Skull Heads (2009)

Produced, Written & Directed by: Charles Band


Robin Sidney .... Naomi
Samantha Light .... Lisbeth
Steve Kramer .... Carver
Rane Jameson .... Jensen
Kim Argestsinger .... Kimi
Lucia Stara .... Claudia
Antonio Covatta .... L.J.
Giacomo Gonnella .... Peter

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: October 19, 2009



A disturbed man Carver (Steve Kramer) lives in a big castle with his family but doesn't think that the real world is normal when it comes to things like pop music or listening to ipods. Plus he has a wicked way on punishment as he drags his daughter Naomi (Robin Sidney) down to a dungeon and puts her on a stretcher without any food for a few days.
She thinks that this is a normal lifestyle but yet she becomes very free spiriited and exploring other things especially a romance with a teenage boy Jensen (Rane Jameson) in which he's with a bunch of criminals destined to kill this family making out that they're filmmakers but he tries to protect her from them.
Yet the family has a darker secret in which they have these doll type creatures to give them an evil power to protect themselves from any intruder.


Finding that this flick is by Full Moon Entertainment I figured I'd be in for a treat since I'm a big fan of their flicks and I was pretty darned impressed since many of their productions borrow from their other work like Puppet Master and so fourth.
There's a good beginning with a father named Carver is dragging his daughter Naomi into a dungeon of a castle and putting her on a stretcher which is a nice touch to a beginning of a horror flick in which you wonder why he's being so nasty to this innocent teenager.
Then you see Carver being nasty at an eating table towards a mentally challenged brother Peter with him crying in hysterics which makes you think to yourself "What the hell is wrong with this brute???" This character sure brings on a good psychological horror feel to all of this but then Naomi comes on all full of life and happy like her punishment never happened at all. This leaves an impression to anyone thinking that this family is totally not normal at all.
Then there's moments with Naomi listening to rock music on an ipod and her Mom named Lisbeth comes in to talk to her about what her father would do if he catches her with it. You totally think to yourself that this family is more intimidating than Margaret White in Carrie showing more restrictions. Not only that, she isn't really allowed out of her castle which is more freaky since this family wants to be different than anyone else. It's a nice look with a family member trying to be different but yet mixed up with her morals thinking her punishment is an okay thing on being tortured and starved.
There's some disturbing moments with someone named Kimi trying to convince Carver to use his castle for his film shoot trying to act nice and pleasant but he acts obnoxious and unfriendly towards them all in which brings on the psychological feel to the plot hoping that this nice group of people won't suddenly turn out nasty back.
There's more creepy moments with Carver getting nasty with his punishment towards Naomi which will make you cringe on how things are going with all of this which makes you think of anyone who's nasty towards another for something that they don't like and are scared of facing the consequences in the end.
There's also scene's on Naomi talking to her sick grandfather in bed but he is not revealed. Yet you spot a clawed hand in which you know that something is dead wrong here and is a bit shocking when this grandfather is revealed.
There's also some descent romantic moments in the story involving Naomi with a supposed type of thief named Jenson in which he seems to be the black sheep out of the gang he's with which is nice and touching. After all most horror stories or any other story have these types in them when it comes to the lowdown on things. There's also these types of magical creatures who appear the odd times in the castle in which they look like Toulon's puppet creations gone wrong big time.
There's also a darker secret with the familty close to the end of the film as well as ghoulishly types of acts giving the film an extra touch to it. Right when you think there might be a happy ending it backfires in which the flick makes you want a sequel to anyone who likes twisted horror films.
Bottom line is this film is well done with lots of mysterious twists and turns on people making out in who they say they are but not who they're cracked up to be along with a crazed family who thinks that reality isn't normal at all. All of this can psych you out and this one is a must for anyone who likes Full Moon flicks.

The acting is quite good in which lead actress Robin Sidney (Naomi) really brought her character to life. She really knew on how to get spooked and cry hysterically whenever she was abused or punished in a bad way. She knew how to turn that around by acting cheery and full of life showing a great diversity in which you wonder if she has a split personality or not. A nice hissing reaction and devilish expression while talking evilly towards someone else which was a good new twist to her performance in it. All in all she proved to be a versatile character actress.
amantha Light (Lisbeth) really portrayed a great motherly type of role but having a basket case type of attitude. She brought a nice understanding type of feel in which she seemed very realistic at doing so. She also showed another side to her role by acting sharp or yet very unnormal which seemed quite chilling and mysterious.
Steve Kramer
(Carver) truly brought on the creepiness as an evil father and family man in the film in which he was a perfect key role to the horror plot in the flick. He brought out great bitterness and aggressions in which he came across as perfectly intimidating. Intense moment with him storming in and getting nasty towards his fellow actress by telling her she's going back in the cellar in which this work was believeably intimidating as well as him stuffing her face with the food which looked strongly performed. I found him to be the best out of the whole cast since you'd wonder if he's really like that.
Rane Jameson
(Jensen) really brought on a nice teenage boy type of charm and appeal to his role in the film in which seems necessary for a horror story like this one. He drew it in quite well showing a perfect descency and romantic behavior as the odd one of the thieves involved in the film. A great shocked expression on his face as if he's going to get sick which was highly energised.
Kim Argestsinger
(Kimi) brought on a nice calm girl type of attitude during the very beginning of her performance in which she seemed to pull off a deceiving businesswoman kind of appeal looking like she's someone who's harmless but then she really knew how to act vicious and cold with her words when she reveals on who she really is showing a great versatality in her role like most of these cast members.
Lucia Stara
(Claudia) portrayed a perfect maid in the flick with her strong italian accent as well as showing a good aggressive attitude when she needed to be that way. She did all of her roles nicely with her supporting role and becoming a nice drawing card to the story.
Giacomo Gonnella
(Peter) was another great drawing card to the plot playing someone who is mentally challenged and acting upset over things in which he shows some good outrageous emotional behavior in his part. Also with his role on what he's diagnosed with he certainly brought on a fair intimidating attitude when he needed to do so.

Robin Sidney takes off her top exposing her full breasts while staring in a mirror as well as a behind shot briefly exposing her butt.

Some insides of a person is eaten.
A corpse of rotting flesh close to the bone is revealed.

There's many good effective sounds like low violin type of music coming from a synthesizer in which this doesn't sound too cheesy at all along with high pitched music for the suspenseful moments too. The music sounds like effective classical orchestra sounding.

Naomi: You and I are like Romeo and Juliet!