The Slashening (2014)


Produced, Written & Directed by: Brandon Bassham 

Story by: Brandon Bassham & Reynard Alli


.... Lucy Applebottom
 .... Margot Bolo
 .... Ashley Gashton
 .... Eva Wasserman
 .... Beth Coker
 .... Pat
 .... Billy 

Release Dates: Direct-to-Prime: 2014



A group of friends get together for a slumber party only to have a killer spying on them and doing them in one by one as well as secrets of betrayal and madness.


During the beginning of this flick we spot a married couple having margaritas as well as the boy next door approaching and when the husband is inside his home to get something the wife flirts with this kid as I knew I was in for a bad movie as all of this looked amateurish along with their discussions too.
Then the mysterious killer does them in as we reveal a hand and a kitchen knife (Sound familiar???) This was amateurishly done too but I've seen worst.
After the opening credits occur the party is about to start hosted by Eva Wasserman which looked dull and uninspired as well as a mysterious next door neighbor couple greeting them and telling her not not make too much noise which was supposed to bring the humor into the picture but I forgot to laugh.
While the party is starting they all tell scary stories which looked too planned out and not wanting to join in on the fun . To top it all off we see one of the friend's Beth Coker constantly doing cocaine when discussing a story which looked annoying to watch.
Then we have a mysterious police officer approaching at their door discussing an incident but this looked extremely goofy to watch and in a bad way as I was already in agony while watching the storyline unfold.
Making it even kookier two dorky boys come in and have some fun which made these moments yet more annoying to watch.
While things still roll on two girls have a deep conversation with a focused whot on the two of them as you wonder if there will be a lesbian kissing scene plus corny shots on the masked killer watching this and jerking off. I'm not kidding folks. If it sounds outrageously stupid it just is.
The only effective moment is when the pizza delivery guy is about to arrive at the home but hears something and looks around and then before you know it the killer in a hood murders this person.
Yet Eva calls up the pizza delivery place and complains about the pizza not arriving and a number of pizza delivery people that arrive at the house goes through the same situation as I rolled my eyes and forgot to laugh. This wasn't the least bit funny.
What's really lame in a horror comedy is someone gets slashed by their throat and tries to bang on the glass door while someone else is talking on the phone but tries to spell out help in bloody latters on the glass door as this is a long and lacking scene.
The killer does someone in by bashing his head against the wall and other objects but it doesn't look brutal at all and very lacking.
Afterwards throughout all of this the killers are revealed which seems to almost pay a tribute to the Scream legacy but rips it off a great deal.
Bottom line is that this film bites the big one and very amateurishly written and done in every way. Seems to rip off Slumber Party Massacre as that one is far better one to watch than this awful boring dud. Tries hard to be funny as well but laughable in a bad way. I had a hard time wondering if it's leaning towards as mainly a comedy or a horror. The audio is off alot in each scene as I had to turn up the volume on my TV screen a number of times. Avoid this crapfest by all means.

The acting is... well.... just as amateurish as the storyline. In other words pretty bad! OMG! (Lucy Applebottom) needed lessons big time as her looks only did the talking as she was soft spoken but lacked in her characteristics especially when she is crying as she doesn't try hard enough at all. I don't know who hired her for the leading role but they should be ashamed of themselves.
 (Ashley Gashton) had a whiney and hyper attitude as well as acting skanky too. In other words she was very annoying into what she did here. She got on my nerves watching her work on this. Sorry but she doesn't cut it at all.
 (Eva Wasserman) was probably the best out of the cast as she seems to pull her weight alot better than the other cast. She does a nice job when speaking her lines or showing an aggressive attitude. She wasn't overly great but did the job the best she could.
 (Beth Coker) was another one who pulls off her characteristics in a fair fashion but still not award winning material. Seemed to really get into her cocaine addiction as well as being hyped when she is talking.
 (Pat) seemed to show off an interesting seriousness into what he was talking about and reacts to things in a fair fashion but didn't have the right looks or appeal to his role whatsoever. Partially a bad choice in casting.
 (Billy) was a geeky type of teen with a hyped attitude as it really shows off here but was too over the top with what he was doing and needed acting lessons. Watching him got on my nerves a great deal. No gold star for him. Sorry.  

A throat is bloodily slit
Eye is stabbed out and face badly burned  
Insdies are torn out

Geoff Garlock composes the music for this movie and he is amateurish with it but has some odd nice low sounding synthesizer music for the killer spying incidents but wrecks it with some techno sounds in many other spots which I found to be incredibly annoying.