suits the paranormal moments that's used in the film. Yet this was a found footage film so it doesn't make sense as to use these in the scene's.